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Series 3: Graphic materials (continued)
Subseries 9: Projects, festivals, events, and awards (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 159/2 Newport Folk Festival (1/2)
Most images are in color, and primarily 35 mm slides. Some images may be from other events than Newport.
BOX-FOLDER 159/3 Newport Folk Festival (1/2)
See the description for box-folder 159/2.
BOX-FOLDER 159/4 Olympics in Mexico
While the documentation for these 35 mm color slides seems to indicate they were taken at the Olympics, they may be in preparation for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. Alan Lomax appears in two photos, and some images may have been taken elsewhere.
BOX-FOLDER 159/5 Pinewoods Folk Music Camp
BOX-FOLDER 159/6 Portable Folk Festival
BOX-FOLDER 159/7 12th Annual Folk Music Festival, circa 2003
In Savannah, Georgia.
BOX-FOLDER 159/8 Summer Solstice Festival, circa late 1990s
In California
BOX-FOLDER 159/9 Symposium
Unidentified symposium, featuring Jean, Copper family members, and others.
BOX-FOLDER 159/10 Syracuse University Folk Festival
BOX-FOLDER 159/11 University of Texas
Jean performing with Susan Brumfield and The Sweet Peas.
BOX-FOLDER 159/12 White River Folk Festival
BOX-FOLDER 159/13 WNYC Honors Oscar Brand
BOX-FOLDER 160/1 Workshop Stage, World's Fair, 1982
In Knoxville, Tennessee.
BOX-FOLDER 160/2 "Amazing Grace" (with Bill Moyers), circa 1990
Jean was interviewed for the 1990 PBS special.
BOX-FOLDER 160/3 Appalshop interview with Jean Ritchie, circa 1980
BOX-FOLDER 160/4 "Courting Songs"
BOX-FOLDER 160/5 Flying Fox Films, 1991
BOX-FOLDER 160/6 "Good Morning Freedom" (film)
BOX-FOLDER 160/7 Lyrics and Legends: Hillbilly
For the PBS show.
BOX-FOLDER 160/8 Next of Kin
Jean appeared in the 1989 film.
BOX-FOLDER 160/9 "Old Bangum" (film)
BOX-FOLDER 160/10 "Oss Oss Wee Oss" (film)
BOX-FOLDER 160/11 "Ramblin'" (film)
Film crew from Athens, Ohio.
BOX-FOLDER 160/12 "Sea Songs" (film)
BOX-FOLDER 160/13 Stills from various film projects
BOX-FOLDER 160/14 NEA panel, 1974
In Washington, D.C.
BOX-FOLDER 160/15 Parade in Hazard, Kentucky, 2003
Jean was the Grand Marshal.
BOX-FOLDER 160/16 Folk gathering at Frank Warner's home, 1968
Old Brookville, Long Island
BOX-FOLDER 161/1 Party at 88 7th Avenue South, New York City, circa early-mid 1950s
Jean and George hosted a singing party at their home. Documentation indicates the party took place in 1951, 1952, or 1954.
BOX-FOLDER 161/2 Party at the home of Frank Kleinholz
With Burliuk and family, and Jean and George.
BOX-FOLDER 161/3 Singing party in Dublin, 1979
BOX-FOLDER 161/4 Singing party in England, circa 1995
May be two parties: one is a weekly get-together organized by Peter Kennedy at a local pub in Bristol, circa 1995.
BOX-FOLDER 161/5 During the recording of "Sweet Rivers," circa November 1979
The fiddler is Marion Sumner. "Sweet Rivers" was released by Appalshop in 1981.
BOX-FOLDER 161/6 During the recording of "An Exultation of Dulcimers," circa 1980
"An Exultation of Dulcimers," was released by Greenhays in 1980.
BOX-FOLDER 161/7 During recording at the Gordon estate
Located in Long Island, New York
BOX-FOLDER 161/8 During the recording of "High Hills and Mountains," circa 1979
In Fresno, California. "High Hills and Mountains" was released on Greenhays in 1979.
BOX-FOLDER 161/9 Recording at the Library of Congress, 1950, 1952, 1952, undated
BOX-FOLDER 161/10 During the recording of "None But One," circa 1977
"None But One" was released on Greenhays in 1977.
BOX-FOLDER 161/11 During the recording of "A Time for Singing"
BOX-FOLDER 161/12 Residency at Fresno State College, circa 1979
Jean was a folk artist in residence.
BOX-FOLDER 161/13 Agnes DeMille and Heritage Dance Theatre, 1974, undated
BOX-FOLDER 161/14 "America Sings" (Disneyland attraction), 1975
"America Sings" was an attraction at Disneyland from 1974-1988. Two unrelated slides, dated 1967, are in the folder.
BOX-FOLDER 161/15 "Song-Hunter" (BBC -TV program), 1952 or 1953
David Attenborough directed or produced Jean's solo on "Song-Hunter."
BOX-FOLDER 161/16 "Camera Three," circa 1959
A TV series that aired on CBS. Unrelated photos, taken on a boat, are in the folder.
BOX-FOLDER 161/17 "Christmas Revels" (1/2), circa 1970s-2000s
Photos from various years of this production.
BOX-FOLDER 162/1 "Christmas Revels" (2/2), circa 1970s-2000s
See the description for box-folder 161/17.
BOX-FOLDER 162/2 "Folk Song Festival"
Oscar Brand's radio show, on WNYC.
BOX-FOLDER 162/3 "Lyrics and Legends: Ballads"
For the PBS show. Includes photos of Jean, Tristram Coffin, and MacEdward Leach.
BOX-FOLDER 162/4 "Mountain Born: the Jean Ritchie Story," circa 1966
First broadcast on KET-TV, then PBS. Documentary on Jean's life.
BOX-FOLDER 162/5 "Old Music for New Ears"
An episode of the show, broadcast on KET-TV.
BOX-FOLDER 162/6 "Faces of Creativity," 2010
Exhibit of George Pickow's photographs, at Port Washington Public Library.
BOX-FOLDER 162/7 "Rope" (theatrical production)
Stage set designed by George Pickow. The show was staged at Cooper Union, New York.
BOX-FOLDER 162/8 "Sing America Sing," 1975
From the production, staged at the Kennedy Center. Photos unrelated to the subject are also in the folder.
BOX-FOLDER 162/9 "Singing the Moon Up," circa 2000s
Theatrical production in tribute to Jean Ritchie's life and work. Includes a photo from the production, and a photo from George's photography exhibit that accompanied the show.
BOX-FOLDER 162/10 "Songs from the Heart"
Jean and George stand by the theatre poster for the show.
BOX-FOLDER 162/11 Jean on television
Photos of a TV broadcasting a show featuring Jean.
BOX-FOLDER 162/12 "Mountain Stage," March 15, 1992
Radio show broadcast on West Virginia Public Radio.
BOX-FOLDER 162/13 "Wide Wide World," 1955
Television program; this episode was recorded (at least in part) in Greensboro, South Carolina.
BOX-FOLDER 162/14 Japan tour
Photos from Jean's 1978 tour of Japan.
BOX-FOLDER 162/15 Workshop at Keuka College, New York, 1948
Subseries 10: Artists and musicians
Includes other individuals of note, such as politicians and leaders.
BOX-FOLDER 162/16 Bob Abramson
BOX-FOLDER 162/17 Irving Amen
BOX-FOLDER 162/18 George Armstrong
2 frames, young man playing autoharp, 2 frames, immediate Pickow family
BOX-FOLDER 162/19 Louis Armstrong, 1964
Recording session
BOX-FOLDER 162/20 Clarence (Tom) Ashley and band
BOX-FOLDER 163/1 Joan Baez
BOX-FOLDER 163/2 Margaret Barry and Michael Gorman
BOX-FOLDER 163/3 David Ben-Gurion
BOX-FOLDER 163/4 Thomas Hart Benton
BOX-FOLDER 163/5 Elmer Bernstein
BOX-FOLDER 163/6 Theodore Bikel
BOX-FOLDER 163/7 Ellie and Gene Bluestein
BOX-FOLDER 163/8 Doc Boggs and wife
BOX-FOLDER 163/9 Bill Bonyun
BOX-FOLDER 163/10 Boone, Daniel (VII)
BOX-FOLDER 163/11 Oscar Brand (1/3)
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