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Jean Ritchie and George Pickow collection, 1923-2015

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Series 3: Graphic materials (continued)
Subseries 8: Events (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 151/2 Jean Ritchie (1/2)
Jean Ritchie in concert, during filming for "Lyrics and Legends," after receiving her honorary doctorate at Berea College, and other activities.
BOX-FOLDER 151/3 Jean Ritchie (2/2)
See the description for box-folder 151/2.
BOX-FOLDER 151/4 Sing American Sing, circa 1976
Show at The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
BOX-FOLDER 151/5 Smithsonian Folk Festival, circa 1974
Event took place in Washington, D.C.
BOX-FOLDER 152/1 Photos by George Pickow and others
Photos of family, events, concerts, portraits, industrial settings, and other subjects. Most photos are by George by some photos are by other photographers.
BOX-FOLDER 152/2 Recording session, circa 1976
Recording session with various artists, including Eric Weisberg. Kennedy Center performance, Washington, D.C. Possibly photographed during a rehearsal for "Sing, America, Sing."
BOX-FOLDER 152/3 Dance, Theater, Arts, November 1979, undated
BOX-FOLDER 152/4 Various activities and settings (1/6)
Jean, family, various concerts and performers, publicity, portraits, and related photos.
BOX-FOLDER 152/5 Various activities and settings (2/6)
See the description for box-folder 152/4.
BOX-FOLDER 152/6 Various activities and settings (3/6)
See the description for box-folder 152/4.
BOX-FOLDER 153/1 Various activities and settings (4/6)
See the description for box-folder 152/4.
BOX-FOLDER 153/2 Various activities and settings (5/6)
See the description for box-folder 152/4.
BOX-FOLDER 153/3 Various activities and settings (6/6)
See the description for box-folder 152/4.
BOX-FOLDER 153/4 Photos, contacts, and negatives (1/4)
BOX-FOLDER 153/5 Photos, contacts, and negatives (2/4)
BOX-FOLDER 153/6 Photos, contacts, and negatives (3/4)
BOX-FOLDER 154/1 Photos, contacts, and negatives (4/4)
Subseries 9: Projects, festivals, events, and awards
BOX-FOLDER 154/2 "America Pauses for Springtime," circa 1959
Near Asheville, North Carolina; photos from the CBS production of "America Pauses for Springtime," with Jean Ritchie. The show aired in March 1959.
BOX-FOLDER 154/3 "Girl in Search of a Song"
for a magazine article
BOX-FOLDER 154/4 Appalachian Treasure, 1991
BOX-FOLDER 154/5 Berea College - honorary doctorate, 1991
Jean received an honorary doctorate from Berea College. Also, photos of a wooden structure being built.
BOX-FOLDER 154/6 Kentucky Historical Society, 2002
Jean received an award, in Frankfort, Kentucky.
BOX-FOLDER 154/7 Kentucky Music Hall of Fame, 2002
Jean is inducted into the Hall of Fame, in the "pioneer class."
BOX-FOLDER 154/8 Folk Alliance (Memphis Tennessee), 1998
Jean received a Lifetime Achievement Award.
BOX-FOLDER 154/9 Kentucky Folklore Museum
BOX-FOLDER 154/10 Long Island Music Hall of Fame, 2008
BOX-FOLDER 154/11 National Heritage Awards, 2002
Ceremony and dinner held at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Also includes photos from the concert.
BOX-FOLDER 154/12 New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club, 1973
BOX-FOLDER 154/13 Union College - honorary doctorate
BOX-FOLDER 154/14 University of the Cumberlands
Also called Cumberland College. Jean received an award.
BOX-FOLDER 154/15 University of Kentucky - Founder's Day Award
BOX-FOLDER 154/16 Various awards
BOX-FOLDER 155/1 Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians - suggested illustrations for the book
Photos used (or meant to be considered for use) as illustrations for the book.
BOX-FOLDER 155/2 Book signing for Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians
BOX-FOLDER 155/3 Swapping Song Book
Photos used (or meant to be considered for use) as illustrations for the book.
BOX-FOLDER 155/4 Bryant Book—Nostalgia and Historic slideshow
BOX-FOLDER 155/5 Free University dulcimer class, 1979
BOX-FOLDER 155/6 Memorial for Paddy Clancy
Held at Avery Fisher Hall.
BOX-FOLDER 155/7 Battery Park New York
Jean, in concert.
BOX-FOLDER 155/8 Bell Theater
In Pineville, Kentucky: photos of the marquee with Jean's name.
BOX-FOLDER 155/9 Bonn Germany, 1979
Jean in concert at the flower market, outside the Kaufhalle.
BOX-FOLDER 155/10 Boone North Carolina
Jean in concert. At some point, the audience was invited onstage.
BOX-FOLDER 155/11 Caffé Lena
In Saratoga Springs, New York. Photo of Jean standing outside the door to the club.
BOX-FOLDER 155/12 California Traditional Music Society
Jean in concert.
BOX-FOLDER 155/13 Carnegie Hall, April 30, 1991
Jean in concert, at Carnegie Hall's centennial festival. The program was "A Celebration of Folk Music."
BOX-FOLDER 155/14 Concert at Citicorp
New York City
BOX-FOLDER 155/15 Cumberland College, 1966
BOX-FOLDER 155/16 Davis and Elkins College, 1994
Located in West Virginia. Jean in performance, in a classroom setting.
BOX-FOLDER 155/17 Dublin, 1979
Three color slides showing a man (possibly Seamus Ennis).
BOX-FOLDER 155/18 Fairmont West Virginia, June 21, 2000
Jean holding a copy of one of her books.
BOX-FOLDER 155/19 Folk City
Various performances by Jean at this venue.
BOX-FOLDER 155/20 Folklore Village, May 2000
Located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.
BOX-FOLDER 155/21 Summer folk music festival, circa late 1970s-early 1980s
Jean in concert, in Frankfort, Kentucky.
BOX-FOLDER 155/22 Fresno, California
Jean in concert with the Bluesteins. Some uncertainty in the documentation as to whether the concert took place in Fresno or San Francisco.
BOX-FOLDER 155/23 Hesperus
Jean in concert with the group Hesperus, in Washington, D.C.
BOX-FOLDER 155/24 Hindman Settlement School
BOX-FOLDER 156/1 House concert in Greenwich Village
BOX-FOLDER 156/2 Italy - café
BOX-FOLDER 156/3 Opening of Izzy Young's Folklore Center, in Greenwich Village, 1957
BOX-FOLDER 156/4 Jacqui and Bridie's Folk Club
Venue located in Liverpool, England.
BOX-FOLDER 156/5 Michigan, 1977
Jean in concert.
BOX-FOLDER 156/6 Concerts with Bill Monroe
In New York City and a West Coast tour.
BOX-FOLDER 156/7 My Father's Place (music venue), 1977
Located in Roslyn, New York. Jean in concert. The two young men with her may be her sons Jon and Peter.
BOX-FOLDER 156/8 New York City, 1972
Jean in concert.
BOX-FOLDER 156/9 Town Hall New York City, 1958
BOX-FOLDER 156/10 Harborfest '99 Dock Festival, 1999
Held in Port Washington, New York.
BOX-FOLDER 156/11 Port Washington Public Library
BOX-FOLDER 156/12 Royal Albert Hall, 1952, undated
BOX-FOLDER 156/13 San Francisco State University, 2004
BOX-FOLDER 156/14 Santa Cruz, 1978
BOX-FOLDER 156/15 Sipp Theatre, circa 1997-1998
Located in Paintsville, Kentucky.
BOX-FOLDER 156/16 South Street Seaport - Earth Day, circa 1982
BOX-FOLDER 156/17 Stratford Festival
Photos found grouped separately within box-folder 156/13. They show Kitty Ritchie and Elise Brereau (?). The slip of paper and the photos are an obvious mismatch.
BOX-FOLDER 156/18 Tulsa City County Library, 1971
BOX-FOLDER 156/19 Westchester People's Action Coalition
Two photos of Pete Seeger in performance.
BOX-FOLDER 156/20 Various concerts (1/2)
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