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Jean Ritchie and George Pickow collection, 1923-2015

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Series 3: Graphic materials (continued)
Subseries 6: England (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 147/13 Thames at night
BOX-FOLDER 147/14 Street scenes and fields
Regent Street or Fleet Street; London fields
BOX-FOLDER 147/15 Trafalgar Square
BOX-FOLDER 147/16 Windmill
BOX-FOLDER 147/17 Wyn Humphries
English fiddler.
BOX-FOLDER 147/18 Chester England, 1947
Also includes images of Edinburgh Castle at night.
BOX-FOLDER 147/19 Dartington, England
Includes photos of children playing games.
BOX-FOLDER 147/20 Plymouth, England
BOX-FOLDER 147/21 Schoolboys by the Thames
BOX-FOLDER 148/1 Birmingham, England
BOX-FOLDER 148/2 Robin Hood oak tree, Sherwood Forest
See box-folder 138/7 for photos from the same location.
BOX-FOLDER 148/3 Stonehenge
BOX-FOLDER 148/4 Cricket game
BOX-FOLDER 148/5 Eisteddfod
BOX-FOLDER 148/6 Dolmetch workshop
BOX-FOLDER 148/7 Dymchurch Railroad
scale model railroad
BOX-FOLDER 148/8 Gypsies (tinkers), 1960
BOX-FOLDER 148/9 Antique steam engines
BOX-FOLDER 148/10 Farmer in Northern England
Possibly farming flax; near Stratford
BOX-FOLDER 148/11 Wyn Humphries family; buskers in street
See box-folder 147/17. Two subjects on one roll of film.
BOX-FOLDER 148/12 Ralph Vaughan Williams, Maud Karpeles, 1953
BOX-FOLDER 148/13 Rigby Guns (John Rigby and Co.)
BOX-FOLDER 148/14 Jean with bargeman and his wife, 1953
BOX-FOLDER 148/15 Brixham Harbour
BOX-FOLDER 148/16 Jean Ritchie and Bill Rew, 1952
Jean recorded Rew during her 1952 field trip.
BOX-FOLDER 148/17 Morris dance, with Peter Kennedy
BOX-FOLDER 148/18 Sand sailing
BOX-FOLDER 148/19 Various scenes and locations
Subjects include Hathaway Cottage, Club Row, May Day, Shirley Collins, a child with a hoop in a street scene, dry dock in a small harbor, and punting.
Subseries 7: Scotland
BOX-FOLDER 149/1 Firth of Forth rainroad bridge and ferry
Includes scenes near the bridge, and Princess Street, Edinburgh.
BOX-FOLDER 149/2 Patrick Shuldham Shaw
English folk song collector and musician (in the photos, he is the man with the dark beard).
BOX-FOLDER 149/3 Stirling
BOX-FOLDER 149/4 Stirling Castle, 1947
BOX-FOLDER 149/5 Highland Games, early 1950s
Held at Balmoral Castle. In several photos the royal family can be seen.
BOX-FOLDER 149/6 Harvesting hay, 1947
BOX-FOLDER 149/7 Hamish Henderson in kilts, 1947
BOX-FOLDER 149/8 Highlands Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle, 1947
BOX-FOLDER 149/9 Parade in Edinburgh
BOX-FOLDER 149/10 Bagpipe maker
BOX-FOLDER 149/11 Various scenes and activities
Eileen Donan castle and Loch Lommond, Stirling Castle, girls in uniform going to school, old buildings, stream where two rivers meet, Highland ferry, carriage drivers, bridge at Invercauld, Holy Rood House in Edinburgh, and possibly scenes in the Shetland Islands.
Subseries 8: Events
BOX-FOLDER 149/12 Berkeley Folk Music Festival, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 149/13 Christmas Revels
Jean Ritchie and cast on stage.
BOX-FOLDER 149/14 Agnes DeMille tour with Jean Ritchie
Jean Ritchie and dance troupe.
BOX-FOLDER 149/15 Dulcimer workshop, 1977
At Old Town School, Chicago, Illinois. Photos by Ron Gordon.
BOX-FOLDER 149/16 Kentucky Music Weekends, 1978
Louisville, KY: folk music concert series
BOX-FOLDER 150/1 Newport Folk Festival, 1959, 1963-1968, 1963-1968
BOX-FOLDER 150/2 Lyrics and Legends (1/4)
Folk music series for NET Television
BOX-FOLDER 150/3 Lyrics and Legends (2/4)
See the description for box-folder 150/2.
BOX-FOLDER 150/4 Lyrics and Legends (3/4)
See the description for box-folder 150/2.
BOX-FOLDER 150/5 Lyrics and Legends (4/4)
See the description for box-folder 150/2.
BOX-FOLDER 150/6 Next of Kin filming
Jean with Patrick Swayze, during filming of the front porch scene.
BOX-FOLDER 150/7 Montreal World's Fair, 1967
Expo 67, held in Montreal, Canada.
BOX-FOLDER 151/1 Pinewoods, Massachusetts
Plymouth, MA: Pinewoods traditional music camp
BOX-FOLDER 151/2 Jean Ritchie (1/2)
Jean Ritchie in concert, during filming for "Lyrics and Legends," after receiving her honorary doctorate at Berea College, and other activities.
BOX-FOLDER 151/3 Jean Ritchie (2/2)
See the description for box-folder 151/2.
BOX-FOLDER 151/4 Sing American Sing, circa 1976
Show at The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
BOX-FOLDER 151/5 Smithsonian Folk Festival, circa 1974
Event took place in Washington, D.C.
BOX-FOLDER 152/1 Photos by George Pickow and others
Photos of family, events, concerts, portraits, industrial settings, and other subjects. Most photos are by George by some photos are by other photographers.
BOX-FOLDER 152/2 Recording session, circa 1976
Recording session with various artists, including Eric Weisberg. Kennedy Center performance, Washington, D.C. Possibly photographed during a rehearsal for "Sing, America, Sing."
BOX-FOLDER 152/3 Dance, Theater, Arts, November 1979, undated
BOX-FOLDER 152/4 Various activities and settings (1/6)
Jean, family, various concerts and performers, publicity, portraits, and related photos.
BOX-FOLDER 152/5 Various activities and settings (2/6)
See the description for box-folder 152/4.
BOX-FOLDER 152/6 Various activities and settings (3/6)
See the description for box-folder 152/4.
BOX-FOLDER 153/1 Various activities and settings (4/6)
See the description for box-folder 152/4.
BOX-FOLDER 153/2 Various activities and settings (5/6)
See the description for box-folder 152/4.
BOX-FOLDER 153/3 Various activities and settings (6/6)
See the description for box-folder 152/4.
BOX-FOLDER 153/4 Photos, contacts, and negatives (1/4)
BOX-FOLDER 153/5 Photos, contacts, and negatives (2/4)
BOX-FOLDER 153/6 Photos, contacts, and negatives (3/4)
BOX-FOLDER 154/1 Photos, contacts, and negatives (4/4)
Subseries 9: Projects, festivals, events, and awards
BOX-FOLDER 154/2 "America Pauses for Springtime," circa 1959
Near Asheville, North Carolina; photos from the CBS production of "America Pauses for Springtime," with Jean Ritchie. The show aired in March 1959.
BOX-FOLDER 154/3 "Girl in Search of a Song"
for a magazine article
BOX-FOLDER 154/4 Appalachian Treasure, 1991
BOX-FOLDER 154/5 Berea College - honorary doctorate, 1991
Jean received an honorary doctorate from Berea College. Also, photos of a wooden structure being built.
BOX-FOLDER 154/6 Kentucky Historical Society, 2002
Jean received an award, in Frankfort, Kentucky.
BOX-FOLDER 154/7 Kentucky Music Hall of Fame, 2002
Jean is inducted into the Hall of Fame, in the "pioneer class."
BOX-FOLDER 154/8 Folk Alliance (Memphis Tennessee), 1998
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