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Series 1: Manuscripts (continued)
Subseries 4: Folklore and resources (continued)
Sub-subseries 2: Folk music and other performing arts resources (continued)
Smith, Betty N. "The gap in oral tradition: children are the losers," January 10, 1976
17 pages
Paper submitted for consideration in the Appalachian symposium to honor Dr. Cratis Williams.
BOX-FOLDER 82/4 Songs and lyrics, circa 1950-1987
photocopies and dittos; also, original Country Dance Society of America song sheets
BOX-FOLDER 82/5 Correspondence (1/2), 1972-2001
Correspondence with significant accompanying materials, including photos (relocated to Series 3), drawings, information about the Lydian mode, photocopied pages from published books, a summary report from the "Symposium on marketing phonograph records of American folk expression," "Chordal explorations for 3-string dulcimer" (copyright 1978) and related materials.
BOX-FOLDER 82/6 Correspondence (2/2), 1972-2001
See the description for box-folder 82/5.
Subseries 5: Press coverage
Sub-subseries 1: Newspaper clippings, 1920-2009
A significant number of items are from local newspapers, although a few major newspapers are represented. Some full newspaper sections are included. The older clippings are physically fragile.
BOXES 83-92 Reviews and articles
Original and photocopied newspaper clippings.
Sub-subseries 2: Magazines and pamphlets
BOX-FOLDER 93 Complete issues of magazines, 1951
Includes local and national publications.
BOX-FOLDER 94 Sections from magazines, newsletters, and ephemera, 1980-2009
A few items of correspondence accompany some issues.
Sub-subseries 3: Clippings and ephemera
Original and photocopied clippings from newspapers and magazines, plus related correspondence and ephemera. Oversized newspaper clippings have been relocated to boxes 83-94.
BOX-FOLDER 95/1 Reviews, articles, and related ephemera (1/8), 1948-1949
BOX-FOLDER 95/2 Reviews, articles, and related ephemera (2/8), 1950-1959
BOX-FOLDER 95/3 Reviews, articles, and related ephemera (3/8), 1960-1969
BOX-FOLDER 95/4 Reviews, articles, and related ephemera (4/8), 1970-1976
BOX-FOLDER 95/5 Reviews, articles, and related ephemera (5/8), 1980-1988
BOX-FOLDER 95/6 Reviews, articles, and related ephemera (6/8), 1990-1999
BOX-FOLDER 95/7 Reviews, articles, and related ephemera (7/8), 2000-2008, undated
BOX-FOLDER 95/8 Reviews, articles, and related ephemera (8/8), undated
BOX-FOLDER 95/9 Ecology, strip-mining, etc., 1970-1974, undated
Subseries 6: Biographical materials
Sub-subseries 1: Personal and family history
BOX-FOLDER 96/1 Ritchie family letters and keepsakes, 1894-circa 1920s, undated
Handwritten and typed recollections, color copy of Balis and Abby Ritchie's marriage license, black-and-white photocopy of Balis Ritchie's common school graduation certificate, handwritten notes and a poem, cover for a theatre program and a program, a handwritten letter from Patty to Mallie Ritchie (with a small lock of hair), and locks of hair from Abby and the children, including Jean. The locks of hair and related documents were rehoused by LC Conservation staff in 2017.
BOX-FOLDER 96/2 Ritchie family history (1/4), 1914-1998, undated
A photo of Wilmer Ritchie has been relocated to Series 3.
BOX-FOLDER 96/3 Ritchie family history (2/4), circa 1930s-1999, undated
Copy of a brochure for Pine Mountain Settlement School, handwritten and photocopied recollections, a page about Kentucky quilting party traditions (from Buick magazine), correspondence, printed emails, and various ephemera. Several items of correspondence are from individuals inquiring about a possible family tree connection to Jean.
BOX-FOLDER 96/4 Ritchie family history (3/4), 1922-2004, undated
Handwritten notes on family history, newspaper clippings, typed poems, correspondence from individuals inquiring about a possible family tree connection to Jean, and various handwritten notes.
BOX-FOLDER 96/5 Ritchie family history (4/4), 1935-2006, undated
Correspondence, some combining fan letters and family tree inquiries and information, a printout of a relationship calculator (for family history), a copy of the Christmas card George designed for the first Christmas he and Jean spent together as a married couple, a typed birthday list, copies of Notes from Pine Mountain Settlement School (January 1935, November 1936, and November 1947); and memorial service documents. Photos have been relocated to Series 3.
BOX-FOLDER 96/6 B.W. Ritchie's newspaper, 1908-1910
Parts of the newspaper B.W. Ritchie published, called variously The record or The news-record . Original section of the front page from vol. 1, no. 35 (December 10, 1908), and the issue from vol. 1, no. 32 (May 12, 1910).
BOX-FOLDER 97/1 Genealogy: correspondence (1/3), 1995-2002
Primarily correspondence (the majority is printed from email). Also includes printouts of family photos (some scanned and some from the web), various versions of parts of Jean's family tree, family trees and family history.
BOX-FOLDER 97/2 Genealogy: correspondence (2/3), 1995-2002
See the description for box-folder 97/1.
BOX-FOLDER 97/3 Genealogy: correspondence (3/3), 1995-2002
See the description for box-folder 97/1.
BOX-FOLDER 97/4 Genealogy: family trees and family stories (1/2), 1961-2002
Primarily family trees and family history, with some photos (photocopied or printed from scanned images), and correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 97/5 Genealogy: family trees and family stories (2/2), 1961-2002
See the description for box-folder 97/4.
BOX-FOLDER 97/6 Jason Ritchie (1/2), 1949-1952, undated
Typed and handwritten notes and lyrics, Jason's handwritten recollections, Jean's handwritten and typed recollection of her notes made on the way to visit Jason in 1949, and correspondence between Jean and Jason. Jason Ritchie, referred to by Jean as "Uncle Jason," was a cousin of Jean's father Balis Ritchie.
BOX-FOLDER 97/7 Jason Ritchie (2/2), 1949-1952, undated
See the description for box-folder 97/6.
BOX-FOLDER 98/1 Balis Ritchie
Typed recollection of a song Balis learned from "Bad Tom" Smith, plus photocopies of published information about Smith, and Balis's obituary from a newspaper (original clipping). Balis was Jean Ritchie's father.
BOX-FOLDER 98/2 Mallie Ritchie (1/2), 1913-circa 1952, undated
Includes correspondence to Mallie, primarily when she was a child while recuperating in the hospital, including picture postcards; a homemade account book, and an illustrated memorial service fan.
BOX-FOLDER 98/3 Mallie Ritchie (2/2), 1930
Cancelled checques written by Mallie, drawn on The First National Bank (Hazard, Kentucky), and an account statement from the same bank, for December 1930.
BOX-FOLDER 98/4 Una Ritchie, 1923-1971, undated
Correspondence, plus a photocopied article from Vermont life magazine. Photos have been moved to Series 3. Una was one of Jean's sisters.
BOX-FOLDER 98/5 Kitty Ritchie, 1988-1989
Typed tribute to Kitty, written by Jean, and a page from a 1988 wall calendar, showing Kitty by a corn husk doll. One of Jean's sisters.
BOX-FOLDER 98/6 Edna Ritchie, 1926-1997
A copy of Viper echoes, a newsletter published by the Viper Public School (February 1926), with a reproduced photo of Edna on the front; a newspaper clipping announcing Edna's marriage, photocopied music, handwritten lyrics, a poem Jean wrote in tribute to Edna (handwritten and typed copies)condolence cards to Jean and other correspondence, memorial handouts, and typed memorial tributes to Edna. One of Jean's sisters.
BOX-FOLDER 98/7 Jewell Ritchie, 1926-1969, undated
Correspondence, a newspaper clipping, a family information questionnaire sent by Jean and partially filled out, Jewel's nursing diploma and other school-related information, Army-related documents and other official documents, a copy of "Singing Up the Moon," written by Jeannie Block (Jewel's daughter), plus a flyer about folk dance camp at Pinewoods. All contents of this folder are photocopies except the questionnaire. Jewel was one of Jean's sisters. Her twin, Opal, died of diphtheria in infancy.
BOX-FOLDER 98/8 Pauline Ritchie, 1935-1980, undated
A memorial program, correspondence, promotional materials for The Lighted Lantern, typed tributes and poems, printed music and lyrics for "Twilight A-Stealin'," The Mountain Echo (vol. 1, no. 3, November 1980; published by the Hindman Settlement School), with a memorial tribute to Pauline, and an essay by Pauline called "Up from the three Rs," published in Wellesley essays (1936). Pauline (also called Polly) was one of Jean's sisters.
BOX-FOLDER 98/9 B.W. Ritchie ("Wilmer" or "Sam"), circa 2003, undated
Sub-subseries 2: Genealogy, reunions, and education
BOX-FOLDER 98/10 The Ritchie-Cox family episodes: things that actually happened, circa December 2005
A printed keepsake book, held together with ribbon and with an illustrated cover, of family stories.
BOX-FOLDER 98/11 Knott's gentlefolk and flowers of the forest, vol. 1, nos. 1 and 2, 1995
Published by the Knott County Historical and Genealogical Society and Library, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 99/1 Hall family reunions, 1948-2000, undated
Two items of correspondence, reunion programs from 1956, circa 1962, and 2000; two photocopied newspaper clippings, a photocopy of a typed, official greeting from Ronald Reagan to those gathered for the Woodland Jubilee, a typed copy of the Hall family history, and a photocopied, handwritten copy of the family history.
BOX-FOLDER 99/2 Ritchie family reunions (1/2), circa 1975-2003
Reunion invitations and programs. A photo and a copy negative have been relocated to Series 3.
BOX-FOLDER 99/3 Ritchie family reunions (2/2), 1976-2001
Correspondence, handwritten notes, memorial programs for Truman Ritchie and Raymond Ritchie, a newspaper clipping, an issue of The Mountain magazine (vol. 1, no. 6, April 1930), an article about corn husk dolls (pages from an unidentified publication), two photocopies of a proclamation declaring June 9-25, 1986 as Ritchie Family Week in Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky, and related ephemera.
BOX-FOLDER 99/4 Early education (1/2), circa 1936-1990
High school diploma invitations to Jean's high school commencement and to the 1938 commencement, Kentucky Public Schools certificate, 7th grade end-of-year grade report, a copy of The Echo, the Viper High School yearbook, reunion newsletters, correspondence, two napkins from a high school reunion, and a program for the 1939 junior-senior banquet.
BOX-FOLDER 99/5 Early education (2/2), circa 1940
Copy of The Echo (the Viper High School yearbook).
BOX-FOLDER 99/6 College education (1/2), 1941-2008
Correspondence, Jean's Cumberland College transcript, periodic grade reports, programs for events, two photocopies of the program for the Cumberland College senior class's play "Junior Miss," an original copy of the program for "February Follies" (presented by the Baptist Student Union of Cumberland College), and related ephemera.
BOX-FOLDER 99/7 College education (2/2), 1941-2008
See the description for box-folder 99/6.
Sub-subseries 3: Promotional biographies, keepsakes, and correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 100/1 Promotional materials (1/5), circa 1951-2008, undated
Biographical and autobiographical materials in various draft stages (mostly typed), correspondence, flyers and brochures, blank letterhead from various organizations, a discography and bibliography for Jean, clippings and newsletters, mock-ups for DVD covers, Folklife Family Store flyers and catalog, business cards for Greenhays, promotional materials from Folkways Records, advertisements for Jean's books and recordings, Jean's membership cards for the Associated Musicians of Greater New York and for the American Federation of Radio Artists, and related ephemera.
BOX-FOLDER 100/2 Promotional materials (2/5), circa 1951-2008, undated
See the note for box-folder 100/1.
BOX-FOLDER 100/3 Promotional materials (3/5), circa 1951-2008, undated
See the note for box-folder 100/1.
BOX-FOLDER 100/4 Promotional materials (4/5), circa 1951-2008, undated
See the note for box-folder 100/1.
BOX-FOLDER 100/5 Promotional materials (5/5), circa 1951-2008, undated
See the note for box-folder 100/1.
BOX-FOLDER 100/6 Transcriptions, scripts, and related documentation, 1958, undated
Handwritten and typed transcriptions from wire recordings, with family members talking and singing, Jean's notes for the Ritchie family album (the Folkways family record), a pencilled drawing of the early Ritchie home place in Viper, a typed draft of a letter to "Peter" (probably Peter Kennedy)
BOX-FOLDER 100/7 George Pickow: biographical materials, 1943-2010
Orders to report for induction into the military, correspondence, workmen's compensation documents, cancelled cheques and a bank statement, insurance policies, receipts and stubs, a handmade caricature of Jean, George, and Joseph Edwards (a childhood friend of George), news stories about George (original and photocopy), an award of merit from the Advertising Club of New York, medical information, and various permits, passes, and photo IDs.
BOX-FOLDER 101/1 George Pickow: memorabilia, 1947-1950, undated
BOX-FOLDER 101/2 Correspondence, including pre-wedding, 1949-1975, undated
BOX-FOLDER 101/3 George Pickow's letters while overseas, 1949-1956
These letters were separate from the letters in box-folder 101/2 and retained as such. Most are letters to Jean but some are to or from George to others.
Sub-subseries 4: Awards
BOX-FOLDER 101/4 Berea College honorary Doctor of Arts diploma, May 26, 1991
Diploma awarded to Jean in 1991, in its presentation folder.
BOX-FOLDER 101/5 Kentucky Country Music Hall of Fame, 1990-1992
Correspondence, meeting agendas and minutes, Jean was one of the first Board members. The Kentucky Country Music Hall of Fame's name was changed to The Museum of Kentucky Music and Hall of Honor.
BOX-FOLDER 101/6 Awards and related documents (1/2), 1967-2009
Certificates for Jean, George, and together as a couple, plus correspondence and related documents.
BOX-FOLDER 101/7 Awards and related documents (2/2), 1967-2009
See the description for box-folder 101/6.
Sub-subseries 5: Scrapbooks, journals, and writings
BOX-FOLDER 102 Abbie Ritchie's scrapbook, circa 1914-1966
6 1/8 in. x 9 1/4 in.
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