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Series 3: Graphic materials (continued)
Subseries 9: Projects, festivals, events, and awards (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 161/17 "Christmas Revels" (1/2), circa 1970s-2000s
Photos from various years of this production.
BOX-FOLDER 162/1 "Christmas Revels" (2/2), circa 1970s-2000s
See the description for box-folder 161/17.
BOX-FOLDER 162/2 "Folk Song Festival"
Oscar Brand's radio show, on WNYC.
BOX-FOLDER 162/3 "Lyrics and Legends: Ballads"
For the PBS show. Includes photos of Jean, Tristram Coffin, and MacEdward Leach.
BOX-FOLDER 162/4 "Mountain Born: the Jean Ritchie Story," circa 1966
First broadcast on KET-TV, then PBS. Documentary on Jean's life.
BOX-FOLDER 162/5 "Old Music for New Ears"
An episode of the show, broadcast on KET-TV.
BOX-FOLDER 162/6 "Faces of Creativity," 2010
Exhibit of George Pickow's photographs, at Port Washington Public Library.
BOX-FOLDER 162/7 "Rope" (theatrical production)
Stage set designed by George Pickow. The show was staged at Cooper Union, New York.
BOX-FOLDER 162/8 "Sing America Sing," 1975
From the production, staged at the Kennedy Center. Photos unrelated to the subject are also in the folder.
BOX-FOLDER 162/9 "Singing the Moon Up," circa 2000s
Theatrical production in tribute to Jean Ritchie's life and work. Includes a photo from the production, and a photo from George's photography exhibit that accompanied the show.
BOX-FOLDER 162/10 "Songs from the Heart"
Jean and George stand by the theatre poster for the show.
BOX-FOLDER 162/11 Jean on television
Photos of a TV broadcasting a show featuring Jean.
BOX-FOLDER 162/12 "Mountain Stage," March 15, 1992
Radio show broadcast on West Virginia Public Radio.
BOX-FOLDER 162/13 "Wide Wide World," 1955
Television program; this episode was recorded (at least in part) in Greensboro, South Carolina.
BOX-FOLDER 162/14 Japan tour
Photos from Jean's 1978 tour of Japan.
BOX-FOLDER 162/15 Workshop at Keuka College, New York, 1948
Subseries 10: Artists and musicians
Includes other individuals of note, such as politicians and leaders.
BOX-FOLDER 162/16 Bob Abramson
BOX-FOLDER 162/17 Irving Amen
BOX-FOLDER 162/18 George Armstrong
2 frames, young man playing autoharp, 2 frames, immediate Pickow family
BOX-FOLDER 162/19 Louis Armstrong, 1964
Recording session
BOX-FOLDER 162/20 Clarence (Tom) Ashley and band
BOX-FOLDER 163/1 Joan Baez
BOX-FOLDER 163/2 Margaret Barry and Michael Gorman
BOX-FOLDER 163/3 David Ben-Gurion
BOX-FOLDER 163/4 Thomas Hart Benton
BOX-FOLDER 163/5 Elmer Bernstein
BOX-FOLDER 163/6 Theodore Bikel
BOX-FOLDER 163/7 Ellie and Gene Bluestein
BOX-FOLDER 163/8 Doc Boggs and wife
BOX-FOLDER 163/9 Bill Bonyun
BOX-FOLDER 163/10 Boone, Daniel (VII)
BOX-FOLDER 163/11 Oscar Brand (1/3)
Includes publicity photos and performance photos.
BOX-FOLDER 163/12 Oscar Brand (2/3)
See the description for box-folder 163/11.
BOX-FOLDER 163/13 Oscar Brand (3/3)
See the description for box-folder 163/11.
BOX-FOLDER 163/14 David Burliuk
BOX-FOLDER 163/15 Isla Cameron
BOX-FOLDER 163/16 Jon Carrol
BOX-FOLDER 163/17 Mother Maybelle Carter
BOX-FOLDER 163/18 Chad Mitchell Trio, circa 1965-1966
John Denver appears at center.
BOX-FOLDER 163/19 Goingback "G.B." Chiltoskey
Folk Artist; Cherokee, NC
BOX-FOLDER 163/20 Memorial concert for Paddy Clancy
BOX-FOLDER 163/21 Sibyl Clarke
BOX-FOLDER 163/22 Paul Clayton
BOX-FOLDER 163/23 Tristram Coffin
BOX-FOLDER 163/24 John Cohen
BOX-FOLDER 163/25 William Cohen and Dolores Cohen
BOX-FOLDER 164/1 Judy Collins
Performing and in studio
BOX-FOLDER 164/2 Shirley Collins
BOX-FOLDER 164/3 Columbian Squires
BOX-FOLDER 164/4 Coon Creek Girls
Publicity photo
BOX-FOLDER 164/5 Elizabeth Cronin
and nephew Daivah Cronin and family
BOX-FOLDER 164/6 Merce Cunningham
BOX-FOLDER 164/7 Agnes DeMille
BOX-FOLDER 164/8 Era Desca
Publicity photos
BOX-FOLDER 164/9 Lotus Dickey
Casual photo with the Pickows
BOX-FOLDER 164/10 Ben Dinsimore
Playing dulcimer
BOX-FOLDER 164/11 Edie Doughty
Group photo, labeled on back
BOX-FOLDER 164/12 Bob Dylan
Performing at Newport
BOX-FOLDER 164/13 Ramblin' Jack Elliot
Playing in Washington Square Park
BOX-FOLDER 164/14 Duncan Emrich
With Jean Ritchie in studio
BOX-FOLDER 164/15 Seamus Ennis
Posed with Jean Ritchie and photos of Robert Dinsmore
BOX-FOLDER 164/16 Richard Farina, 1965
Richard Farina and Jean onstage together.
BOX-FOLDER 164/17 Sam Fisher
BOX-FOLDER 164/18 Folger Consort with Scott Riess
Scott Riess plays recorder.
BOX-FOLDER 164/19 Edith Folke
BOX-FOLDER 164/20 May Gadd
BOX-FOLDER 164/21 Cynthia Gooding
BOX-FOLDER 164/22 Sid Gordon
BOX-FOLDER 165/1 Yvonne Gregory
BOX-FOLDER 165/2 Chaim Gross
BOX-FOLDER 165/3 Harry and Diane Guggenheim
BOX-FOLDER 165/4 Woody Guthrie, circa 1948
Jean with Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Fred Hellerman in the studio, in New York City. Photos by Raymond Ross.
BOX-FOLDER 165/5 Richard Hagopian
BOX-FOLDER 165/6 Jane Hair
BOX-FOLDER 165/7 Diane Hamilton
BOX-FOLDER 165/8 David Hammond
BOX-FOLDER 165/9 Emmylou Harris
BOX-FOLDER 165/10 John Hartford
BOX-FOLDER 165/11 Joe Heaney
BOX-FOLDER 165/12 John Herald
BOX-FOLDER 165/13 Sam Hinton
BOX-FOLDER 165/14 Hans Hoffman
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