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Series I: Manuscripts, ca. 1942-2015 (continued)
Subseries C: Topical binders (continued)
2005 Mail, 2004-2005 (continued)
Printed email correspondence with correspondents, including Rani Singh, Nathan and Robert Salsburg, Todd Harvey, and Elijah Wald. Photographs were removed from binder and placed in Series III.
BOX 102 Untitled binder, ca. 1958-1995, 2008
2 items
Clippings and articles primarily about Bob Dylan (in English and Swedish). Clippings, correspondence, and writings by Izzy Young. Includes 1958 quote by Young from the Village Voice. Includes article about Young in Swedish.
Subseries D: Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 133/2 Ronald Cohen, ca. 2006-2007
Letters between Izzy Young and history professor Ronald D. Cohen.
BOX-FOLDER 103/1 Parents, ca. 1944-1970
Letters between Izzy Young and his parents, Pola and Philip Young. Includes a letter from Philip Young to Moses Asch, 1965.
BOX-FOLDER 103/2-3 Philomene Grandin, ca. 1993-2001
Letters from Izzy Young's daughter.
BOX-FOLDER 103/4 Margi H., 1960-1962
BOX-FOLDER 103/5 J. Edgar Hoover, 1965
BOX-FOLDER 103/6 Pete and Toshi Seeger, 1977-1998
BOX-FOLDER 103/7-8 Shirley, ca. 1957-1958
BOX-FOLDER 103/9-11 Laura Tennen, ca. 1961-1964
BOX-FOLDER 103/12 Booker T. White, 1966
BOX-FOLDER 103/13 General correspondence, ca. 1962-2013
Includes correspondence with Ralph Rinzler, Theodore Bikel, Dick Waterman, and Mark Moss.
BOX-FOLDER 103/14 General correspondence, ca. 1962-1966
Includes correspondence regarding Sing Out! and Folk Music magazines.
BOX-FOLDER 133/3 General correspondence, ca. 1962-2006
Includes correspondence with Ronald Cohen, Peter K. Siegel, Richard Reuss, and others.
BOX-FOLDER 103/15 General correspondence, ca. 1961-2014
Includes correspondence with Rani Singh, Lou Gottlieb, and Lou Killen.
BOX-FOLDER 103/16 General correspondence, ca. 1960-1998
Includes correspondence with Deborah Sperberg, and other personal correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 104/1 General correspondence, ca. 1965-2007
Includes correspondence (primarily printed emails) with Jeff Rosen, Suze Rotolo, and others.
BOX-FOLDER 104/2 General correspondence, ca. 1965-2014
Includes correspondence with Irwin Silber, Ron Cohen, and Charles Seeger.
BOX-FOLDER 104/3 General correspondence, 1986
Includes correspondence with Harold Leventhal, Richard Reuss, and Pat Sky.
BOX-FOLDER 104/4 General correspondence, ca. 1966-2011
Includes correspondence with Pete and Toshi Seeger, John Cohen, Scott Barretta, and others.
BOX-FOLDER 104/5 General correspondence, ca. 1974-2004
Includes correspondence with Rani Singh, Ida Cohen, and others.
BOX-FOLDER 104/5 General correspondence, ca. 1974-2004
Includes correspondence with Rani Singh, Ida Cohen, and others.
BOX-FOLDER 133/4 General correspondence, ca. 1983-2008
Includes correspondence with Ronald Cohen, Lucy Neville, Jerome Epstein, and others.
BOX-FOLDER 104/7 General correspondence, ca. 1991-2013
Includes correspondence with Benjamin Filene, Guy Logsdon, and Annabel Faraday.
BOX-FOLDER 104/8 General correspondence, ca. 1986-2011
Includes correspondence with JoAnne Reuss, Dave Van Ronk, and Marc Silber.
BOX-FOLDER 104/9 General correspondence, ca. 1986
BOX-FOLDER 104/10 General correspondence, ca. 1962-2009
Includes correspondence with Pete and Toshi Seeger, Ralph and Kate Rinzler, and Laura Tennen.
BOX-FOLDER 104/11 General correspondence, ca. 1983-2010
Includes correspondence with Scott Barretta, Ron Cohen, and Suze Rotolo.
BOX-FOLDER 105/1 General correspondence, ca. 1977-2004
Includes correspondence with Lou Gottlieb, Sis and Gordon Friesen, and Scott Barretta.
BOX-FOLDER 105/2 General correspondence, ca. 1963-2008
Includes postcards.
BOX-FOLDER 105/3 General correspondence, ca. 1977-2012
Subseries E: Ephemera
Includes folk and folklore programs, newsletters, announcements, and concert fliers. Includes items of note for the Folklore Center.
BOX-FOLDER 105/4-9 Folklore programs, catalogs, newsletters, and announcements, ca. 1963-2010
Includes a 1959 insert from Sing Out! Magazine, Harold Leventhal announcements, issues of Skandia Folkdance Society Newsletter, New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club newsletters, Freight and Salvage calendars.
BOX-FOLDER 106/1-9 Folklore programs, catalogs, newsletters, and announcements, ca. 1960-2004
Includes folk music newsletters and magazines. Includes Folklore Center catalogs, newsletters, fliers, and programs for concerts and poetry readings.
BOX-FOLDER 107/1-8 Folklore programs, catalogs, newsletters, and announcements, ca. 1958-2014
Includes Harold Leventhal announcements, Folknik newsletters, and Folklore Society of Greater Washington newsletters.
BOX-FOLDER 133/5 Folklore programs, catalogs, newsletters, and announcements, ca. 1965-1986
Includes issues of Folklin' Around, Village Scene, and Stray Notes.
BOX-FOLDER 133/6 Folklore programs, catalogs, newsletters, and announcements, ca. 1960-2016
Includes 2016 Nobel Prize program, letter from the Newport Folk Foundation, folk music festival and camp programs, pages from scrapbooks, and correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 107/9 Folk festivals and Folklore Center programs, ca. 1965-1968
BOX-FOLDER 107/10 Folklore Center readings, 1968
Programs for Folklore Center poetry readings.
BOX-FOLDER 108/1-2 Folklore Centrum programs, ca. 1970-1980
BOX-FOLDER 108/3 Folklore Centrum ephemera, business cards, ca. 2000-2007
BOX-FOLDER 108/4 Swedish and European music programs, ca. 1977-2011
BOX-FOLDER 108/5 Swedish language music programs, ca. 1992
BOX-FOLDER 108/6 Swedish Square Dance Club programs, ca. 1980-1995
BOX-FOLDER 108/7 Programs: Sassafras, 1987-1991
"The Journal of the People's Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle."
BOX-FOLDER 108/8-12 Concert fliers, ca. 1957-1991
Includes "Folklore Center Presents" concert fliers, Friends of Old Time Music flier, Sunset Park flier, Harold Leventhal Presents concert flier, and fliers for many folk concerts and festivals.
BOX-FOLDER 133/7 Concert fliers, ca. 1962-1966
Includes "Folklore Center Presents" concert fliers and fliers for other folk concerts and festivals.
BOX-FOLDER 109/1-2 Concert fliers, ca. 1962-2000
Includes "Folklore Center Presents" poetry reading fliers, 1962 flier for a Hedy West concert, and Reverend Gary Davis, Bob Dylan concert fliers.
BOX-FOLDER 109/3 Drawing of Pete Seeger, 1976
Drawing by Per Rosenberg.
BOX-FOLDER 109/4 Bob Dylan fanzines, 1981-1985
Magazines about Bob Dylan from the Folklore Centrum collection.
BOX-FOLDER 109/5 Bob Dylan fanzines, 1988-1989
BOX-FOLDER 109/6 Bob Dylan fanzines - Zimmerman Blues, 1977-1978
Three issues of Zimmerman Blues, a magazine about Bob Dylan, from the Folklore Centrum collection.
BOX-FOLDER 109/7 Bob Dylan's first New York Concert flier, Carnegie Hall, 1961-11-04
Program for "Folklore Center Presents Bob Dylan in his first New York Concert," at Carnegie Chapter Hall. Includes biography of Dylan and description of Folklore Center. Also includes an inscription from Izzy Young from October 2015 to the Library of Congress.
BOX-FOLDER 109/8-10 Broadside, #1-50, 1962-1964
Issues of Broadside, The National Topical Magazine, including sheet music for topical songs.
BOX-FOLDER 110/1 Broadside, #1-50, 1962-1963
BOX-FOLDER 110/2-5 Broadside, #51-90, 1964-1968
BOX-FOLDER 110/6 Broadside, #91-187, 1968-1970
BOX-FOLDER 111/1-3 Broadside, #91-187, 1970-1987
BOX-FOLDER 111/4 Original Folklore Center logo, ca. 1960
Note from Izzy Young that first preliminary sketch of Folklore Center logo was from 1959 scrapbook.
BOX-FOLDER 111/5 Robert Zimmerman songbook, ca. 1972-1985
Book of Bob Dylan song lyrics from the Folklore Centrum collection. Note from Izzy Young on front cover: "made in Sweden. A very good illegal collection, including 'poems.'"
BOX-FOLDER 111/6 Izzy Young's high school diploma, 1942
Diploma from the Board of Education of the City of New York.
BOX-FOLDER 111/7 Jewish topics, Klezmer music, ca. 1990-1999
Includes programs for klezmer concerts, camps, and festivals.
BOX-FOLDER 112/1 Folklore Center patent, 1963
Folklore Center patent from the United States Patent Office.
BOX-FOLDER 112/2 Musikens Makt magazine, 1974
Three issues of Swedish Music magazines.
BOX-FOLDER 112/3 Folklore Center programs, ca. 1965-1966
Programs for poetry readings at the Folklore Center.
BOX-FOLDER 112/4 Folklore programs, catalogs, newsletters, and announcements, ca. 1964-1988
BOX-FOLDER 112/5 Correspondence and poems, 1963, 1966, 2000
Correspondence with Izzy Young, and two poems.
Subseries F: Newspaper articles and clippings
Includes programs, catalogs, newsletters, concert fliers, and announcements.
BOX-FOLDER 113/1 Articles about Allen Ginsberg, ca. 1990-1998
BOX-FOLDER 113/2 Articles and clippings about Pete Seeger, ca. 1965-2014
BOX-FOLDER 113/3-12 Folk music articles and clippings, ca. 1957-2014
Includes articles and clippings about folk musicians, festivals, various musical styles, the release of musical recordings, Izzy Young, and Civil Rights activism.
BOX-FOLDER 114/1-6 Folk music articles and clippings, ca. 1998-2000
Articles in Swedish, French, and English.
BOX-FOLDER 115/1-3 Folk music articles and clippings, ca. 1962-2000
Includes folk music articles, clippings, and press releases. Includes articles about Izzy Young. Articles in Swedish, English, and Hebrew.
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