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Series 1: Manuscripts (continued)
Subseries 6: Biographical materials (continued)
Sub-subseries 7: Engagement books and calendars (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 108/4 Engagement books and calendars (1/3), 2000-2003, 2005
From 3 3/4 in. x 5 1/2 in. to 8 3/4 in. x 11 in.
22 items, total. Multiple items for some years. A few loose pages from a 2007 calendar. One item is a customized 2001 pocket calendar, stamped "Compliments of Folklife Productions" (Jean and George's company). See box 109 for calendars from 2006 and 2007.
BOX-FOLDER 108/5 Engagement books and calendars (2/3), 2000-2003, 2005
From 3 3/4 in. x 5 1/2 in. to 8 3/4 in. x 11 in.
See the description for box-folder 108/4.
BOX-FOLDER 108/6 Engagement books and calendars (3/3), 2000-2003, 2005
From 3 3/4 in. x 5 1/2 in. to 8 3/4 in. x 11 in.
See the description for box-folder 108/4.
BOX-FOLDER 109 Wall calendars, circa 1985-2007
From 10 in. x 10 3/4 in. to 12 in. x 12 in. Years represented: 1985, 1998, 2002, 2006-2007.
Sub-subseries 8: Diaries
BOX-FOLDER 110 Diaries and notes about events, 1922-1992, undated
From 2 3/4 in. x 4 1/2 in. to 5 1/4 in. x 8 1/2 in.
Some of the fifteen items are repurposed notepads and records books. Some items are clearly identified as written by Jean and some by Jean's family members: Abbie, Kitty, and Mallie Ritchie. Some items were used by more than one individual. Of note: Kitty Ritchie's 1925 notes has a four-leaf clover pinned to one page.
Sub-subseries 9: Ritchie family hymnals
BOX-FOLDER 111/1 Billups, Edward W. The sweet songster: a collection of the most popular and approved songs, hymns, and ballads. Catlettsburg, KY: C.L. McConnell, circa 1854
BOX-FOLDER 111/2 Thomas, E.D. A new and choice selection of hymns and spiritual songs for the use of the Regular Baptist Church, and all lovers of song. Catlettsburg, KY: C.L. McConnell, circa 1877
Subseries 7: George Pickow's photographic work
Sub-subseries 1: Album covers
Dust jackets for a selection of phonographic albums recorded by Jean Ritchie. The cover photographs (and sometimes the jacket designs) are by George Pickow.
BOX 112 Jean Ritchie, 1952, 1954
Elektra Records; EKL-125.
BOX 112 Carols of all seasons, 1959
Tradition Records; TLP 1031
BOX 112 Children's songs and games from the southern mountains, 1957, 1960
Folkways Records; FC 7054.
BOX 112 As I Roved Out (Field Trip-Ireland), 1960
Folkways Records; FW 8872
BOX 112 Clear waters remembered, 1974
Geordie Music; Geordie 101. Two copies.
BOX 112 Jean Ritchie at home, 1974
Pacific Cascade Records; LPL 7026
BOX 112 None but one, 1977
Sire Records; SA 7530. Two copies.
BOX 112 High hills and mountains, 1979
Greenhays Recordings; catalog number GR 701. Two copies.
BOX 112 Sweet rivers, 1981
June Appal Recordings; JA-037.
BOX 112 None but one, 1981
Greenhays Recordings; GR 708.
BOX 112 The most dulcimer, 1992
Greenhays Recordings; catalog number GR 714.
BOX 112 Kentucky Christmas: old and new, 1997
Greenhays Recordings; GR 717
Sub-subseries 2: Proofs for album covers
Album jackets from this era were frequently made of cardboard, with a glossy sheet affixed to the front (and sometimes the back), with the album title and artist, and usually an illustration. These are the glossy sheets, most for popular and folk music, but some for classical music. Two covers are printed on heavy-stock paper boards. George took the photos and in some cases may have designed the covers.
BOX-FOLDER 113 Proofs for album covers (box 1 of 3)
See the note for Sub-subseries 2.
BOX-FOLDER 114 Proofs for album covers (box 2 of 3)
See the note for Sub-subseries 2.
BOX-FOLDER 115 Proofs for album covers (box 3 of 3)
See the note for Sub-subseries 2.
Sub-subseries 3: Magazine covers and related materials
Originals and proofs for magazines covers and advertisements, with photos taken by George. Items include magazine covers such as Colour Photography, True Detective, and Family Weekly. Advertisements are for travel-related products. Some pulp fiction magazine covers, a cassette J-card, and a brochure for an exhibit are included. Also a few magazine articles accompanied by photos taken by George. A few items are mounted on heavy-stock paper board.
BOX-FOLDER 116 Magazine covers, magazine articles, and advertisements.
Subseries 8: Manuscript materials accompanying other formats
Documentation for a selection of sound recordings and moving image items, principally from containers for the audiovisual recordings and photographic materials.
BOX-FOLDER 117/1 Sound recordings: documentation, SR001-SR040
Manuscript materials that accompanied sound recordings. Typed sheets of various dimensions, with handwritten edits.
BOX-FOLDER 117/2 Sound recordings: documentation, SR041-SR100
BOX-FOLDER 117/3 Sound recordings: documentation, SR106-SR195
BOX-FOLDER 117/4 Sound recordings: documentation, SR196-SR235
BOX-FOLDER 117/5 Sound recordings: documentation, SR236-SR260
BOX-FOLDER 117/6 Sound recordings: documentation, SR261-SR380
BOX-FOLDER 118/1 Sound recordings: documentation, SR381-SR495
BOX-FOLDER 118/2 Sound recordings: documentation, SR510-SR647
BOX-FOLDER 118/3 Sound recordings: documentation
Documentation for Scottish recordings and unidentified recordings.
BOX-FOLDER 118/4 Moving images: documentation (1/2)
BOX-FOLDER 118/5 Moving images: documentation (2/2)
BOX-FOLDER 118/6 Moving images: documentation
Documentation for a range of moving image items, not all associated with particular items.
BOX-FOLDER 118/7 Manuscript materials that accompanied photographic materials (1/4)
Materials from boxes-folders 121/1, 125/6, 127/18, 129/2, 133/7, 135/2, 135/4, 138/7, and 145/4.
BOX-FOLDER 118/8 Manuscript materials that accompanied photographic materials (2/4)
Materials from boxes-folders 145/6, 149/12, 149/15, 151/2, 152/4, 154/2, 154/7, 154/14, 155/4, and 161/17.
BOX-FOLDER 119/1 Manuscript materials that accompanied photographic materials (3/4)
Materials from boxes-folders 165/6, 165/23, 166/4, and 167/9.
BOX-FOLDER 119/2 Manuscript materials that accompanied photographic materials (4/4)
Materials from boxes-folders 180/5, 181/9, 187/4, 187/9, 192/6, 193/4, 193/7, 194/1, 195/5, 201/4, 206/10, 212/1, and 213/6.
BOX-FOLDER 119/3 2013 accrual (1/2)
Manuscript materials received in 2013 as an accrual to the collection.
Photo lists, 1952, 1955, undated
Subject and location categories for George's photographic work in the 1950s. These are probably not exhaustive lists.
Letter from Cindy Asher, plus lists, 1996
Letter regarding the loan of materials to be photographed, including lists of some of the materials.
Citations and awards, 1940-2008
Official, original documents for the following: a certificate recognizing Jean's service contributed to the 200th anniversary celebration of Kentucky's settlement at Ford Harrod (in 1974), a certificate acknowledging Jean's participation in the Festival of American Folklife (a letter from Mrs. Shirley Cherkasky and a certificate, in 1976), an award of merit to Jean by the National Federation of Music Clubs (in 1980, Doctor of Letters degree awarded to Jean (University of Kentucky, in 1983), Doctor of Fine Arts awarded to Jean (two pages; Union College, Barbourville, Kentucky, in 2008), a certificate of honorary membership awarded to Jean (Louisville Dulcimer Society, undated), and a certificate recognizing George's participation in extracurricular activities (Cooper Union, New York, undated).
Country Dance Society of America, 1965
A Golden Jubilee invitation and a list of committee members.
"Ballads and Ballots"
Images to publicize "Ballads and Ballots," written and directed by Oscar Brand, and presented as part of Project America at the 92nd Street Y, New York City.
Augusta Heritage Arts Workshop, 1974
Publicity material and a handwritten note from an unidentified person.
BOX-FOLDER 119/4 2013 accrual (2/2)
A memorial certificate from the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, memorial cards, copies of the memorial service program, and burial information cards.
Series 2: Sound Recordings
With the exception of the wire recordings, subseries are organized as received from the donors. Information is taken from documentation on containers, reels, and accompanying documentation, and edited as needed. SR012 arrived as an empty box, so there is no corresponding recording.
Subseries 1: Wire recordings
AFC 2008/005: SR001
1 sound wire reel : analog ; 60 min.
Family; XA. Webster-Chicago brand wire.
AFC 2008/005: SR002
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