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Series IV: Optical media, ca. 1990-2010
Optical media is unprocessed, and titles are derived from writing on containers and labels.
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf01 Andrea, Adreas, Caro, and Izzy live at the Folklore Centrum, October 24, 2013
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf02 To Hear Your Banjo Play, undated
Audio from film about Pete Seeger.
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf03 DVD for Izzy Young from Francesca Terberg, UK, October 2010
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf04 Pete Seeger Interview, undated
Part 1 and 2.
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf05 Izzy Young, undated
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf06 Izzy Young, 60 years, undated
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf07 Izzy Young diary, undated
Disc 1 of 2, hi-res (TIFs); photos by Beth Mann (EMP).
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf08 Izzy Young diary, undated
Disc 2 of 2, hi-res (TIFs); photos by Beth Mann (EMP).
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf09 Izzy Young diary, undated
Disc 1 of 1, low-res (JPEGs); photos by Beth Mann (EMP).
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf10 Izzy=Dylan, The Bomb; "Talkin' Folklore," scan, undated
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf11 Izzy Young interview on music 101, May 28, 2011
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf12 Izzy foton ur Anna Linder's mobil… Izzy 80 ars kalas Izzy Korrloser, undated
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf13 Reportage our Izzy Young publ Folke 24/5, undated
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf14 Gazell, Izzy Young documentary, "Talking Folklore Center," undated
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf15 Pete Seeger, part 1 of 2, undated
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf16 Pete Seeger, part I & II, "Pal time coded," undated
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf17 [Pete] Seeger live Sweden, undated
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf18 Town Hall, NYC, April 12, 1963
DNR, 1 of 2
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf19 Town Hall, NYC, April 12, 1963
DNR, 2 of 2
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf20 Bob Dylan's American Journey, 1956-1966, November 19-20, 2004
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf21 Bob Dylan's American Journey, 1956-1966, November 19-20, 2004
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf22 EMP Panel: Bob Dylan: As We Remember Him, 2004
Part 1 (EMP Seattle 2004)
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf23 CG-AT-022, CG-AT-023, undated
From [Les] Blank Archives.
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf24 Heads Up 79: Irwin Silber memorial, undated
Part 1 of 2 (BBSimmow Producer).
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf25 Heads Up 79: Irwin Silber memorial, undated
Part 2 of 2 (BBSimmow Producer).
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf26 Oscar Brand shows, 1961, 1963
Part 2 of 2 (BBSimmow Producer).
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf27 CG-AT-017-021 for Izzy (Cynthia Gooding), undated
ITEM-ID afc2015040_cf28 Townes Van Zandt Live at the Old Quarter, disc 1, undated
Likely a copy of the published 1973 album.
Series V: Artifacts, ca. 1950-1990
Includes artwork by artist and filmmaker, Harry Smith.
BOX 122 Harry Smith string art, ca. 1950-1990
Framed original piece.
BOX 123 Harry Smith prints, ca. 1950-1990
Original artwork on cardboard by Smith.
BOX 126 Diagram of Harry Smith trip, ca. 1950-1990
Series VI: Publications
Listing of publications included in the Izzy Young collection.
Subseries A: Published materials
Publications from Izzy Young's personal collection, and from the Folklore Center and Folklore Centrum's collections.
BOX-FOLDER 124/1 Ballads of Sacco & Vanzetti. Commissioned by Moses Asch - 1945. Composed and sung by Woody Guthrie - 1946-47., 1960
Edited by Moses Asch and Irwin Silber.
BOX-FOLDER 124/2 From a Swedish notebook, 1972
Samuel Charters. Inscribed message to Izzy Young by Charters.
BOX-FOLDER 124/3 Square dancing: a history, 1957
S. Foster Damon. Includes Izzy Young's handwritten notes.
BOX-FOLDER 124/4 Analytical survey of Anglo-American traditional erotica, 1973
Frank Hoffman. Inscribed message from author to Izzy Young.
BOX-FOLDER 124/5 Partners all - Places all!, 1949
Miriam H. Kirkell and Irma K. Schaffnit. Includes handwritten notes and stamp from Folklore Centrum and People's Songs, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 124/6 Out of the blues, 2013
Brian D. Kramer
BOX-FOLDER 124/7 The nearly complete collection of Woody Guthrie songs. A collection of songs by America's foremost balladeer. 1963
Compiled and edited by Pete Seeger. New York, N.Y.: Ludlow Music, Inc., 1963. Includes inscription by Izzy Young from 2013.
BOX-FOLDER 124/8 The Morris book: with a description of dances as performed by the Morrismen of England. Part II., 1919
Cecil Sharp and Herbert C. Macilwaine. (parts 1-3 in general collection)
BOX-FOLDER 125/1 The Notebooks of Margot Mayo. Book I., 1934-1937
Finding aid for Margot Mayo collection. American Square Dance Group.
Subseries B: Pamphlets and serials
BOX-FOLDER 125/2 12 home made square dances, 1948
Charley Thomas.
BOX-FOLDER 125/3 Sisters in song: a collection of new songs from the women's liberation movement, ca. 1977
BOX-FOLDER 125/4 The Midwest dancer: a magazine of round and square dancing. Vol 8, no. 5., 1959-04
BOX-FOLDER 125/5 New York Supreme Court, 1961
Petitioner Israel G. Young against Newbold Morris, Commissioner of Parks of the City of New York.
BOX-FOLDER 125/6 "Some Cuna Indian animal stories, with original texts" (from Ethnological Studies, 4, 1937)., 1937
Henry Wassen.
BOX-FOLDER 125/7 Dizzy dances. Volume II., 1986
Gene Hubert.
BOX-FOLDER 125/8 Square dance: Formerly American squares. Vol 22, no. 4., 1966-12
Jerry Haag.
BOX-FOLDER 125/9 Square dance 2, 1983
Inger Toreld.

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