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Jean Ritchie and George Pickow collection, 1923-2015

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Series 3: Graphic materials (continued)
Subseries 17: Rejects (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 208/4 George Washington (1/2)
Historic homes of George Washington, including grounds and interiors.
BOX-FOLDER 208/5 George Washington (2/2)
See the description for box-folder 208/4.
BOX-FOLDER 208/6 Halloween
Kittens, jack o'lantern, pumpkin patch, wagon ride, and related activities.
BOX-FOLDER 208/7 Editors rejects
School-age children.
BOX-FOLDER 209/1 Male Basque dancers (1/2)
BOX-FOLDER 209/2 Male Basque dancers (2/2)
BOX-FOLDER 209/3 Marine exhibits - Museum of Natural History
BOX-FOLDER 209/4 Matador
Bullfighting scenes.
BOX-FOLDER 209/5 Methodists - Rio
BOX-FOLDER 209/6 Mexico (1/2)
Mexican art, architecture, and culture including craft and cooking
BOX-FOLDER 209/7 Mexico (2/2), 1950
Mexican art, architecture, and culture including craft and cooking
BOX-FOLDER 209/8 Mexico - Acapulco (1/2)
Landscape, models at pool, fishing, and related scenes.
BOX-FOLDER 210/1 Mexico - Acapulco (2/2)
See the description for box-folder 209/8.
BOX-FOLDER 210/2 Naval Observatory
Observatory interior/exterior; Washington, D.C.
BOX-FOLDER 210/3 Nudes with lights (1/2)
Photos of nudes with light effects.
BOX-FOLDER 210/4 Nudes with lights (2/2)
See the description for box-folder 210/3.
BOX-FOLDER 210/5 Office clip personalities
2D faces made with office supplies.
BOX-FOLDER 210/6 Old cars (1/2)
Parade of antique cars
BOX-FOLDER 210/7 Old cars (2/2)
Parade of antique cars
BOX-FOLDER 211/1 Old Kentucky Home
BOX-FOLDER 211/2 Pelota (1/2)
BOX-FOLDER 211/3 Pelota (2/2)
BOX-FOLDER 211/4 Pigalle
BOX-FOLDER 211/5 Presidential Buttons and Bows
Displayed and modeled presidential buttons, bows, and other artifacts; misc photos
BOX-FOLDER 211/6 Presidential hats
Hats worn by various presidents
BOX-FOLDER 211/7 Prostitution - Chile
BOX-FOLDER 212/1 "The Right Dog for the Right Person"
Dogs being trained to be seeing eye dogs. "The Right Dog for the Right Person" may be the name of a published article.
BOX-FOLDER 212/2 Rodeo in Chile
BOX-FOLDER 212/3 Chile
Cowboys, family life, street scenes, and related subjects.
BOX-FOLDER 212/4 Rio de Janeiro
Landscapes, street scenes, shore scenes, Christ the Redeemer (statue), and other scenes.
BOX-FOLDER 212/5 Uruguay
City scenes, nature scenes and shore scenes.
BOX-FOLDER 212/6 Scotland School for Veterans' Children (1/2)
Formerly called the Scotland School for Veterans' Children, and renamed Scotland School for Veterans' Children in 1951, the school was located in Scotland, Pennsylvania. Photos show play time, technical and academic classroom instruction, and other scenes.
BOX-FOLDER 212/7 Scotland School for Veterans' Children (2/2)
See the description for box-folder 212/6.
BOX-FOLDER 212/8 Million Dollar Showroom
Car and antiques showroom. See box-folder 136/10 for more images.
BOX-FOLDER 213/1 Soapbox Derby, 1950s
Soap Box Derby crowd, cars, race
BOX-FOLDER 213/2 Sturbridge tavern
Jean and others at historic tavern at Old Sturbridge Village.
BOX-FOLDER 213/3 Teenage party, 1952
Teenagers in car and at a formal house party.
BOX-FOLDER 213/4 Thomas and Betts, Co., Elizabeth, New Jersey
Workers making and packing connectors for electrical wires.
BOX-FOLDER 213/5 Trail of Lincoln
Landmarks in the history of Abraham Lincoln's life, including a log cabin and a monument.
BOX-FOLDER 213/6 "Twilight over Europe"
Photos of twilight in various European locations. Images may have accompanied a published article.
BOX-FOLDER 213/7 Underground factory
Gun factory, workers, and machinery.
BOX-FOLDER 214/1 Woolford dogs (1/2)
Dachshunds posing, and also doing tricks. These dogs may be the "Woolford Weenies," trained by Mrs. Nana Woolford, of Plainfield, New Jersey. She may be the woman in the photos. An issue of Life magazine featured a brief story on the dogs (August 7, 1939). These photos are of a later date, and may have accompanied a published article.
BOX-FOLDER 214/2 Woolford dogs (2/2)
See the description for box-folder 214/2.
BOX-FOLDER 214/3 Raccoon on a log, 1951
Photos not included in the article "Can the Dog Catch the Coon?," published in the Detroit Free Press, September 16, 1951.
Subseries 18: Images from binders
These materials were originally housed in three-ring binders when received by AFC.
BOX-FOLDER 214/4 Jean Ritchie in performance
Events and locations include WYNC Fest, Albert Hall, London, and Williamsburg (with Oscar Brand).
BOX-FOLDER 214/5 Fatima, Portugal (1/2)
Pilgrims, the shrine, and related scenes.
BOX-FOLDER 214/6 Fatima, Portugal (2/2)
See the description for box-folder 214/6.
BOX-FOLDER 214/7 Coal mining
BOX-FOLDER 215/1 Steel mill (1/4)
BOX-FOLDER 215/2 Steel mill (1/4)
BOX-FOLDER 215/3 Steel mill (1/4)
BOX-FOLDER 215/4 Steel mill (1/4)
BOX-FOLDER 215/5 Ireland (1/4)
Men playing handball and another ball game, Jean playing dulcimer, Jean and other musicians, landscapes, domestic scenes, weaving, domesticated and wild animals, hunting with hounds, and other scenes and activities.
BOX-FOLDER 215/6 Ireland (2/4)
See the description for box-folder 215/5.
BOX-FOLDER 216/1 Ireland (3/4)
See the description for box-folder 215/5.
BOX-FOLDER 216/2 Ireland (4/4)
See the description for box-folder 215/5.
Subseries 19: 2013 accrual
These materials arrived in 2013 as a collection accrual.
Sub-subseries 1: Portraits
Two studio portraits (black and white) of George Pickow, holding his camera, and one studio portrait (color) of Jon Pickow. The photos of George may date from the 1950s, and the photo of Jon may date from the 1970s.
BOX-FOLDER 216/3 Pickow family photos
Sub-subseries 2: Original photographs and contact sheets, 1950-1979
BOX-FOLDER 216/4 Original images and contact sheets, primarily of people, landscapes, and scenes in the British Isles.
Sub-subseries 3: Copies of images taken by George Pickow, primarily in the British Isles
Formats include photographically reproduced images and digitally reproduced images.
BOX-FOLDER 216/5 Copies of photographs (1/3)
BOX-FOLDER 216/6 Copies of photographs (2/3)
BOX-FOLDER 216/7 Copies of photographs (3/3)
Subseries 20: Photos from Series 1
Photos originally stored with manuscript materials. If they were originally accompanied by manuscript materials, these have been photocopied and stored with the photos.
BOX-FOLDER 217/2 Box-folder 1/6
BOX-FOLDER 217/3 Box-folder 2/6
BOX-FOLDER 217/4 Box-folder 3/6
Contents are from Sub-subseries 6: Folk colleagues.
BOX-FOLDER 217/5 Box-folder 4/6
BOX-FOLDER 217/6 Box-folder 5/6
BOX-FOLDER 217/7 Box-folder 6/6
BOX-FOLDER 218 Subseries 21: Oversized photos
The majority of these items are larger prints of photos in Series 3. Circa 65 photos, some of which are mounted. Most are black and white. The average size of the photos is 14 1/2 in. x 11 in.
Series 4: Moving images
MV0001-MV0766 are film elements, including work prints, A and B rolls, and outtakes. MV0767-MV0999 are reserved for more film elements. Videocassettes are numbered beginning with MV1001. Included are parts of the show "Lyrics and Legends," from the early 1960s, which George filmed, footage from a trip to Mexico, materials from the filming of "Oss Oss Wee Oss" and Mountain Born," and other projects on which Jean and George worked.
AFC 2008/005: MV0001
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