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Gheorghe and Eugenia Popescu-Judetz collection, 1885-2010

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Series I: 1990-1996 Accruals (continued)
Music Transcriptions (continued)
Music sheets, 1950-1970 (continued)
Arranged numerically in the collector's order. Contain holographic sketches and scores of more than 250 melodies transcribed in the field. Predominantly dance tunes and songs. Identifying information includes melody title, transcriber, informant/musician, instruments, date and place of recording (in Romanian). See Folder 5 for inventory or PDF copy of inventory.
BOX 9-10 FOLDER 24-31 Musical arrangements, 1949-1969
Fifty sets of 9 1⁄2 x 14 bound and unbound, multiple-leaved sets of sheet music
Arranged numerically in the collector's order. Contains holographic harmonizations and scores created for performances by Ciocîrlia and Perinitza Ensembles. Each score has a title, composer, and often the date of composition or transcription (in Romanian). See Folder 6 for inventory.
Dance Notation
Field notebooks-dance notation, 1950-1970
Forty-six bound (hard- and soft-covered) paper notebooks, predominantly 5 3/4 x 8".
Arranged numerically in the collector's order. Used by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz in the field. Contain his handwritten notes, dance notations, sketches, etc. (in Romanian). Contributions occasionally made by Eugenia Popescu-Judetz. See Folder 7 for inventory.
BOX-FOLDER 16/32 Dance notation books
One copy of Judetz Folk Dance Notation, created by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz. Edited and revised by Eugenia Popescu-Judetz and James Rocevic. Pittsburgh PA: Duquesne University Tamburitzans, Institute of Folk Arts, 1979. GV1587.J82. Bound, paper-covered publication that explains the Judetz dance notation system. Includes notation exercises.
Popescu-Judetz, Gheorghe. Brîul (Dance on Belt). Bucharest: Editura de Stat Pentru Literatura si Arta, 1956.
BOX 16-24 FOLDER 33-156 Dance notation files, 1949-1952
Thirty-three files of 8 1/4 x 11 3/4" paper sheets of dance notation and description
Mic Dictionar al Jocurilor Populare din Zonele Folclorice Neamt si Bacau (trans., Small Dictionary of Folk Dances from Neamt in Bacau District). Originals and photocopies. Arranged numerically by file number in the collector's order. Prepared by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz. The bulk of the material is handwritten dance notation, from sketches and rough drafts through publication-ready final versions. Descriptive information may include name of dance/variant, place, informant, and date. Dance notations usually grouped by region or dance type. Files also contain choreography for performances, including staging diagrams; a manuscript of an ethnographic description of a wedding ritual (23 pages); a manuscript of a glossary of dances from Bicaz, Moldavia (421 pages); and classifications, diagrams, and analyses of rhythm and meter patterns (in Romanian). See PDF copy of inventory.
Dance Index
BOX 25-26 Index cards, 1950-1970
Eight stacks of 6 x 4" sheets of paper containing information on individual dances.
Arranged numerically in the collector's order, with several groupings by geographical region. Created by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz, with some assistance from Eugenia and others. Primarily based on information collected in the field and documented in sources listed above. For the most part, each sheet contains handwritten or typed information on a single dance type, including variants, locations, and other descriptive information (in Romanian). The eighth stack (Box 26) consists of two-sided 8 x 11 3/4" sheets of thin paper, each containing handwritten copies of multiple index cards that since have been destroyed.
BOX 27 Listing 1, 1965-1970
Bound, alphabetically-tabbed 8 1⁄2 x 11 3/4" volume
Contains list of more than 4,000 dance names. Within each tabbed section, dance names and locations are listed in random order (in Romanian). Handwritten by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz. Primarily based on information collected in the field and documented in other sources in the collection. Contains notes on informants and so forth in the back.
BOX-FOLDER 28/167-168 Listing 2, 1954-1956
34 pages
Manuscript listing of dances from Bicaz, in the Moldavia region. Typewritten with handwritten corrections (in Romanian). Based on materials collected in the field 1954 to 1956 and documented in other sources listed above. Dances indexed by name, place, and variants. Created by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz to accompany unpublished volume on folk dances from the Bicaz area (see Folders 113-136, 174-178).
BOX-FOLDER 28/169-173 Listings 3-4
Two sets of paper sheets (one 8 1/2 x 11 3/4" and one 6 x 8 1/2", respectively)
Contains drafts and worksheets of dance listings from all regions. Handwritten by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz (in Romanian).
BOX-FOLDER 28/174-178 Graphs and Maps
Two multi-paged, bound, handwritten graphs and three hand-drawn maps
Contains analyses of dances from the Bicaz area (originals and photocopies). Prepared by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz to accompany the manuscript on folk dances from this area (see folders 113-136, 167-168). The graphs depict characteristics of 213 dances (such as formation, positions, function, location) and the frequency by location of 90 dances, respectively. The maps portray 1) the "interference and circulation" of dances (transmission and dissemination), 2) the transmission of one dance type (ardelesc), and 3) zones of "interpenetration" (influences from other regions).
BOX-FOLDER 28/179-180 Scenarios, 1960-1964
Two handwritten manuscripts
Describing scenarios for two stage productions by Eugenia Popescu-Judetz (in Romanian). The Dobrudja Suite scenario was created in 1960 for the Perinitza Ensemble. The Moldavian Folk Theater scenario was created in 1964 for the Ciocîrlia Ensemble.
BOX-FOLDER 28/181-182 Dance Notes, 1966-1972
Draft of introduction to unpublished volume describing 200 folk dances from Olt, Muntenia region (in Romanian). Handwritten and typewritten by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz, based on research conducted 1966-1972.
BOX-FOLDER 29/183-184 Show programs, 1938-1974
Miscellaneous programs of performances in Romania and elsewhere of the Perinitza Ensemble and other groups that feature choreographic works by Gheorghe and Eugenia Popescu-Judetz. In Romanian, Turkish, French, German, and English.
BOX-FOLDER 29/185-188 Show programs, Tamburitzans, 1971-1980
Performance programs of the Duquesne University Tamburitzans, 35th to 43rd seasons. Arranged chronologically. Includes choreographic works by Eugenia Popescu-Judetz.
BOX-FOLDER 29/189 Publicity, 1968-1971
Photocopies of news clippings documenting the international activities of Eugenia Popescu-Judetz and the Perinitza Ensemble. In English, Finnish, French, and Turkish.
BOX-FOLDER 29/190 Printed music
The music was used by the Popescu-Judetzes in workshops where they taught folk dances to teachers from folk art schools and to amateur choreographers.
BOX-FOLDER 29/191-192 Album jackets and sheet music covers
Photocopies of published album jackets and sheet music covers of Romanian folk dance music. Original materials transferred to Recorded Sound Division.
BOX-FOLDER 29/193 Album notes
Photocopies of portions of the booklets accompanying "Antologia Muzicii Populare Romanesti" (trans., Anthology of Romanian Folk Music), volumes one and two. Describes folk instruments, songs, dances, and customs in English. Original discs and booklets transferred to Recorded Sound Division.
BOX-FOLDER 29/194-195 Costume collection, Kent State University
Accession reports and inventory lists from the Kent State University Museum collection of costumes, artifacts, and photographs donated by Eugenia Popescu-Judetz. Includes items on long-term loan from the Duquesne University Tamburitzans' Popescu-Judetz Collection of Romanian Costumes and Artifacts. Also includes two copies of the brochure, "The Romanian Exhibition," published by the Kent State University Museum that contains photographs of costumes donated by Eugenia Popescu-Judetz.
BOX-FOLDER 29/201-202 Writings
Popescu-Judetz, Eugenia. “Disemic Features in the Romanian Folk Musical ‘Jienii.’” Jersey, Channel Islands: Dance Studies 17 (1993): 77-84. Dance notation used for article is in Folder 202. Popescu-Judetz, Eugenia. Sixty Folk Dances of Romania. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Duquesne University Tamburitzans, Institute of Folk Arts, 1979. GV1685.P67
Sound Recordings, 1950-1972
Thirty-three 5" original reels; three 6" original reels; two 6 and 3/4" original reels; thirteen 7" original reels
ID: AFC 1990/022: SR1-SR48
Original field recordings made by Gheorghe and Eugenia Popescu-Judetz. Arranged numerically in the collector's order. Listening copies are available in the Folklife Reading Room. See folders 9-11 for inventory or PDF copy of inventory.
Graphic Materials
BOX 30-32, 36-39 Original prints
117 original black-and-white photographic prints of various sizes and one color print
ID: AFC 1990/022: P1-P118
Photographed by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz and others. Arranged in rough chronological order in the following categories: fieldwork, Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz and Ciocîrlia Ensemble, portraits of Gheorghe and Eugenia Popescu-Judetz, series for sketches of the Doiul dance from Banat, and Eugenia Popescu-Judetz. See Folder 15 for inventory. Reference photographic prints and copy negatives are available.
BOX 30, 32, 36 FOLDER 198-200 Photocopies of original prints
Moving Images
BOX 33 Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz, in street clothes, demonstrating Brîul and Barbuncul dances, 1966
1 reel, 8 mm, 100 ft., silent, black and white film
ID: AFC 1990/022: MV6
Filmed by Marty Koenig in Dobrudja, Romania. Koenig later gave this copy of the film to Eugenia Popescu-Judetz.
BOX 33 Informants Liana Tircolea and Gheorghe Covaci, dressed in costume, demonstrate a couple dance, Suita de pe Somes, 1955
1 reel, 16 mm, 55 ft., silent, black and white film
ID: AFC 1990/022: MV7
Filmed by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz in Transylvania.
BOX 33 Various informants in costume, outdoor scenes, and panoramic views, 1955
1 reel, 8 mm, 86 ft., silent, black and white film
ID: AFC 1990/022: MV8
Filmed by Gheorghe Popescu-Judetz in Moldavia, Muntenia, and Oltenia.
Series II: Oral History Interview with Eugenia Popescu-Judetz conducted by Michelle Forner, 1995
BOX-FOLDER 29/196 Manuscripts, March 28-30, 1995
Questions, tape logs, and notes.
Sound Recordings
Nine audiocassettes
ID: AFC 1990/022: SR49-SR57
BOX-FOLDER 29/197 Graphic Materials
One sheet of black and white 35 mm negatives (36 images), one 8 x 10" black and white contact sheet, and four black and white 8 x 10" photographic prints
Moving Images
Five videocassettes, hi8
ID: AFC 1990/022: MV1-MV5
Series III: 1997 Accrual
BOX 40-49 FOLDER 203-254 Dance Notation
Twenty-four files
These dance notation files were added to the collection to complement the files in folders 33-156. The new files contain dance descriptions, dance typologies, field notes, and costume documentation. There is a folder on chants and lyrics from Strigaturi and an ethnography on the folk dances of Oltenia. New Years customs are documented here as well as folk theater from Moldavia. Included are monographic descriptions from the Bicaz, Muntenia, Moldavia, and Dobrdja region.
Dance Index
BOX-FOLDER 51/255-258 Listing 5
397 pages
A list of the dance names from Moldavia, Pitra Neamt and Bacau areas and a dance dictionary/glossary from the Bicaz area.
BOX-FOLDER 51/259-262 Listing 6
400 pages
Dance names and repertoire from Muntenia, Dobrudja, and Oltenia and a dance glossary of Briul.
BOX-FOLDER 51/263-264 Listing 7
257 pages
Dance dictionaries from Dobrudja and Banat, repertoire lists from Banat, and dance glossaries from Muntenia and Arges.
BOX-FOLDER 52/265-267 Listing 8
236 pages
Dance dictionary of Banat dances and repertoire lists from Dobrudja and Muntenia.
BOX-FOLDER 52/268-270 Listing 9
252 pages
Dance repertoire from Bacau area, Moldavia. This listing also contains indexes of names from Piatra Neamt, Moldavia and dance lists from North Moldavia.
BOX-FOLDER 52/271-274 Listing 10
313 pages
Dance repertoire lists from Muntenia, Pitesti, Dambovita, Faurei, Olt, Vedea, and Teleajen regions. This listing also holds an index/glossary of dances from Galati area.
BOX-FOLDER 53/275 Listing 11
101 pages
Dance dictionary from Dobrudja, dance name lists from South Transylvania, and dance lists from Oltenia and Olt areas of Muntenia.
BOX-FOLDER 53/276-277 Listing 12
Index cards and repertoire lists from all regions.
BOX-FOLDER 53/278 Listing 13
98 pages
Dance dictionary of the Bicaz area of Moldavia and graphs.
BOX-FOLDER 54/279 Publications
Dances, described and notated, published in the magazine Cultura Poporului and Indrumatorul. Originals and duplications.
BOX-FOLDER 54/280 Portfolio
Contains photographs, publicity, programs, and postcards.
BOX-FOLDER 54/281 Copies of printed materials
BOX 55 Oversized materials
Includes dance notations, dance index files, and ephemera
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