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Series 1: Manuscripts (continued)
Subseries 8: Manuscript materials accompanying other formats (continued)
Citations and awards, 1940-2008 (continued)
Official, original documents for the following: a certificate recognizing Jean's service contributed to the 200th anniversary celebration of Kentucky's settlement at Ford Harrod (in 1974), a certificate acknowledging Jean's participation in the Festival of American Folklife (a letter from Mrs. Shirley Cherkasky and a certificate, in 1976), an award of merit to Jean by the National Federation of Music Clubs (in 1980, Doctor of Letters degree awarded to Jean (University of Kentucky, in 1983), Doctor of Fine Arts awarded to Jean (two pages; Union College, Barbourville, Kentucky, in 2008), a certificate of honorary membership awarded to Jean (Louisville Dulcimer Society, undated), and a certificate recognizing George's participation in extracurricular activities (Cooper Union, New York, undated).
Country Dance Society of America, 1965
A Golden Jubilee invitation and a list of committee members.
"Ballads and Ballots"
Images to publicize "Ballads and Ballots," written and directed by Oscar Brand, and presented as part of Project America at the 92nd Street Y, New York City.
Augusta Heritage Arts Workshop, 1974
Publicity material and a handwritten note from an unidentified person.
BOX-FOLDER 119/4 2013 accrual (2/2)
A memorial certificate from the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, memorial cards, copies of the memorial service program, and burial information cards.
Series 2: Sound Recordings
With the exception of the wire recordings, subseries are organized as received from the donors. Information is taken from documentation on containers, reels, and accompanying documentation, and edited as needed. SR012 arrived as an empty box, so there is no corresponding recording.
Subseries 1: Wire recordings
AFC 2008/005: SR001
1 sound wire reel : analog ; 60 min.
Family; XA. Webster-Chicago brand wire.
AFC 2008/005: SR002
1 sound wire reel : analog.
3; XC
AFC 2008/005: SR003
1 sound wire reel : analog ; 60 min.
XD. Webster-Chicago brand wire.
AFC 2008/005: SR004
1 sound wire reel : analog ; 60 min.
Jean Ritchie II; XE. Webster-Chicago brand wire.
AFC 2008/005: SR005
1 sound wire reel : analog ; 60 min.
JR III; XF. Webster-Chicago brand wire.
AFC 2008/005: SR006
1 sound wire reel : analog.
Jean R. Ballads and lyrics [undecipherable]. Magna Wire brand wire.
AFC 2008/005: SR007
1 sound wire reel : analog ; 60 min.
Party and Jean AR. (Tunes I). Webster-Chicago brand wire.
Subseries 2: England
Recordings made in England.
AFC 2008/005: SR008
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # E.1. #74; Mummers - REW 7. "Mr. Rew" is Bill Rew. On reel: Mr Rew Sidbury /Marshfield mummers.
Song indoors - sung by Mummers - no good
Mummers play - good
All on the new-mown hay, sir - Mr. Rew [Bill Rew]
Barbara Ellen - Mr. Rew [Bill Rew]
Jimmy Johnson squeeze me (Devonshire lad) - Mr. Rew [Bill Rew]
Mow down meadow - Mr. Rew [Bill Rew]
Kerry recruit - Mr. Rew [Bill Rew]
Up the middle (dance) Melodeon
Derby Ram - Mr. Rew [Bill Rew]
AFC 2008/005: SR009
1 sound tape reel : analog ; 7 in.
Original ID # E.2. Sidbury; Soundtrack to the film "Roman Soldiers"; Childrens' Game: Roman Soldiers. On reel: Movi... /Roman Soldiers / soundtrack /Sidbury.
AFC 2008/005: SR010
1 sound tape reel : analog ; 7 in.
Original ID # E.3. Palmer at Sidbury; On reel: Sidbury /Mullard / Palmer.
Mr. Palmer tells the story of his uncle and the song
Mullard (two false starts - goes very sharp on final one)
Talks about origin of song
Talk about old days of the "carriers"
AFC 2008/005: SR011
1 sound tape reel (20 min.) : analog, 7 1⁄2 ips, 2 track, mono ; 7 in.
Original ID # E.4. Humphries, E.: Douglas Kennedy; Empingham church bells. Empingham Hand Bells; #77; Bell playing from (1) to (10); singing from (11) to (14). On reel: Handbells /Empingham /J. Ritchie.
Hark, the herald angels sing - fluff on second verse
Hark, the herald angels sing - false start
Hark, the herald angels sing - good except for last line of first verse - mic position changed - better; second verse has a few mistakes also
Come all ye faithful - played all the way through but rhythm is off occasionally (played two times through)
Unidentified tune
Change - ringings (background bangs, soft talk in loud voices behind - bit of it)
Change - ringing - some mistakes and occasional loud voices
Change - ringing - bird sounds in background of this (lovely) - slight talk
Robin Adair - (instinctive) talking too
A shout of mighty triumph; singing
A shout of mighty triumph - sung by leader of bell ringers
Questions and answers - George Pickow and lead bell-ringer where he learned tunes he plays and sings
Jolly fellows that follow the plow - sung by leader of ringers - song about farm life (short)
Sinking of the Titanic - sung by head bell-ringer
General talk about Titanic song and head ringer's folks, between George and the ringer
AFC 2008/005: SR012
AFC 2008/005: SR013
1 sound tape reel : analog ; 7 in.
Original ID # E.6. (1/2 empty); - Humphries
Unnamed song, sung in Welsh
Three small horses - song taught him by his dad, on knee - sung in Welsh, then translated into English by Humphries
Unidentified song, sung in Welsh - followed by talk about not dancing if you're a church member
Mouth music - tune survived forgot the dance step - traditional
Unidentified tune, sung in Welsh - short - translated as" "The three sheepskins"
Over the water, over the sea - Sung in English. Sung twice. Use second version, first has word error.
Conversation among Jean Ritchie, Humphries, and unidentified young lady about Prince Charlie, the Romans, etc.
The Shaddleford (?) reel - Welsh tune played on fiddle, no singing
Sweet Jenny Jones - a Morris dance, played on fiddle
With David to town - fiddle tune - tape machine is stopped between choruses
Double change sides - fiddle tune - Humphries explains it
AFC 2008/005: SR014
1 sound tape reel : analog ; 7 in.
Singing and Children's Games - Kathleen Maher and her sister, Diana Endicott, Mr Rew; Original ID # E-7. Processor's note: label E-7 with original ID E-6.
Have you seen Papa, smoking a cigar (ball-bouncing) - Kathleen Maher and her sister
Mother Brown - Kathleen Maher and her sister (ball-bouncing)
Cherry stones - Kathleen Maher and her sister (sung twice)
Have a cigarette sir - Kathleen Maher and her sister
Nigger, nigger, come to dinner - Kathleen Maher and her sister
Over the Garden Wall - Kathleen Maher and her sister;
One two three a-loopa - one false start, one corrected error in second verse
Cherry stones - faster than before - one false start
Play up, Sidbury (rope slapping) - some incomplete versions
An alternate note indicates there were several takes, all unfinished.
Mother, mason water basin (rope slapping song) - all by same two children
Rope-jumping to the alphabet: "A to Q," "A to P" - Kathleen Maher and her sister
Poor Jenny - Kathleen Maher and her sister - one false start (long)
On the mountain stands a lady - M. Maher and her sister
This pretty little girl of mine - fluff, corrected, near end
There comes two dukes a-riding - Kathleen Maher and sister - two takes
Conversation between Jean and Kathleen
The farmer's boy - Mr. Rew [Bill Rew]
Mr. Rew [Bill Rew] and Jean converse
Mr. Rew [Bill Rew] plays an unnamed tune on the accordion
The Tannish waltz - Mr. Rew [Bill Rew] on accordion
AFC 2008/005: SR015
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # E-8. 7 1/2 ips; E. Humphries; Welsh; Douglas Kennedy - [...] Jane; Welsh. On reel: Empingham winsome pipe and tabor Torquay T1. Processor's note: label E-8 with original ID E-7.
Winsome pipe and tabor
Empingham church bells
AFC 2008/005: SR016
1 sound tape reel : analog, 15 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # E 8-8 (8x). Edited and copied; Seamus Ennis. Processor's note: the ID number on the reel is E-9. The tape box has documentation for E-8 and E-9.
Six penny money - double jigs, Seamus on pipes
When the cock crows it is day - double jigs, Seamus on pipes
What would you do if I married a soldier - false start
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