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Duncan Emrich manuscript collection, 1933-1977

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Series 1: Administrative Files
BOX-FOLDER 1/1 Finding Aid
22 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 1/2 Bibliography of Emrich’s Writings: 1932-1974.
Compiled by Margaret R. Thomas. A bound copy of Duncan Emrich’s writings from 1932-1974.
31 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 1/3 Photo Duplication Order Forms/Reprint Permissions. Undated.
American Folklore Society schedule of fees for reprinting publications and the Library of Congress photo duplication forms.
16 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 1/4 Marion Emrich Deed of Gift. March 22, 1993.
Correspondence between Emrich and Donald Panzera pertaining to a collection of Children’s Book of Folklore which was gifted to the Library of Congress.
8 pages.
Series 2: Correspondence
BOX-FOLDER 2/5 Abrahams, Roger D. December 6, [year unknown]
To Duncan Emrich from the African and Afro-American Research Institute, the University of Texas at Austin.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/6 American Heritage Press. June 1969-December 1971
Between American Heritage Press and Duncan Emrich concerning the book reviews for the Book of Wishes and Wishmaking.
13 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/7 American National Red Cross (Editor, Red Cross Youth Publications). February 19, 1974
Between Mary Ellen Hughes, editor for the Red Cross Youth Publications, and Duncan Emrich concerning the submission for his article, "If Wishes Were Fishes."
10 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/8 Anderson, Charles R. January 31, 1971; March 19, 1971
Between Charles Anderson and Duncan Emrich for permission to include three songs, which Anderson and his friend Genie sang for the Library of Congress in 1947, in Emrich’s book Folklore on the American Land.
3 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/9 Beagle, Peter S. August 7, 1969
Between Peter Beagle and Duncan Emrich concerning literature about the existence of unicorns.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/10 Beck, Horace. January 24, 1972
Horace Beck provides feedback to Emrich about a folklore book Emrich wrote a review to Little, Brown and Co. on Emrich’s behalf.
2 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/11 Bisbee, John B. March 5, 1965
To Duncan Emrich from John Bisbee as he sought a repository for two handwritten diaries from his grandmother Martha Gally, the wife of James W. Gally, when they lived in Hot Creek, Nevada, with excerpts of the book, Comstock Bonanza.
24 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/12 Blotner, Joseph L. March-May, 1967
To Duncan Emrich thanking him for his assistance with the Faulkner Collection and arranging to meet Emrich.
5 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/13 Blumenstock, Mrs. February 8, 1971
To Mrs. Blumenstock thanking her for permissions.
2 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/14 Boswell, George W. March 13, 1972
George Boswell thanking and requesting Emrich to send manuscript for him to edit.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/15 Bronson, Bertrand H. December 2, 1972
Bertrand Bronson provides some editorial corrections for Emrich’s book.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/16 Browne, Ray. October 10, 1969
Request to use a few excerpts from Duncan’s article, "Beliefs from Alabama."
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/17 Brunvand. Jan-February 2, 1972
Jan Brunvand praises Emrich’s book, Folklore on the American Land. He also suggests the possibility to explore other urban tales.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/18 Bunker, Ellsworth Ambassador, New Delhi, India.
September 27, 1960
Ambassor Bunker expressing his gratitude that Emrich performed with Indo-American Society of Calcutta.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/19 Butterfield, Roger. August 15, 1970
Antiquarian bookseller, Roger Butterfield writes to Duncan.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/20 The Clarendon Press (Oxford). September 6, 1967
Editorial responses.
3 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/21 Clarke, Kenneth. February 16, 1971, February 21, 1972
Responses to Emrich’s book.
4 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/22 Clayton, Cecil D. November 22, 1976
Cecil Clayton offers an alternative to a chorus Duncan composed and relates a story about folk medicine.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/23 Boatright, Mody C. April 15
Mody Boatright updates Emrich with his latest book collaboration.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/24 Clegg, Charles (Chuck). July 16, 1967
Emrich submits some changes to the Lucius Beebe Reader.
2 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/25 Columbia University Press. December 6, 1969
Duncan Emrich writes to Columbia University Press requesting the permission to use material from Vance Randolph’s Ozark Superstitions in his books, The Folklore of Love and Courtship and The Folklore of Marriage.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/26 Dobie, Frank. January 28, 1952
Frank Dobie writes to Duncan about the contents in Comstock Bonanza.
2 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/27 Nafi, Archivist. The Hartford Seminary Foundation (Conn.). July 8, 1969
To Duncan Emrich with thanks for the materials he submitted towards the Duncan Black Macdonald collection and also informing him of the correspondence between his parents and Macdonald. There are three leaves of handwritten correspondence written on the verso and recto to Macdonald from Emrich’s father and five pages from a book written about Duncan Black Macdonald.
25 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/28 Dorson, Richard. November 22, 1971
Letter from Richard Dorson to Mrs. Leslie Wakefield of Little, Brown and Company rejecting Duncan’s book on Folklore on the American Land as a college text book. Second letter from Dorson to Emrich requesting his assistance for two of Dorson’s students.
2 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/29 Epstein, Linda. June 21, 1971
Student requesting independent study with Duncan Emrich.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/30 Fish, Lydia. March 6, 1972; August. 9, 1973
Between colleagues in the field of folklore.
3 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/31 Four Winds Press. 1968-1976
Correspondence and transcript for Emrich’s books.
20 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/32 Frederick A Praeger, Inc. June 9, 1967
Correspondence and transcript of a rejected proposal to do a book on Italian ex-voto.
4 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/33 Goldstein, Kenneth S. March 11, 1971
Pertaining to the inclusion of material from the Journal of American Folklore in Emrich’s book.
4 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/34 Grainger, Percy. June 29, 1949
Congratulating Emrich on the work he did with Danish folk songs.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/35 Hand, Wayland D. November 3, 1970 - Feb. 7, 1977
Between colleagues in the field of folklore.
4 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/36 Harder, Leslie. January 29, 1971, January 31, 1972
Between Harder and Emrich as Harder updates him on his sabbatical to Poland and Emrich requests permission for material to include in his book.
2 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/37 Harper and Brothers (Frank MacGregor, Pres.). Dec. 18, 1950; April 2, 1951.
Emrich requesting permission to use MacGregor’s Mark Twain material in his book.
2 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/38 Harvard University (Florence K. Leetch, Appointment Office). April 20, 1968
Acceptance for appointment at the University of Nevada.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/39 Hillard, Sandy Adams. Undated
Request for review and advice for book written by Sandy Hillard’s husband.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/40 Hyatt, Harry M. January 13, 1970-March 7, 1972
Permission request for using material for Emrich’s book; with a galley for Hyatt’s book Hoodoo-Conjuration Witchcraft-Rootwork.
6 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/41 John Cushman Associates, Inc. 1967-1971
Correspondence pertaining to Emrich’s books with Cushman Associates.
10 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/42 Jones, Louis Clark. 1967 -1972
Correspondence pertaining to Emrich’s folklore career.
6 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/43 Jones, Thelma Gray. December 29, 1971
Jones’ response to accepting to write a piece for Emrich.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/44 Kanter, Hal. September 1, 1971-May 9, 1971
Hal Kanter’s new show and personal correspondence.
4 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/45 Keystone Folklore Quarterly (Robert Byington, Exec. Sec). January 24, 1971
Permission for the inclusion of two articles in Emrich’s book, Folklore on the American Land.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/46 Kirkland, Edwin C. May 22, 1968
Recommendation letter to the University of Nevada on behalf of Duncan Emrich.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/47 Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara to Junior Folklore Club.
November 10, 1976
Requesting information on membership: the Junior Folklore Club.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/48 Knott, Sarah Gertrude. February 14, 19-
Congratulatory letter.
2 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/49 Koch, William E. Undated
Address of William Koch.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/50 Land, Robert H. (Library of Congress). September 4, 1968
Letter accompanied by Library of Congress photo duplication permission forms.
3 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/51 Lawrence County American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, (Lawrenceburg, Tenn.). February 8, 1977
Correspondence indicating interest in folklore.
17 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/52 Little, Brown and Company Publishers 1967-1977
Pertaining to the book reviews and permission issues.
45 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/53 Long, Maud (Mrs.). February 12, 1971
Maud Long corresponds with Emrich as she prepares to host two interviewees being sent to her by Emrich.
5 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/54 Mass Communications, Inc. August 9, 1973
Permission request to use audio recordings Duncan created in Nevada.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/55 MacLeish, Archibald. 1968
Correspondence including poems.
5 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/56 Mencken, H.L. December 31, 1945
Correspondence indicating the possibility of a meeting.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/57 Mickey. July 15, 1967
Updating Emrich.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/58 Montell, Lynwood. February 4, 1972
Lynwood informing Emrich that he wrote to the publishers on his behalf.
5 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/59 Morrison, John W. April-June, 1968
Correspondence pertaining to Duncan Emrich joining the staff at the University of Nevada.
5 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/60 Nagel, Charles. May 3, 1966
Pertaining to Gilbert Stuart portraits.
1 page.
BOX-FOLDER 2/61 Nevada Highways and Parks Magazine. August 29, 1968
Poems Emrich submitted for publications which were subsequently returned.
3 pages.
BOX-FOLDER 2/62 Newman, Heather. 1975-1976
Between Emrich and Newman about folklore.
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