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Jean Ritchie and George Pickow collection, 1923-2015

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Series 2: Sound Recordings (continued)
Subseries 3: Ireland (continued)
On board the [Karogasoe]
Londonderry hornpipe - fiddle
Set dance - good
Bonny bunch of roses - sung by Michael Cronin- good
Piper and harp [...]
AFC 2008/005: SR045, October 16, 1952
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-16. Ireland #1. William O'Reilly - Moira Donahue; harp player - Kathleen Watson; community singing; two men singers. On reel: Ireland #1 /Oere... /Mary Ann Do... .
AFC 2008/005: SR046, October 16, 1952
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-17.
Girl with harp
Kerry cow (Irish) - girl with harp
AFC 2008/005: SR047
1 sound tape reel : analog ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-18. Jean; Willie Reilly. On reel: J.R. Jean /Lily Moore /Kilkenny /Northstar.
Lilly Moore from Kilkenny- first trial
Willie Reilly, Lilly Moore - second trial - good
1-2-3 O'Leary
All in together ([...] rhyme) no tune
This is the way she went
I was going to market one day - tells how to play the game
Wallflowers - game time
Bog ships sail through the alley - o
Come all you jolly huntsmen - good
AFC 2008/005: SR048
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-19. Songs sung by Con O'Shea with explanations.
Moira's spinning wheel (sung in Gaelic) and translations
Unnamed song - sung in Gaelic after singing it, into English
Alle Lune Gownum - story of young maiden who loved on the banks of the Long River. Sung in Gaelic.
Unnamed Song (Gaelic) - funny song (explained) about an old bachelor with goats, kids, and milk
Patrick Sheehan or The Glen of Aharb - sung in English
Bringing in the May - sung in Gaelic
De Greelegrin (?) - dance tune, sung in Gaelic, with English translation
AFC 2008/005: SR049, December 17, 1952, January 29, 1953
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-20. Jan 29, Michael Reagh, 910-930 [...] Erin; Dec. 17 '52. Songs sung by Con O'Shea; 144 Griffith [...] Dublin.
Lock Sheilin Side' - sung in English
The Kerry recruit - anti-recruiting song of the Crimean War (sung in English) composed about 1880 by Sean O' Gougs
Fanned grove - sung in English
The green linnet - sung in English
The dingle pound note (?) - sung in English with flute played by Michael Reagh
The Irish girl - sung in English, Michael Reagh plays very old hornpipe
The plains of Boyd (?)
The Peelers (?) [J aehet]
Unnamed tune
AFC 2008/005: SR050, October 29, 1952
1 sound tape reel : analog ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-21. IRE. On reel: M. Reagh pipes - Interview /Sean O'Tuama songs /M. Reagh - songs.
O'Sullivan Moore's march - Micael Reagh - 2.5 m
Rambling pitchfork - Miceal Reagh - jig - not bad
Yemana knick - Miceal Reagh- slow with tremolos, two takes
Bonny Kate; Clare March O'Sullivan's - reel same as first time
Job of journey work - Micael Reagh - set dance
Rocky road to Dublin - Miceal Reagh - slip-jig
Interview - Jean and Miceal R. - two takes
Light-rock- Sean O'Tuama - story of song - Gaelic - traffic sounds
Lullaby - "I put my own child to sleep" - Sean O'Tuama- in Gaelic - translation good to book
Dilly No Douse - Sean O'Tuama - Dublin song- translation good to book
Banks of Siloan - Miceal Reagh - Sings. tune: "Pretty Maid milking her cow.
AFC 2008/005: SR051
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-22. Ire. Micael Reagh - Songs and hornpipe. On reel: Micael Reagh songs and tin whistle.
The Banks of Salon - sung in English
O come to the hedgegroves - Sung twice, second time in higher key. (in English) train passing kills the second version
The maid of the sweet Brown Knowe - in English
Unnamed love song - sung in Gaelic - coughs in middle
There was a lady in her father's garden
Galway Bay and another; from radio program - "Ballad Makers Saturday Night" - Radio Erin
A lark in the morning - a four-part double jig- hornpipe tune - M. Reagh
The cock hornpipe - Michael Reagh playing: poorly player
AFC 2008/005: SR052
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-24. Donahue, Moira and Mrs.; edited off onto an English tape; bit of Scots song; program BBC. On reel: Peter.
Hymn in honor of Our Lady - Moira Donahue
Free translation of Oonah Bhan, leads into song- learned from Ms. Seanlan, Rosovil, Connemara
Oonah Bhan
Appeal to Mrs. O'Donnell (song made by O'Donnell's mother begging him to come back to his own religion)
Dee o dydae - sounds like [...] song
Unnamed song - continued inside
AFC 2008/005: SR053
1 sound tape reel : analog ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-Compilation.
Cork hornpipe - Tom Makem
Bonny wee Irish boy - Keating
There was an old piper - McPeake
Lagan love - T. McPeake
Dance music - Market Hill
Joggin up to Cloddy - Mary Tore
Fiddle - Toabin's Fair - Kilkenny; fiddle - another tune - Kilkenny
What would you do - Seamus Ennis
AFC 2008/005: SR054
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-compilation 2. Various; (compilation) Ireland first sample Duplicate; #41; Mrs. Cronin and Mrs. Makem.
Jean R. introduction Mrs. Cronin
Down the green fields - Mrs. Cronin
What would you do? - Mrs. Cronin - in English
I Have a Bonnet - Mrs. Cronin - in English
Did you see my man? - Mrs. Cronin
Gather you ducks - Mrs. Cronin in Irish, to the tune of "Fox hunting"
Pussy got the measles - Mamie O'Connell, Mrs. Cronin's [...]
Lullaby - Mrs. Cronin, in Gaelic explanation afterward
Lullaby - explained a little afterward. Mrs. Cronin in Gaelic
Jack O'Donahue - Mrs. Cronin - in English
Lady in her father's garden - Mrs. Cronin, in English
In the month of January - Mrs. Sarah Makem in English
As I roved out - Mrs. Makem, in English
Green grows the laurel - Mrs. Makem, in English
Derry gaol - Mrs. Makem - in English
AFC 2008/005: SR495
1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips ; 7 in.
Original ID # ER-11. On container: Ennis, Seamus. On reel: M?? May Stasky /Seamus Ennis /copy #2.
The Prickelai [sic] bush
Six penny money (pipes)
When the cock crows it's day (pipes)
What would you do if I married a soldier?
AFC 2008/005: SR510
1 sound tape reel : analog ; 7 in.
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