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Bess Lomax Hawes collection, 1894-2009

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Series I: Manuscripts (continued)
Butch – song and book contracts, 1944-1966 (continued)
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2805
BOX-FOLDER 28.06 Butch – legal, 1919-1987
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2806
Includes birth certificate, electrical welding trade school certificate, general commercial photography certificate and voter registration form for Butch (Baldwin Hawes)
BOX-FOLDER 28.06a Notes following death of Butch Hawes 1971-1972
Includes birth and death certificates in addition to condolence letters, telegrams, poetry and obituaries.
BOX-FOLDER 28.07 Household accounts, Topanga, Canyon, 1953-1959
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2807
BOX-FOLDER 28.08 Bess Lomax Hawes academic records, 1936-1970
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2808
BOX-FOLDER 28.09 Politics, 1982-1995
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2809
BOX-FOLDER 28.10 Bess at Office of War Information (1945), circa 2000
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2810
Regarding accusations of Communist sympathies and subsequent recommendation for dismissal from position as Acting Chief of the Music Division of OWI Radio Overseas
BOX-FOLDER 28.11 Ted Carpenter correspondence, 1967-1988
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2811
BOX-FOLDER 28.12 John A. Lomax business, 1987-1998
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2812
BOX-FOLDER 28.13 Bess -- personal correspondence, 1940-2009
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2813
BOX-FOLDER 28.14 Peter Hurd mural fresco event, 1989
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2814
BOX-FOLDER 28.15 Postcards and cards collected and received, 1979-1997
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2815
BOX-FOLDER 29.01 Recorded quotes, circa 1988
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2901
BOX-FOLDER 29.02 Mechanical license for "Arthritic Blues," 2006
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2902
BOX-FOLDER 29.03 Socialization seminar, 1969-1970
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2903
Taken at UC Berkeley with Naomi
BOX-FOLDER 29.04 Alan Lomax archive, 2007
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2904
BOX-FOLDER 29.05 Family clippings from Shirley, circa 1947-2008
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2905
BOX-FOLDER 29.06 Passport, birth, marriage, voting documents, 1921-1995
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2906
BOX-FOLDER 29.07 Santa Monica house, 1985
Photos removed to folder 35.06 in Series III.
BOX-FOLDER 29.08 Family tree, circa 2005
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2908
BOX-FOLDER 29.09 Bess Lomax Hawes interview with David King Dunaway (1977), 1977-1978
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2909
BOX-FOLDER 29.10 Bess Lomax Hawes condolences and obituaries, 2009
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2910
BOX-FOLDER 29.11 Responses to Bess Lomax Hawes's death (1 of 2), 2009
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2911
BOX-FOLDER 29.12 Responses to Bess Lomax Hawes's death (2 of 2), 2009
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_2912
BOX-FOLDER 30.01 Bess Lomax Hawes biographical, 2007-2009
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_3001
BOX-FOLDER 30.02 Hawes family history (1878-1996), circa 1960-1996
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_3002
BOX-FOLDER 30.03 Lomax book rights -- estate settlement, 1974-1999
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_3003
BOX-FOLDER 30.04 Lomax estate settlement, 1948-1950
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_3004
BOX-FOLDER 30.05 Lomax estate settlement, 1948-1969
Digital content available: afc2014008_ms_3005
BOX-FOLDER 30.06 Bess Bauman Brown's bible, 1897-1903
The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, Oxford, printed at the University Press, The S. S. Teacher's Edition, circa 1890. Inscribed: "Bessie Bauman Brown from Auntie, Christmas 1897." Also includes a handwritten list of bible verses.
BOX-FOLDER 31.01 Sound recordings documentation: sound tape reels, circa 1960-1975
BOX-FOLDER 31.02 Sound recordings documentation: sound cassettes, circa 1975-2003
BOX-FOLDER 31.03 Sound recordings documentation: sound cassettes, circa 1975-2003
BOX-FOLDER 31.04 Moving images documentation, 1983-2008
Series II: Sound recordings
Note: Track lists and other documentation exist for some sound recordings, and can be found in Series I, box 31.
Subseries A: Sound tape reels
Note: Many of the Sea Island Singers recordings are from summer workshops at Idyllwild Arts Foundation in Idyllwild, California.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR001 Bess Hawes beginning guitar class, circa 1960
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR002 Bessie Jones, Barbara Dane and Georgia Sea Island Singers, November 15, 1962
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR003 Interview between Barbara Dane and Bessie Jones, November 15, 1962
After Folk Song Concert at San Fernando Valley State College.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR004 Bess Hawes's beginning guitar class, 1963
Spring semester.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR005 Idyllwild concert; summer, 1964
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR006 Sea Island tape, 1965
Tape 5-2-B.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR007 Sea Island Game tapes; Idyllwild, 1965
Tape 5-3.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR008 Georgia Sea Island Children's Games, Idyllwild, 1965
Tape 5-4 AB; Tuesday, 2nd week.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR009 Sea Island Children's Workshop, Idyllwild, 1965
Tape 5-5 AB; Thursday 2nd week
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR010 Sea Island Childrens Games, Idyllwild, 1965
Tape 5-6 AB; Wednesday, 2nd week.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR011 Sea Island; Interview at Ed Pearl's house, July 26, 1965
Tape 5-7, with Bessie and Emma.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR012 Sea Island Singers; children's games, 1965
Tape 5-8-A; Fri. 2nd week.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR013 Georgia Sea Islanders, July 29, 1965
Tape 5-9-AB.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR014 Georgia Sea Islands, July 29, 1965
Tape 5-10-AB.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR015 Georgia Sea Islands, August 3, 1965
Tape 5-11-AB; recorded at Fairview Hospital, last day of stay.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR016 Tape #30, circa 1965
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR017 Tape #31, circa 1965
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR018 Tape #37, circa 1965
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR019 Tape #38, circa 1965
Written on leader: Submitted by Joan E. Barber, Esthetics of Non-Literate Peoples, January, 1962; "This is All Our Water".
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR020 Georgia Sea Island Singers at Idyllwild, circa 1965
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR021 Bessie Jones, circa 1965
Tape Number 2.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR022 Bessie Jones, circa 1965
Tape Number 3.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR023 Bessie Jones, circa 1965
Tape Number 4.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR024 Bessie Jones, circa 1965
Tape Number 5.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR025 KPFK Hawes interview with Ed Cray, circa 1965
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR026 Sea Island clapping; John Greenway program, University of Colorado, circa 1965-1967
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR027 Negro children's games, November 2, 1967
75th St school.
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR028 Georgia Sea Island Singers, May 21, 1969
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR029 Georgia Sea Island Singers, May 21, 1969
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR030 John Davis interview, Santa Monica, May, 1972
Note: "Both of us exhausted."
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR031 Molokan tape, circa 1975
May be a sample tape. Bess brought the Molokans to the California Heartland segment of the Folklife Festival in Washington, DC, 1975
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR032 Bessie Jones special dubs, circa 1965
TAPE-ID AFC 2014/008: SR033 Dupe of 1965 recordings: Sea Island, circa 1965
Tape 5-5 AB.
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