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Series 1. Custom songbooks, "Kit" recreation publications, and selected published materials, ca. 1924-2005
This series includes the range of custom songbooks and recreation publications published during the lifespan of Cooperative Recreation Service and including some publications from the transition to World Around Songs publishing company. Arranged alphabetically, each box including a range of songbooks.
BOX 1 A-Po-Keep--Sing through Brothers Sing Out, undated
75 items
BOX 2 Buckeye Ballads--Come, Let Us Sing!, undated
77 items
BOX 3 Come, Let's Sing!--Fellowship in Song, undated
80 items
BOX 4 Fellowship Song Book--Girl Scouts Song Book, undated
75 items
BOX 5 Gloria '67--Holston Sings, undated
75 items
BOX 6 Home Land Songs--Joyfully We Sing II, undated
82 items
BOX 7 Joyfully We Sing V--Let Us Sing Together, undated
73 items
BOX 8 Let Us Sing Together--MIA Let's Sing No. 2, undated
72 items
BOX 9 Miami County Sings--Nochebuena Y Navidad, undated
70 items
BOX 10 North Indiana Sings--Peninsula Conference Fellowship Songs, undated
72 items
BOX 11 Peninsula Conference Fellowship Songs--A Sampler of Friendly Folk Songs, undated
82 items
BOX 12 A Sampler of Friendly Folk Songs--Sing All Day, undated
72 items
BOX 13 Sing Along--Sing with 4-H, undated
76 items
BOX 14 Sing With FHA--Singorama, undated
67 items
BOX 15 Social Renascence Song Book--Songs From Here and There, undated
78 items
BOX 16 Songs from the Heart of Gambier Island...Camp Arteban--Songs to Keep, undated
65 items
BOX 17 Songs to Keep--Tent and Trail Songs, undated
69 items
BOX 18 Tent and Trail Songs--Wesley Woods Methodist Camp Sings, undated
80 items
BOX 19 Wesleyan Service Guild--Youth United in the Western Pennsylvania Methodist Youth Fellowship, undated
62 items
BOX 20 "Handy=Kit": Recreation Quarterly No. 1 Winter 1925--The Recreation "Kit" 27. Vol. VII, No. 3, ca. 1924-1932
78 items
BOX 21 "Kit" 28 Vol. VII, No. 4-Kit Z--Romancing: Folk Lore on Courtship, ca. 1932-1940
93 items
BOX 103-104 Selected published materials, ca. 1931-2004
29 items
Published songbooks, both by World Around Songs, as well as by other publishers that served as research and reference materials for the publishing company. List of publications and bibliographic information included in Published materials.
Series 2. Song Sheets, ca. 1940-1970
Individual song sheet cards and song master negatives used for research and publication of custom songbooks. Arranged alphabetically.
Subseries 1. Song Master sheets, undated
BOX 22 A Donde, A Donde-Animal Song, undated
BOX 23 Anne Marieken--The Bells of Old Harlem, undated
BOX 24 Beneath the Cross of Jesus-Burmese Blessing, undated
BOX 25 Burn, Fire, Burn-Christ is Our Victory, undated
BOX 26 Christ is Risen--Country Life, undated
BOX 27 Courage to Be--Donkey Riding, undated
BOX 28 Don't Fence Me In--(Farewell to Thee) Aloha Oe, undated
BOX 29 Farmer Boy--French Counting Song, undated
BOX 30 Fried Ham--Go Tell Aunt Rhody, undated
BOX 31 Go Tell Everyone--Grandfather's Clock, undated
BOX 32 Grandma Grunts--Heaven Flows (Der Himmel Geht), undated
BOX 33 Heaven is a Wonderful Place--Hurry, Little Donkey, undated
BOX 34 Hush Little Baby--Illkly Moor, undated
BOX 35 I'm a 4-H Member--Jesus' Birthday Dawning, undated
BOX 36 Jesus Calls Us--Leaning in the Everlasting Arms, undated
BOX 37 Leatherwing Bat--Littlest Worm, undated
BOX 38 Live Love--Manuel Road, undated
BOX 39 Many Bags--My Aunt Greet, undated
BOX 40 My Baby Chicken--Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee, undated
BOX 41 Now Let Us Sing--O Worship the King, undated
BOX 42 O Yepo--Our Father Thy Dear Name Doth Show, undated
BOX 43 Our Father, Who Art in Heaven--Plowing Song, undated
BOX 44 Po, Po, Po--Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart (Dad Gracias y Hoy Cantad), undated
BOX 45 Remember--Savior, Hear Us, undated
BOX 46 Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us--The Sloop John B, undated
BOX 47 Slumber Boat (Baby's Boat)--Stay With Me, undated
BOX 48 Steal Away--There Was a Lawyer, undated
BOX 49 There Was a Little Sandy Girl--Tumbalalaicka, undated
BOX 50 Tuoll'on Mun Kultani--We Give Thanks, undated
BOX 51 We Have Christ in Our Life--When Oscar Went a Yodeling, undated
BOX 52 When Spring Returns--Ye Shepherds Leave Your Flocks, undated
BOX 53 Year of Jubilo--Zum Gali Gali; Folk Dance files, A&D--Portland Fancy, undated
Includes Song Master sheets and Folk Dance files.
BOX 54 Rheinlaender for Three--Your Best Liking, undated
Folk Dance files.
Subseries 2. Song Master negatives, ca. 1940-1970
BOX 55 A Blessing--Chester, undated
BOX 56 Chestnut Tree--Forest Gypsy, undated
BOX 57 Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I Go--I Will Sing the Wondrous Story, undated
BOX 58 Ice Wagon Song--Lord, Lord, undated
BOX 59 Lord, Lord, Lord--Oh What a Beautiful Morning, undated
BOX 60 Oh, Wohel--Sister Sally, undated
BOX 61 Six Little Ducks--Weihnachts Jodler, undated
BOX 62 Welcome Table--Zum Gali Gali, undated
BOX Oversize folder 1 Selected song master negatives, undated
Song master negatives compiled in large sheets for sample of Cooperative Recreation Service publications, such as Life on the H20, The Little Blue Book of Pocket Folk Songs, and The Pagoda.
Subseries 3. Duplicate song sheets, undated
BOX 63 Away in a Manger--Foxlease Vesper, undated
BOX 64 Fray Martin--Mow the Hay, undated
BOX 65 Mugsi, Mugsi--Try the Riddle, undated
BOX 66 Tuku Tuku Iampaitani (Calling the Flock)--Youth Undaunted, undated
Series 3. Production Files/Custom Songbook Files, ca. 1932-2008
Manuscripts associated with the publication of Cooperative Recreation Service and World Around Songs songbooks. Includes correspondence with organizations from geographic areas that songbooks are about, as well as copyright, licensing, permissions, and other publishing research. Documentation of research associated with the songbooks, including related song lists, song indexes, and notes.
BOX-FOLDER 67/1 African material, ca. 1958-1995
Includes African Songs custom songbook, as well as related planning materials.
BOX-FOLDER 67/2 African songs and permissions, ca. 1958-1995
BOX-FOLDER 67/3 American Camping Association (folder 1 of 3), ca. 1978-1986
BOX-FOLDER 67/4 American Camping Association (folder 2 of 3), ca. 1978-1986
BOX-FOLDER 67/5 American Camping Association (folder 3 of 3), ca. 1965-1977
BOX-FOLDER 67/6 American Camping Association (ACA) Sing, 1990-1991
BOX-FOLDER 67/7 American Camping Association (ACA) Tent and Trail Songs, ca. 1962-1990
Planning materials and copyright information for Tent and Trail Songs custom songbook.
BOX-FOLDER 67/8 Anchorage School District, ca. 1968-1982
Correspondence about between Anchorage School District staff and Cooperative Recreation Service (Nancy Cope) about using songs and songbooks.
BOX-FOLDER 67/9 Anderson, Walter, ca. 1947-1970
Correspondence with Walter Anderson, professor at Antioch College.
BOX-FOLDER 67/10 Audubon Girl Scout correspondence, ca. 1987-1988
BOX-FOLDER 68/1 Austria and Germany, songs, ca. 1955-1965
BOX-FOLDER 68/2 Background material, ca. 1935-1954
John C. Campbell Folk School, Pine Mountain Settlement School information.
BOX-FOLDER 68/3 Boy Scouts, Ely, Minnesota, ca. 1980
Correspondence between Boy Scouts of America and World Around Songs (Nancy Cope).
BOX-FOLDER 68/4 Bright School, ca. 1982-1984
Correspondence between the Bright School and World Around Songs (Nancy Cope) about developing song lists for their custom songbook.
BOX-FOLDER 68/5 Buffalo State College/Virginia Austin, ca. 1978-1985
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