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Series 1. National Council for the Traditional Arts (NCTA) events and other recordings, ca. 1961-2008
Documentation from events in which the National Council for Traditional Arts was either the organizer or participant. Includes recordings of festival performances, musical tours, concerts, jam sessions, parties, radio broadcasts, oral history interviews, and NEA Heritage Fellowship award ceremonies. Also includes log sheets for many performances.
Subseries 1. Music and folklife events, ca. 1971-2008
Recordings from musical events that NCTA organized, such as folk festivals, musical tours, concert series, and concerts.
50th Anniversary Celebration of Mammoth Cave National Park, September 1, 1990
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr0058, afc2001019_sr0066
2 recordings
Recordings related to the Masters of the Steel String Guitar tour.
American Folk Festival 1982, September 20, 1982--October 15, 1982
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1658 through afc2001019_sr1673
25 recordings
Recordings from Taipei, Taiwan, Bangkok, Thailand, Jakarta, Indonesia, Manila, Philippines, and Seoul, Korea. Tapes labeled as American Folklife Festival, but could be recordings from another festival (American Folk Festival began in 2002).
American Folk Festival 2005, August 26-28, 2005
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr4325 through afc2001019_sr4412
88 recordings
Recordings from the American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine.
American Folk Festival 2006, August 25-27, 2006
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr4604 through afc2001019_sr4698
95 recordings
Recordings from the American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine.
American Folk Festival 2007, August 24-26, 2007
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr4876 through afc2001019_sr4957
82 recordings
Recordings from the American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine.
American Masters of Celtic Music, January 31-February 2, 1997
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1015 through afc2001019_sr1020
6 recordings
Tour in Easton, Pennsylvania; New Brunswick, New Jersey; and Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.
Anniversary of the Park Service 75th, August 25, 1991
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr0181 through afc2001019_sr0182
2 recordings
Boarding House Park Stage, Lowell, Massachusettes. Perhaps this is part of the Lowell Folk Festival.
Balladcatchers, undated
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr4420
1 recording
This second disc is labeled Balladcatchers (first disc is labelled Gospel Ship) and is hosted by Joe Wilson with Sheila Kay Adams, Almeda Riddle, Scotty and Patsy West, Joe Heaney, Dee and Delta Hicks, Johnnie Ray Hicks, Larry Older, Jimmy Olla Belle Reed, & Clint Howard -- part of six compact discs that were broadcast on WDUQ-FM -- all were originally recorded at National Folk Festivals and include narration by Joe Wilson.
Ballard Branch Bogtrotters, June 28-July 2, 1994
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr0663 through afc2001019_sr0666
4 recordings
July 2, 1994, recording, Galax, Virginia. June 28, 1994, recording location unknown, possibly Galax, Virginia.
Bangor concert, November 7, 2001
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr3582 through afc2001019_sr3583
2 recordings
Original DAT labeled: "Bangor - 11/7/01 - Cherish the Ladies - Bangor, Maine - 11-7-01.
Best of Irish Music and Dance In America, January 20, 22, and 28th, 1978
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr2475 through afc2001019_sr2477, afc2001019_sr3178, afc2001019_sr3202, afc2001019_sr3203, afc2001019_sr3208, afc2001019_sr3214
9 recordings
Washington, D.C. Original tape labeled: Folk Festival USA-NPR- National Folk Festival 1974.
Big Apple Big Easy, March 19-28, 1998
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1154 through afc2001019_sr1167
14 recordings
Performances in upsate New York and Maryland showcasing New York klezmer music and traditional New Orleans jazz.
Blue Ridge Mountain Homecoming, December 16, 2000
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr3441
1 recording
Galax, Virginia. Original tape labeled, "2nd Annual Blue Ridge Mountain Homecoming -- 12/16/00 -- 7:30 PM -- Rex Theater -- Galax, VA -- Wayne Henderson and Friends."
Blue Ridge Music Center Concert Series, 2002-2007
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr3584 through afc2001019_sr3599, afc2001019_sr3756 through afc2001019_sr3788, afc2001019_sr4008 through afc2001019_sr4025, afc2001019_sr4219 through afc2001019_sr4254, afc2001019_sr4564 through afc2001019_sr4875, afc2001019_sr4958 through afc2001019_sr4972
129 recordings
Concert series in Galax, Virginia.
Blue Ridge Parkway, 1999-2000
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1427 through afc2001019_sr1428, afc2001019_sr3276 through afc2001019_sr3280, afc2001019_sr3380 through afc2001019_sr3382
10 recordings
Concert series in Galax and Cumberland Knob, Virginia.
Blue Ridge Parkway 60th Anniversary, September 11, 1985
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr0857 through afc2001019_sr0858, afc2001019_sr1762a through afc2001019_sr1764a
5 recordings
Concerts in Cumberland Knob, Virginia.
Bluegrass at Peaks of Otter, September 5, 1999
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1488
1 recording
Concert in Bedford, Virginia.
Border Folk Festival, 1982-1991
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1691a through afc2001019_sr1693b, afc2001019_sr1733, afc2001019_sr1775, afc2001019_sr2112, afc2001019_sr2113, afc2001019_sr2117, afc2001019_sr2120 through afc2001019_sr2154, afc2001019_sr2171 through afc2001019_sr2176, afc2001019_sr3232 through afc2001019_sr3233
95 recordings
El Paso, Texas.
Border Folk Festival - Broadcast, October 4, 1986
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr2157 through afc2001019_sr2160, afc2001019_sr3227 through afc2001019_sr3231
12 recordings
El Paso, Texas.
Cajun Stomp, undated
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr4423
1 recording
Hosted by Joe Wilson with the Balfa Brothers, Sadie Courville & Dennis McGee, Walter Mouton and the Scott Playboys, and Beausoleil. From the collection of the NCTA Archives and were broadcast on WDUQ-FM, all were originally recorded at National Folk Festivals and include narration by Joe Wilson.
California Generations, October 22-1992--November 15, 1992
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr0404 through afc2001019_sr0438, afc2001019_sr4413
36 recordings
Concerts presented by various California universities.
Carter Barron Concert, September 4-5, 1993
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr0565 through afc2001019_sr0568
4 recordings
Concert at Carter Barron Amphitheater, Washington, D.C.
Celebrating the Banjo, September 19, 1996
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr4417
1 recording
Show hosted by Joe Wilson with various performers, and broadcast on WDUQ-FM Pittsburgh.
Celebrating the Folk Violin, September 12, 1996
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr4416
1 recording
Show hosted by Joe Wilson with various performers, and broadcast on WDUQ-FM Pittsburgh.
Celebrating the Steel String Guitar, September 26, 1996
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr4418
1 recording
Show hosted by Joe Wilson with various performers, and broadcast on WDUQ-FM Pittsburgh.
Country Music Tour, September 22-October 16, 1981
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1598 through afc2001019_sr1617
38 recordings
Bluegrass, country and gospel music were featured in this USIA Arts America tour in various cities in Portugal, Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece.
Country Rhythms, May 1-June 20, 1981
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1538 through afc2001019_sr1588
100 recordings
Tour organized for USIA Arts America presented old-time string band and zydeco music in various cities in Kenya, Republic of Seychelles, Republic of Mauritius, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Cameroon, Gabon, Ivory Coast, and Liberia.
Country Roads Tour, March 8, 1981-April 1, 1981
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1517 through afc2001019_sr1522
11 recordings
USIA Arts America, tour featuring western swing and bluegrass in various cities in Bahrain, Tunisia, United Arab Emorates, Yemen, and Morocco.
Cowboy Tour, June 12-July 13, 1984
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1694 through afc2001019_sr1730
67 recordings
Eight working cowboys from Louisiana to Hawaii presented their brand of music, stories, and poetry to audiences on tours in the West. 
D.C. Blues Concert, December 4, 1987
Digital ID: afc2001019_sr1820 through afc2001019_sr1821
3 recordings
Concert in Washington, D.C.
Der Yidisher Caravan, April 1981-January 1982
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