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Series 4: Documentation, graphic materials, 1977-1981 (continued)
Subseries 2: Black-and-white logs (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 10/169 Logs arranged by ethnic group
BOX-FOLDER 10/170 Logs arranged by numerical order
BOX-FOLDER 10/171 Fieldworkers' notes for photo identification
Subseries 3: Black-and-white prints
BOXES 15-17 Documentation
Extent: 8 x 10 black-and-white prints
Extent: 118 exhibit prints
Three boxes of prints. The exhibit prints are unframed.
Subseries 4: Color logs
BOX-FOLDER 10/172 Logs in numerical/ethnic group order
Series 5: Documentation: sound recordings, 1977-1981
Subseries 1: Field worker's sound recording logs
BOX-FOLDER 11/173 Peter Bartis
BOX-FOLDER 11/174 Elena Bradunas
BOX-FOLDER 11/175 Chungmoo Choi
BOX-FOLDER 11/176 Shifra Epstein
BOX-FOLDER 11/177 Roberta Fiske-Hajnal
BOX-FOLDER 11/178 Carl Fleischhauer
BOX-FOLDER 11/179 Philip B. George
BOX-FOLDER 11/180 Antony Hellenberg
BOX-FOLDER 11/181 Susan Kalcik
BOX-FOLDER 11/182 Robert B. Klymasz
BOX-FOLDER 11/183 Jens Lund
BOX-FOLDER 11/184 Richard March
BOX-FOLDER 11/185 Elizabeth Mathias
BOX-FOLDER 11/186 Ralph M. Metcalfe, Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 11/187 Mick Moloney
BOX-FOLDER 11/188 Beverly J. Robinson
BOX-FOLDER 11/189 Greta Swenson
BOX-FOLDER 11/190 Logs, Nathan W. Pearson's logs
1 set of logs
BOX-FOLDER 11/191 Logs, Philip B. George's transcribed quotes
1 set of quotes
BOX-FOLDER 11/192 Logs, annotations for selected sound recordings
1 set of annotations
BOX-FOLDER 11/193 Complete copy of the concordance
BOX-FOLDER 11/194 Tape catalogue by Philip B. George
BOX-FOLDER 11/195 Miscellaneous
Subseries 2: Reports and products
Fieldworkers' Reports
BOX-FOLDER 12/196 Bartis
BOX-FOLDER 12/196A Bradunas
BOX-FOLDER 12/197 Choi
BOX-FOLDER 12/198 Epstein
BOX-FOLDER 12/199 Fiske-Hajnal
BOX-FOLDER 12/200 Fleischhauer
BOX-FOLDER 12/201 George
BOX-FOLDER 12/202 Hellenberg
BOX-FOLDER 12/203 Kalcik
BOX-FOLDER 12/204 Klymasz
BOX-FOLDER 12/205 Lund
BOX-FOLDER 12/206 March
BOX-FOLDER 12/207 Mathias
BOX-FOLDER 12/208 Moloney
BOX-FOLDER 12/209 Robinson
BOX-FOLDER 12/210 Swenson
Edited Manuscripts
BOX-FOLDER 12/211 Introduction
BOX-FOLDER 12/212 Afro-American
BOX-FOLDER 12/213 Asian
BOX-FOLDER 12/214 German
BOX-FOLDER 12/215 Greek
BOX-FOLDER 12/216 Irish
BOX-FOLDER 13/217 Italian
BOX-FOLDER 13/218 Jewish
BOX-FOLDER 13/219 Latino
BOX-FOLDER 13/220 Lithuanian
BOX-FOLDER 13/221 Native-American
BOX-FOLDER 13/222 Polish
BOX-FOLDER 13/223 Russian
BOX-FOLDER 13/224 Scandinavian
BOX-FOLDER 13/225 South Slav
BOX-FOLDER 13/226 Ukrainian
BOX-FOLDER 13/227 Recommendations for the Illinois Arts Council
BOX-FOLDER 13/228 Bibliography
Final Report
BOX-FOLDER 13/229 A Report on the Chicago Ethnic Arts Project prepared by the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, January, 1978
BOX-FOLDER 13/230 Project Progress Report, June 10, 1977
BOX-FOLDER 13/231 Assessment of project sound recordings, by Philip B. George
BOX-FOLDER 13/232 Lists of artists suitable for festival appearances for the Illinois Arts Council
BOX-FOLDER 13/233 Requests for A Report on the Chicago Ethnic Arts Project
BOX-FOLDER 13/234 Photographic presentation sets, caption and number lists
Subseries 3: Workshops
Administrative materials
BOX-FOLDER 14/235 Proposal for workshops to Illinois Arts Council
BOX-FOLDER 14/236 Grant agreement between American Folklife Center and Illinois Arts Council
BOX-FOLDER 14/237 Planning, list of instructors
BOX-FOLDER 14/238 Financial statements
BOX-FOLDER 14/239 Miscellaneous administrative materials
BOX-FOLDER 14/240 Press releases, publicity, and public relations
BOX-FOLDER 14/241 Workshop invitations to potential participants
BOX-FOLDER 14/242 Mailing lists for workshop participants
BOX-FOLDER 14/243 Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 14/244 Schedule for workshop
BOX-FOLDER 14/245 Handouts for workshops
BOX-FOLDER 14/246 Instructors' reports
Workshops, participants, miscellaneous notes
BOX-FOLDER 14/247 Greek
BOX-FOLDER 14/248 Irish
BOX-FOLDER 14/249 Italian
BOX-FOLDER 14/250 Latino (Spanish-speaking, Filipino)
BOX-FOLDER 14/251 Lithuanian
BOX-FOLDER 14/252 Polish
BOX-FOLDER 14/253 Ukrainian
BOX-FOLDER 14/254 Yugoslavian
Photographic Exhibit, Inside Our Homes, Outside Our Windows
BOX-FOLDER 14/255 Tentative proposal budget worksheets, September, 1978
BOX-FOLDER 14/256 Final proposal, October, 1978
BOX-FOLDER 14/257 Fund raising for proposed exhibit and catalog
BOX-FOLDER 14/258 Cooperative arrangement with Museum of Contemporary Art--notes and correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 14/259 Exhibit design--notes and correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 14/260 Reference slides of exhibit prints
BOX-FOLDER 14/261 Caption list and xeroxes of exhibit prints
BOX-FOLDER 14/262 Exhibit catalog, Inside our Homes, Outside our Windows
BOX-FOLDER 14/263 Exhibit handout
BOX-FOLDER 14/264 Publicity, press releases
BOX-FOLDER 14/265 Exhibit reception--announcements, invitations, mailing list
BOX-FOLDER 14/266 Exhibit travel--miscellaneous documents
BOX-FOLDER 14/267 Exhibit travel--Milwaukee installation-National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs
BOX-FOLDER 14/268 Logs for videocassettes
BOX-FOLDER 14/269 Correspondence concerning videocassettes
Videocassette--unedited work tape including remarks by Jonas Dovydenas on the Chicago Ethnic Arts Project, December 1980
Videocassette--program for use at National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs, Milwaukee installation of photo exhibit, January 1981
Series 6: Sound Recordings, 1977
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