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Series I: Manuscripts (continued)
Subseries IX: Documentary Materials (continued)
Audio Logs: Audiocassettes
BOX-FOLDER 4/66 Audiocassette logs - copies of loaned original recordings: LFP-CC-A001 through LFP-CC-A023.
BOX-FOLDER 4/67 Bell, Michael: LFP-MB-A001 through LFP-MB-A005
BOX-FOLDER 4/68 DeNatale, Douglas: LFP-DD-A001 through LFP-DD-A005
BOX-FOLDER 4/69 Fertig, Barbara: LFP-BF-A001 through LFP-BF-A013
BOX-FOLDER 4/70 Montaño, Mario: LFP-MM-A001 through LFP-MM-A024
BOX-FOLDER 4/71 Rankin, Tom: LFP-TR-A001 through LFP-TR-A004
BOX-FOLDER 4/72 Refugee Arts Group: LFP-RA-A001 through LFP-RA-A015
BOX-FOLDER 4/73 Taylor, David: LFP-DT-A001 through LFP-DT-A002
BOX-FOLDER 4/74 Wach, Eleanor: LFP-EW-A001 through LFP-EW-A004
Audio Logs: Reel-to-reel tapes
BOX-FOLDER 4/75 Bell, Michael: LFP-MB-R001 through LFP-MB-R020
BOX-FOLDER 4/76 DeNatale, Douglas: LFP-DD-R001 through LFP-DD-R080
BOX-FOLDER 4/77 Fertig, Barbara: LFP-BF-R001 through LFP-BF-R002
BOX-FOLDER 4/78 Montaño, Mario: LFP-MM-R001 through LFP-MM-R016
BOX-FOLDER 4/79 Norkunas, Martha: LFP-MN-R001 through LFP-MN-R053
BOX-FOLDER 4/80 Rankin, Tom: LFP-TR-R001 through LFP-TR-R043
BOX-FOLDER 4/81 Taylor, David: LFP-DT-R001 through LFP-DT-R033
Transcripts of Sound Recordings (prepared by University of Lowell, Center for Lowell History, Oral History Collection)
BOX-FOLDER 5/82 Transcript of loaned original recording: transcript of LFP-CC-A023
BOX-FOLDER 5/83 Transcripts of interviews conducted by Michael Bell: transcripts of LFP-MB-R001 through LFP-MB-R005, LFP-MB-R008 through LFP-MB-R011, LFP-MB-R019 through LFP-MB-R020
BOX-FOLDER 5/84 Transcripts of interviews conducted by Douglas DeNatale: transcripts of LFP-DD-R070 through LFP-DD-R071
BOX-FOLDER 5/85 Transcript of interview conducted by Barbara Fertig: transcript of LFP-BF-A013
BOX-FOLDER 5/86 Transcript of interview conducted by Mario Montaño: transcript of LFP-MM-A011
BOX-FOLDER 5/87 Transcripts of interviews conducted by Martha Norkunas: transcripts of LFP-MN-R003 through LFP-MN-R007, LFP-MN-R016 through LFP-MN-R017, LFP-MN-R019 through LFP-MN-R020, LFP-MN-R048 through LFP-MN-R049
BOX-FOLDER 5/88 Transcripts of interviews conducted by Tom Rankin: transcripts of LFP-TR-A001, LFP-TR-R001 through LFP-TR-R002, LFP-TR-R022 through LFP-TR-R023
BOX-FOLDER 5/89 Transcripts of interviews conducted by David Taylor (1 of 2): transcripts of LFP-DT-A001, LFP-DT-R001 through LFP-DT-R002, LFP-DT-R007 through LFP-DT-R010, LFP-DT-R017 through LFP-DT-R019
BOX-FOLDER 5/90 Transcripts of interviews conducted by David Taylor (2 of 2): transcripts of LFP-DT-R023 through LFP-DT-R027
BOX-FOLDER 5/91 Bell, Michael
BOX-FOLDER 5/92 Lueders-Booth, John (handwritten)
BOX-FOLDER 5/93 Lueders-Booth, John
BOX-FOLDER 5/94 DeNatale, Douglas (handwritten)
BOX-FOLDER 5/95 DeNatale, Douglas
BOX-FOLDER 6/96 Fertig, Barbara
BOX-FOLDER 6/97 Fleischhauer, Carl
BOX-FOLDER 6/98 Montaño, Mario
BOX-FOLDER 6/99 Norkunas, Martha (handwritten)
BOX-FOLDER 6/100 Norkunas, Martha
BOX-FOLDER 6/101 Rankin, Tom
BOX-FOLDER 6/102 Refugee Arts Group
BOX-FOLDER 6/103 Taylor, David
BOX-FOLDER 6/104 Wachs, Eleanor (handwritten)
BOX-FOLDER 6/105 Wachs, Eleanor
Black-and-White Photograph Logs
BOX-FOLDER 6/106 Bartis, Peter
BOX-FOLDER 6/107 Bell, Michael
BOX-FOLDER 6/108 Leuders-Booth, John
BOX-FOLDER 6/109 DeNatale, Douglas
BOX-FOLDER 6/110 Fertig, Barbara
BOX-FOLDER 6/111 Fleischhauer, Carl
BOX-FOLDER 6/112 Montaño, Mario
BOX-FOLDER 6/113 Norkunas, Martha
BOX-FOLDER 6/114 Rankin, Tom
BOX-FOLDER 6/115 Taylor, David
BOX-FOLDER 6/116 Wachs, Eleanor
BOX-FOLDER 6/117 Numerical set: B001 through B199
BOX-FOLDER 7/118 Numerical set: B200 through B349
BOX-FOLDER 7/119 Numerical set: B350 through B487
Color-Slide Logs
BOX-FOLDER 7/120 Inventory of color photographic materials prepared for "phoney fiche" (index to all the color slides) shooting
BOX-FOLDER 7/121 Bell, Michael: LFP-MB-C001 through LFP-MB-C004
BOX-FOLDER 7/122 Lueders-Booth, John: LFP-JB-C001 through LFP-JB-C081
BOX-FOLDER 7/123 DeNatale, Douglas: LFP-DD-C001 through LFP-DD-C040
BOX-FOLDER 7/124 Fertig, Barbara: LFP-BF-C001
BOX-FOLDER 7/125 Fleischhauer, Carl: LFP-CF-C001 through LFP-CF-C004
BOX-FOLDER 7/126 Montaño, Mario: LFP-MM-C001 through LFP-MM-C017
BOX-FOLDER 7/127 Norkunas, Martha: LFP-MN-C001 through LFP-MN-C013
BOX-FOLDER 7/128 Rankin, Tom: LFP-TR-C001 through LFP-TR-C098
BOX-FOLDER 7/129 Taylor, David: LFP-DT-C001 through LFP-DT-C017
BOX-FOLDER 7/130 Wachs, Eleanor: LFP-EW-C001 through LFP-EW-C002
BOX-FOLDER 7/131 Lowell Neighborhood Map Project
Map questionnaire form; related correspondence; completed questionnaires and maps; listing of Lowell streets and post offices.
BOX-FOLDER 7/132 Lowell Fishing and Swimming Spots
List and map of fishing and swimming spots, past and present.
BOX-FOLDER 7/133 Refugee Arts Group
Reports prepared by the Refugee Arts Group about the Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian communities of Lowell; transcripts of interviews; lists of contacts.
Subseries X: Reports
BOX-FOLDER 8/134 Draft Outline of "Report to The Lowell Historic Preservation Commission" by Douglas DeNatale
BOX-FOLDER 8/135 Drafts of "Report to The Lowell Historic Preservation Commission" by Douglas DeNatale
BOX-FOLDER 8/136 Manuscript of "Report to The Lowell Historic Preservation Commission" by Douglas DeNatale
BOX-FOLDER 8/137 "Report to The Lowell Historic Preservation Commission" by Douglas DeNatale
BOX-FOLDER 8/138 Drafts of "Recommendations for Folklife Planning in Lowell" by Douglas DeNatale
BOX-FOLDER 8/139 "Report to The Lowell Historic Preservation Commission: Planning Document on Folklife Initiative" by Douglas DeNatale
Subseries XI: Publications and Ephemera
BOX-FOLDER 8/140 Folklife Curriculum Materials
"Introductory Bibliography for Folk Arts in Education" and "Understanding Folk Art: Forms For and From Everyone" by Janice Gadaire.
BOX-FOLDER 8/141 Guidebooks, Maps, and Brochures to Lowell Attractions
BOX-FOLDER 8/142 Heinzelmann, Willy. Azores (Basel, Switzerland: Willy Heinzelmann, 1985)
Two guidebooks; maps of downtown Lowell and the National Historical Park; brochure on park activities; Lowell Line Commuter Rail schedules
BOX 10 Books
Higgins, James. Lowell: A Contemporary View (Lowell: Mill Town Graphics, 1983)
Higgins, James and Joan Ross. Southeast Asians: A New Beginning In Lowell(Lowell: Mill Town Graphics, 1986)
Recordings of Portuguese Music
Conjunto Da Cave - Camacheira Florista, Meus Tempos De Mocidade (Revere, MA: Fleetwood Records)
Henrique Cordeiro - California Como Tu Nao Ha Igual (Mountain View, CA: Marca H. F. Discos)
Cidalia Maria - Canta para os Imigrantes (Ludlow, MA: M & N Recordings)
BOX-FOLDER 8/143 Lowell Historic Preservation Commission - Miscellaneous Documents
1982 Annual Report; 1987 Newsletter; Details of the Preservation Plan
BOX-FOLDER 8/144 Lowell National Historical Park
Report of the Canalway Task Force; Institute for Urban Design monograph on Lowell National Park; copy of drawing of park area.
BOX-FOLDER 8/145 The Lowell Plan
Copy of plan; newsletter.
BOX-FOLDER 8/146 Map showing French and Irish settlements in Lowell in 1876
BOX-FOLDER 8/147 Marion, Paul. Strong Place -- Poems '74-'84 (Lowell: Loom Press, 1984)
BOX-FOLDER 9/148 Medal from Saint Anthony's Church seventy-fifth anniversary
BOX-FOLDER 9/149 National Folk Festival, Lowell
Festival pamphlet; press release
BOX-FOLDER 9/150 Newspaper and Magazine Articles about Lowell
BOX-FOLDER 9/151 Nineteenth-Century Letters from Lowell "Mill Girl"
Copies of letters provided by informants Robert and Arleen Stykemain
BOX-FOLDER 9/152 Poem "Jimmy Allen at the Library of Congress," by Paul Marion
BOX-FOLDER 9/153 Programs
Program and flyer about National Museum of American History's conference on American labor history; program about National Museum of American History's exhibit, lecture, and tour of Daughters-of-Freemen 19th Century Mill Girls.
BOX-FOLDER 9/154 Samuel P. Howes, Portrait Painter Exhibition Catalog at the Whistler House Museum, Lowell, 1986
BOX-FOLDER 9/155 Schell, Marina Sampas, Compiler. That Was the Way It Was - A Selection of Charles G. Sampas' "Sampascoopies Lowell History Columns" (Lowell: Marina Sampas Schell, 1986)
BOX-FOLDER 9/156 Talbert Manuscript Song Collection - Reference Copy
Handwritten songbook by Matilda Lemire Talbert.
BOX-FOLDER 9/157 Talbert Manuscript Song Collection - Original, circa 1976
Handwritten songbook by Matilda Lemire Talbert
BOX-FOLDER 9/158 U.S. Department of the Interior Geological Survey. Index to Topographical Maps of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Date: May 1980
BOX 9 Series II: Computer Disks
Fourteen floppy disks (in XYWrite) and one 3-1/2-inch disk
Labeled LFP-1 through LFP-14 with (1) collection inventory (LFPinven.doc) and (2) index to sound recordings (LFPindex.tbl), in WordPerfect 5.1, printout in folder 65.
Series III: Sound Recordings
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