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Series 1: Manuscripts (continued)
Subseries 2: Performances, lectures, and workshops (continued)
Sub-subseries 3: Workshops (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 53/5 "The World of Jean Ritchie," 1979
A note in Jean's handwriting on the original folder: "class notes removed for Berea 1982." Correspondence, handwritten notes, copied sheet music, a festival schedule, and related documents.
Sub-subseries 4: Awards, films, instruments, itineraries, recordings, and workshops
BOX-FOLDER 53/6 Workshops, 1977-1982
A list of recommended books, course outlines, a brochure, and related documents for classes taught by Jean.
BOX-FOLDER 53/7 Concerts and events, 1958-2006
Correspondence, programs, flyers, newspaper clippings, and related documents.
BOX-FOLDER 53/8 Concerts finished, 1966-1968
Correspondence, purchase orders, programs, a letter of agreement for Jean to appear at the 1968 Newport Folk Festival, and related documents for concerts performed in 1968.
BOX-FOLDER 53/9 Recordings, circa 1954-2004
Elektra folk and ethnic music brochure, track list and song histories (possibly a draft for liner notes), correspondence, published liner notes, an intellectual property rights form for "Clearwaters Remembered," catalog cards, session notes, and related documents.
BOX-FOLDER 53/10 Itineraries, 1962-2008
Correspondence, plane ticket stubs, itineraries, and related documents.
BOX-FOLDER 53/11 Contracts, 1950-2007
Correspondence, pay stubs, and contracts.
BOX-FOLDER 53/12 Agents, 1986
Promotional brochure for Music Tree and correspondence from Appalseed Productions.
BOX-FOLDER 53/13 Facts for future use (books), 1972, undated
Handwritten notes, typed lyrics, and related information. Also includes a child's drawing of the phases of the moon and their names in certain months. Most of the items are undated, except for a poem (one copy handwritten and one copy typed) written by Jonathan Pickow in honor of his grandmother Abigail Ritchie.
BOX-FOLDER 53/14 Song notes
Handwritten and typed lyrics, correspondence, notes for presentations,
BOX-FOLDER 54/1 Reviews (early), 1949-1955
An issue of News Bulletin, from the Institute of International Education (June 1955), photographic negatives of clippings, and original newspaper clippings.
BOX-FOLDER 54/2 Reviews (1/2), 1967-1988
Newspaper clippings, an issue of Bugle American (Oct. 1, 1975), an issue of Folk Scene (Jan./Feb. 1981), newspaper clippings (originals and photocopies), and other publications. Also includes promotional advertisements for upcoming performances.
BOX-FOLDER 54/3 Reviews (2/2), 1967-1988
See the description for box-folder 54/2.
BOX-FOLDER 54/4 Reviews: Singing Family of the Cumberlands, 1955-1980
Newspaper clippings (original and photocopies), correspondence, and related materials. Most of the newspaper clippings are from a clip service.
BOX-FOLDER 54/5 "George Pickow: Photographs" (exhibit), 1999
A review and an exhibit announcement from Long Island newspapers.
BOX-FOLDER 54/6 Articles (clippings), 1950-1996
Correspondence, and newspaper and magazine clippings (originals and photocopies).
BOX-FOLDER 54/7 Articles (in publications), 1953-1979
Articles by and about Jean. Includes a reprint of "Woody Guthrie: A Tribute."
BOX-FOLDER 54/8 Instruments (1/2), 1961-2004
Correspondence, advertisements, business cards, and articles. Also includes labels from the dulcimer company Blue Lion Instruments, the authorized builder of the Jean Ritchie dulcimer. Photos have been relocated to Series 3.
BOX-FOLDER 55/1 Instruments (2/2), 1961-2004
See the description for box-folder 54/8.
BOX-FOLDER 55/2 Blue Lion (Jean Ritchie Dulcimers), 1985-1994
Correspondence, a price list, promotional materials, and a signed royalty agreement between Jean and Blue Lion to manufacture and sell dulcimers with Jean's name.
BOX-FOLDER 55/3 Leather pick for a stringed instrument, undated
BOX-FOLDER 55/4 Flyers (1/2), 1960-1997
Correspondence, and brochures, flyers, and other related materials promoting Jean's books and recordings, as well as the creative efforts of others such as Jacqui and Bridie. Also included are promotional materials from Greenhays and from Folklife Productions, a receipt for a classified ad in Sing Out! magazine, a handwritten draft of promotional information for Traditional Kentucky Dulcimers.
BOX-FOLDER 55/5 Flyers (2/2), 1960-1997
See the description for box-folder 55/4.
BOX-FOLDER 55/6 George Pickow: exhibitions, 1952-2010
Correspondence, promotional materials, and reviews. Photos have been relocated to Series 3.
BOX-FOLDER 55/7 Movie expenses, 1952-1968
Correspondence, receipts, and invoices.
BOX-FOLDER 55/8 George Pickow, 1955-1956, undated
Correspondence, order forms, photo descriptions, notes, "Old Bangum" script, and documents relating to other works.
BOX-FOLDER 55/9 "Old Fashioned Christmas" (script by Jean Ritchie), 1954-1961
Typed script with handwritten edits, and other handwritten documents.
BOX-FOLDER 55/10 "Lyrics and Legends," 1960-1963
Correspondence, a newspaper clipping, a signed agreement between George and WHYY, invoices, receipts, and related documents.
BOX-FOLDER 56/1 Films, 1952-1967, undated
Correspondence, a film festival program, inserts for VHS tapes, and a location schedule.
BOX-FOLDER 56/2 Jon Pankake interview by Maury Bernstein
Typed interview transcript with handwritten edits: possibly part of the Jean Ritchie interview for "Folk Festival U.S.A." The original folder indicates a relationship with the DVD "Mountain Born."
BOX-FOLDER 56/3 Mountain Born - The Jean Ritchie Story (documentary), 2008-2009
Documents relating to the KET re-release of an updated version of "Mountain Born," including a treatment for the documentary and concert, and release forms for Jean and George to sign.
BOX-FOLDER 56/4 Scripts, 1959-1993
A script from Jean's 1963 radio show, "As I Roved Out," a transcript of Jean's 1993 interview for the Port Washington Public Library's Centennial Oral History Project, a script for Oscar Brand's "Song of Nassau" (1976), a handwritten script, routine sheets from the Dave Garroway show (1959), and related documents.
BOX-FOLDER 56/5 "Old Music For New Ears" (series, 1991-1992
Schedules, information for the teleprompter, song lists, texts for song introductions, and related documents.
BOX-FOLDER 56/6 "Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories" (CBS): "Prettiest Girl in Town," 1949
Correspondence and a partial script.
BOX-FOLDER 56/7 James Hardiman Library
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera relating to the Library's acquisition of the Ritchie-Pickow collection in 1996.
BOX-FOLDER 56/8 Cecil Sharp project, 1982-1990
Correspondence and a project proposal relating to a proposed project to honor Cecil Sharp, which culminated in an exhibit and presentations at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution: "The Legacy of Cecil Sharp: Country Dance and Song in America" (a program is also in the folder).
BOX-FOLDER 56/9 Jean Ritchie Endowed Chair in Rural Social Work (University of Kentucky), 1980-2000
Dinner program celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Master of Social Work degree at the University of Kentucky, documents relating to fundraising for the endowed chair and alumni response forms filled out by Jean, and two newsletters published by the College of Social Work alumni.
BOX-FOLDER 56/10 Fulbright trip and activities (1/2), 1950-1967
Materials relating to Jean's Fulbright trip, including a grant application, correspondence, a newspaper clipping, documentation on recordings, a Covent Garden ballet season program, and related documents. A photo has been relocated to Series 3.
BOX-FOLDER 56/11 Fulbright trip and activities (2/2), 1950-1967
See the description for box-folder 56/10.
BOX-FOLDER 56/12 Trip to England, 1952-1954
A list of cabin passengers, correspondence, a pass for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Newspaper clippings, maps, and related documents.
BOX-FOLDER 57/1 Correspondence about England, 1953
BOX-FOLDER 57/2 Trip to the British Isles (1/2), 1952-1954
A list of cabin passengers (with a pencilled annotation), correspondence, travel information and ephemera, maps, car registration information, a press pass (probably for George), Jean's certificate of registration as an alien (including a photo of her), and other ephemera.
BOX-FOLDER 57/3 Trip to the British Isles (2/2), 1952-1954
See the description for box-folder 57/2.
BOX-FOLDER 57/4 Irish trip, 1952-1954
Correspondence, permissions for George to take photos in various settings and circumstances, a copy of Spin magazine (vol. 3, no. 1), brochures, and related ephemera.
BOX-FOLDER 57/5 Trip to England, 1966-1968
Correspondence, ticket stubs, and handwritten notes.
BOX-FOLDER 57/6 Western journey, 1975, 1977
Correspondence, invoices, an performance agreement between Jean and Golden West College, a performance agreement between Jean and McCabe's (1975), another agreement for performances and a workshop (1977), and related ephemera.
BOX-FOLDER 57/7 Awards (1/3), 1967-2009
Correspondence, programs, brochures, certificates conveying honors, National Heritage Fellowship event information (2002), a photo of Jean receiving an honorary doctorate at the University of Kentucky, a stock certificate, prints, a commencement booklet (2008), a newspaper clipping, a reprint of Cavalier magazine (1965), and related ephemera.
BOX-FOLDER 58/1 Awards (2/3), 1967-2009
See the description for box-folder 57/7.
BOX-FOLDER 58/2 Awards (3/3), 1967-2009
See the description for box-folder 57/7. Photos have been relocated to Series 3.
BOX-FOLDER 58/3 Various items, 1955-1963
Items received with the 2013 accrual. A newspaper clipping, correspondence, a photo, and other items. The photo has been relocated to Series 3.
Sub-subseries 5: Programs and posters
Materials in this sub-subseries are organized by event (when possible) and approximate size. These include programs from various events and concerts, in the form of handbills, flyers, announcements, tickets, invitations, and one item of correspondence. Box 61 is an oversized flat document box. Container 62 is a flat oversized folder, holding three items. Two lanyards have been relocated to Series 5 (Artifacts): a performer pass for the White River Folk Festival, and an all-access pass for "Rosalie Sorrels and Her Friends," from 2002.
BOX-FOLDER 58/4 Group 1, 1976-2007
Programs from the Kentucky Music Weekend, in Louisville. Includes a program from the first event in 1976 (Jean wrote "1974?" on the front cover; the cover is inscribed by Asa Martin to Jean), as well as programs from 1979, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1992, 2004, 2006, and 2007.
BOX-FOLDER 58/5 Group 2, 1980-2004
Christmas Revels: flyer (1993) and programs (1980, 1985, 1986, 1992-1994, 1996, 2000, and 2004)
BOX-FOLDER 58/6 Group 3, 1981-2007
Appalachian Family Folk Week brochures from 1981, 1984, 1987-1988, 1992-1993, 2003-2005, and 2007.
BOX-FOLDER 58/7 Group 4, 1963-2006
Tickets, passes, and a sticker from various events and venues. Includes Jean's festival staff member/family cafeteria card while she was at the Sixth Annual Berkeley Folk Music Festival (1963).
BOX-FOLDER 58/8 Group 5, 1961-2007, undated
Handbills, invitations, and announcements (with some duplicate copies) for various events and venues.
BOX-FOLDER 58/9 Group 6, 1951-1982, undated
Brochures and announcements for various events and venues.
BOX-FOLDER 58/10 Group 7, 1950, 1959
Programs for contemporary music festivals (Columbia University, 1950 and Hofstra College, 1959).
BOX-FOLDER 58/11 Group 8, 1971, 1978, 1993, 2004
BOX-FOLDER 58/12 Group 9, 1964-1966
Programs for The Kingdom Come Swappin' Meetin'. An undated program may be from 1968.
BOX-FOLDER 58/13 Group 10, 1979-2002
Programs for dulcimer-oriented events.
BOX-FOLDER 58/14 Group 11, 1967-1974
Programs from Pinewoods Camp Folk Music Week.
BOX-FOLDER 59/1 Group 12, 1961-1990, undated
Catalogs, a schedule, and promotional materials.
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