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Rhode Island Folklife Project collection, 1979

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Documentation, 1979-1980 (continued)
BOX 4-7, 12-52 Photographic : Black & White
Black and white photographic documentation includes negatives, contact sheets, and logs. The negatives are identified by a serial roll number (There are several sets of these: 01001-01268, 93193-93198, 93204-93205.) or by a number assigned by the laboratory when the film was processed. These latter numbers begin with a roll number, followed by a dash and then the batch number. Individual images are identified by the film's edge numbers. The inventory lists the negatives in numerical order and identifies the photographer for each roll and gives a brief description of the contents. Additional information about the photos may be acquired from related fieldnotes or sound recordings. Logs for the photos are listed by photographer and numerically. Contact sheets are arranged numerically and by photographer. In the latter set logs are attached to each contact.
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Arrangement of black & white photographs is by number.
BOX 6-7, 12-52 Photographic : Color
Color photographic documentation includes color transparencies, reference fiches, duplicate slides, color negatives and contact sheets, and color prints from the negatives. The transparencies have been filed in plastic storage racks, each of which has been assigned a separate number. Each image has a rack number and serial number within the rack. The holders have been grouped by photographer. In the rack inventory brief descriptions of subject and place have been provided, along with the number of slides in each rack. Reference fiches are color slides of entire racks. The duplicate slides are of selected transparencies only. There are 4 rolls of color negatives represented by contact sheets and selected prints. The logs for the transparencies identify the subjects, photographer, the photographer and fieldworker, and the date and location. Corresponding fieldnotes and sound recordings may provide additional information.
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Arrangement of color photographs is by number and grouped by photographer.
BOX 7 Sound Recordings
The Sound Recordings include reel-to-reel and audio cassette field recordings and their logs. The concordance in this inventory provides a brief summary of the tape contents along with the various numbers assigned to each tape. Recordings are listed alphabetically by fieldworker and grouped as reels or cassettes. Each recording listed includes a brief description of its contents. Logs are inventoried by fieldworker and outline the contents of the recordings as well as providing information on the recording situation and equipment.
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Arrangement of sound recordings is alphabetically by fieldworker and grouped as reels or cassettes.
BOX 8 Final Products
The Final Products series includes post-fieldwork essays by Michael Bell and Tom Burns, reports by Burns and by Peter Bartis, materials relating to a photo exhibit based on the project documentation, grant applications for a follow-up project, a list of presentation slides, and a list of participants in a post-fieldwork folklife workshop.
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Arranged into three subseries.

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