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Chicago Ethnic Arts Project collection, 1976-1981

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Series 1: Administrative, 1977-1978 (continued)
Subseries 2: Fieldworkers
BOX-FOLDER 1/10 Blank fieldworker's contracts
BOX-FOLDER 1/11 Contracts and Resumes, Peter Bartis
BOX-FOLDER 1/12 Contracts and Resumes, Chungmoo Choi
BOX-FOLDER 1/13 Contracts and Resumes, Jonas Dovydenas
BOX-FOLDER 1/14 Contracts and Resumes, Shifra Epstein
BOX-FOLDER 1/15 Contracts and Resumes, Roberta Fiske-Hajnal
BOX-FOLDER 1/16 Contracts and Resumes, Philip George
BOX-FOLDER 1/17 Contracts and Resumes, Antony Hellenberg
BOX-FOLDER 1/18 Contracts and Resumes, Susan Kalcik
BOX-FOLDER 1/19 Contracts and Resumes, Robert Klymasz
BOX-FOLDER 1/20 Contracts and Resumes, Jens Lund
BOX-FOLDER 2/21 Contracts and Resumes, Richard March
BOX-FOLDER 2/22 Contracts and Resumes, Elizabeth Mathias
BOX-FOLDER 2/23 Contracts and Resumes, Ralph Metcalfe, Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 2/24 Contracts and Resumes, Mick Moloney
BOX-FOLDER 2/25 Contracts and Resumes, Beverly Robinson
BOX-FOLDER 2/26 Contracts and Resumes, Greta Swenson
BOX-FOLDER 2/27 Fieldworkers' addresses and schedules
BOX-FOLDER 2/28 Possible fieldworkers
BOX-FOLDER 2/29 Media job applicants
Subseries 3: Actual Project Expenses
BOX-FOLDER 2/30 Coordinator's ledger
BOX-FOLDER 2/31 Checking account and bank statements
BOX-FOLDER 2/32 GSA vehicles
BOX-FOLDER 2/33 Fieldworkers' government driving permits
BOX-FOLDER 2/34 Supplies and equipment from American Folklife Center
BOX-FOLDER 2/35 Office supplies, apartment bills
BOX-FOLDER 2/36 Miscellaneous expenses and statements
BOX-FOLDER 2/37 Coordinator's weekly reports
BOX-FOLDER 2/38 Media bills
BOX-FOLDER 2/39 Post-project expenditures
BOX-FOLDER 2/40 Honorariums
BOX-FOLDER 3/41 Analysis of proposed budget and actual expenses
Subseries 4: Publicity and Press Releases
BOX-FOLDER 3/42 Press releases
BOX-FOLDER 3/43 Contacts with press and broadcast media
BOX-FOLDER 3/44 Ethnic press contacts
BOX-FOLDER 3/45 Correspondence with press
BOX-FOLDER 3/46 Media coverage
American (Odessa, TX), May 15, 1977
Arts in Illinois pp. 1,7., May/June 1977
Belmont Central News (Chicago, IL), June 23, 1977
Chicago Daily News, April 18, 1977
Chicago Daily News, April 21, 1977
Chicago Daily News, April 22, 1977
Includes 2 versions of the article.
Chicago Daily News, June 23, 1977
The Chicago Shimpo (Japanese-American), June 17, 1977
Courier (Champaign-Urbana, IL), May 31, 1977
Chicago Sun-Times, April 19, 1977
Hangook Ilbo (in Korean), May 20, 1977
Intercommunity Arts, II pp. 1-2., April 1977
Lake Shore News, May 10, 1977
Library of Congress Information Bulletin, 36, pp. 1-2., April 22, 1977
The Lindsborg News-Record (Swedish-American), p 2., May 3, 1977
New York Times, August 18, 1977
News-Democrat (Belleville, IL), May 31, 1977
Viltus: A Folklore Magazine, 36, p 17., September- November, 1977
Subseries 5: Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 3/47 Coordinator's administrative correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 3/48 Between American Folklife Center and fieldworkers
BOX-FOLDER 3/49 Between fieldworkers and contacts
BOX-FOLDER 3/50 Letter with final report to the Illinois Arts Council
BOX-FOLDER 3/51 General/Miscellaneous
Subseries 6: Project Contacts
BOX-FOLDER 3/52 Lists of possible contacts
BOX-FOLDER 3/53 Address labels for project informants
BOX-FOLDER 3/54 Certificate recipients
BOX-FOLDER 3/55 Certificate of Appreciation (blank)
BOX-FOLDER 3/56 Consulates in Chicago
BOX-FOLDER 3/57 Chicago Congressmen
Subseries 7: Post-Project Materials
BOX-FOLDER 3/58 Notes and documents from presentation by Alan Jabbour to Illinois Arts Council
Series 2: Collected publications and ephemera, 1938-1979
Subseries 1: General Information about Chicago, resource individuals and institutions
BOX-FOLDER 3/59 Illinois Arts Council
General information
Ethnic festival program
BOX-FOLDER 3/60 Suzanne Craig/Columbia College Folk Artisans survey and directory
BOX-FOLDER 4/61 Chicago Historical Society
BOX-FOLDER 4/62 Tallman Bank Ethnic Festivals
BOX-FOLDER 4/63 South Shore Country Club
BOX-FOLDER 4/64 NBC "Small World" program
BOX-FOLDER 4/65 Hal Stein, "International Café" radio program
BOX-FOLDER 4/66 National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs
BOX-FOLDER 4/67 Miscellaneous
Subseries 2: General Information About Chicago, loose publications
BOX-FOLDER 4 Chicago History Vol. V, No. 3 Fall, 1976
BOX-FOLDER 4 Historic City: The Settlement of Chicago Chicago: Dept., of Development and Planning, 1976
BOX-FOLDER 4 International Educational and Cultural Exchange Vol. XII, No. 1
BOX-FOLDER 4 A Survey of Arts and Cultural Activities in Chicago, 1977 Chicago Council on Fine Arts
BOX-FOLDER 4 Come for to Sing Vols 1. No.3; 2, No. 1; 2, No. 2; 2, No.3; No. 3, No. 1; 3, No. 2
Subseries 3: General Information about Chicago, Ephemera
BOX-FOLDER 4/68 Bibliographies and notes on books
BOX-FOLDER 4/69 Statistics on Chicago
BOX-FOLDER 4/70 Newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 4/71 Magazine clippings
BOX-FOLDER 4/72 Miscellaneous
Subseries 4: Information on specific Ethnic Groups
BOX-FOLDER 4/73 Afro-American
Chicago's Black Population: Selected Statistics, 1975
Kuumba program and booklet
Vita for Haki R. Madhubuti
Newspaper and magazine clippings
Miscellaneous ephemera
Contents in envelope.
BOX-FOLDER 4/74 Asian, Chinese
Chinese American Progress Vol. 26, No. 2, July, 1976
Chinese American Progress Vol. 27, No. 1, February, 1977
Family Living: A Chinese American Way brochure by the Chinese Community Center, 1974
Newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 4/75 Asian, Indian
Handwritten notes
Newspaper clippings
BOX-FOLDER 4/76 Asian, Japanese
BOX-FOLDER 5/77 Asian, Korean
Friendship Vol. 2, August, 1976
Friendship Vol. 3, December, 1976
Hangook Hwabo (in Korean), 1976
Korean Directory of Chicago The Korean Association of Chicago, 1974
BOX-FOLDER 5/78 Asian, miscellaneous/Pan-Asian
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