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Sol Biderman collection, 1954-2004

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Series II: Sound Recordings
Three sound recordings are original reel-to-reel 3-inch tapes; mono. double track; 7 1⁄2 ips. The tapes of Brazilian Literatura de cordel e cantadores nordestinos were recorded in Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, and Ceara, in 1967-1968. They capture the recitation of the cordel ballad rhythms "Beira Mar" and "Galope a Beira Mar" etc., and other rhythms no longer sung. Sung by Joaquim Batista de Sena, Jose Mota, Manuel Morais, Natal; Jose João dos Santos (who went by the pseudonym of Azulao), Rio; and Francisco Genuíno (Natal).
ITEM-ID AFC 2006/019: SR01 Side A (12 minutes)
  • 1. Italian by unidentified person (probably a poem)
  • 2. Dante Aleghiere's Vita Nova, recited by a man in Italian
  • 3. Song sung in Spanish by a woman
Side B (12.5 minutes)
All in Italian by the same man from 1A.
  • 1. Italian [poem; no title]
  • 2. Portame il girasole
  • 3. [no title]
  • 4. Languila
  • 5. Falsetto
  • 6. Da Mediterraneo
  • 7. Giuseppe Ungarette's Tutto ó Per tutto
  • 8. Matino
  • 9. Nongridate Piu
  • 10. Pasararondile
  • 11. Francesco Petrarca [author] [no title]
  • 12. [no title]
ITEM-ID AFC 2006/019: SR02 Side A (6 minutes)
All in Portuguese
  • 1. Short ballad [no title] by 2 men, probably João Firmino and Joāo Adriano
  • 2. Galope à Beira Mar; João Firmino and Joāo Adriano, singers
  • 3. Quadrăo na Beira Mar
Side B (6 minutes)
All in Portuguese
  • 1. Lyrics by Priest Geraldo
  • 2. Singers [names unknown] sing music
  • 3. Religious music: 3 parts of a Catholic mass
  • 1) Entrance of the Priest / Beginning of Mass
  • 2) Ofertōrio – Offertory
  • 3) Comunhão – Communion
ITEM-ID AFC 2006/019: SR03 Side A (12 minutes)
All in Portuguese
  • State: Ceará (Fortaleza)
  • Singers: João Firmino and Adriano
  • I. [No title]
  • II. Quadrão
  • III. Quadrão da Beira Mar
Side B 12 minutes)
All in Portuguese
  • Martelo Agalopado (Decassílabo)
  • State: Ceará (Fortaleza)
  • Singers: Adriano and Firmino
  • I. Martelo Agalopado (Decassílabo)
  • II. Galope na Beira do Mar
Series III: Graphic Images
BOX-FOLDER 8/21 Woodblock prints by Jota Barros
GR01: Original print, black-and-white, 81⁄2 x 121⁄4 in., signed 1982
GR02: Photocopy image of 1 oversize print by Jota Barros, black and white, 16 1⁄4 x 20 in.
BOX-FOLDER 8/22 Woodblock prints by Guilherme de Faria
GR03-GR20: Original prints, black-and-white, 81⁄2 x 121⁄4 in.
BOX-FOLDER 8/23 Woodblock prints by Guilherme de Faria
GR20 (copy 2) - GR37: Original prints, black-and-white, 81⁄2 x 121⁄4-in.
GR38: Color image of an oversize cover from chapbook authored by Guilherme de Faria, color, 20 x 28 in.
BOX-FOLDER 8/24 Woodblock prints by José Costa Leite
GR39-GR53: Complete set of original prints from the illustrator's Via Sacra series, black-and-white, 6 x 81⁄2 in.
BOX-FOLDER 8/25 Woodblock prints by Mestre Noza (Niquel, Inocêncio da Costa, 1897-1983)
GR54-GR63: Selected images from the illustrator's Via Sacra series. 10 photographic print images, black-and-white, 7 x 91⁄2 in.
BOX-FOLDER 8/26 Woodblock prints, anonymous.
GR64-GR70 and PH01: 6 photographic print images, black-and-white, 7 x 9 in. (GR64-GR68, PH01) and 2 back-to-back print images (GR69-GR70)
BOX-FOLDER 8/27 Postcards.
GR71-GR73: 3 blank picture postcards
BOX-FOLDER 8/21 Posters.
GR74: Image of 1 poster of play, "Bring Me to the Banqueting House," black-and-white, 81⁄2 x 111⁄2 in.
GR75: GR78: Images of posters advertising 4 plays by Sol Biderman.
GR75: "When Elvis Met Che," black-and-white, 113⁄4 x 161⁄2 in.
GR76: "To Kill a Mandarin," color, 111⁄2 x 161⁄2 in.
GR77: "Beatification of Carman Miranda," color, 111⁄2 x 161⁄2 in.
GR78: "Beatification of Carman Miranda: Carmen Pulls it Off," 11 x 17 in.
Series IV: Artifacts
BOX 9 Artifacts.
AR1 – AR14: 14 woodblocks, from the series on the crucifixion of Christ carved by Jota Barros, 41⁄2 x 51⁄4 x 1⁄4 in.
AR15 – AR18: 4 handmade wooden box containers, by Guilherme de Faria, 8 x 6 x 31⁄4 in.

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