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Series 1. Manuscripts, ca. 1956-2009 (continued)
Subseries 4. Oversize Posters, ca. 1959-2006 (continued)
GR124, November-December, 2006 (continued)
Avalon Archives Museum of Rock & Roll presents The Filmore, The Avalon, and "The Good ol' Grateful Dead" at The Howland Cultural Center, 477 Main Street, Beacon, New York, November 4-December 17, 2006.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS05-GR126 GR126, undated
color, 14 x 22 1/4 in.
The Hoots Yale Folk Singers in a concert, March 19, at the St. Elmo Society, 111 Grove Street.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS05-GR127 GR127, February 18, 1967
color, 15 3/8 x 20 1/4 in.
Worcester College of Education, Folk Concert with The New Lost City Ramblers (Mike Seeger, John Cohen, Tracy Schwarz) and The Watersons, February 18th, 1967, 8 p.m. in the main hall.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS05-GR128 GR128, February 21, 1967
color, 15 x 20 in.
The New Lost City Ramblers, Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich, 21st February, 1967, presented by the Jacquard Folk Club.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS05-GR129 GR129, undated
color, 23 1/16 x 28 7/8 in.
Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair, Labor Day weekend August 30-31, September 1, Tenino, Washington.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS05-GR130 GR130, undated
color, 24 x 18 in.
Sky River Rock Festival & Lighter Than Air Fair, New American Community, Labor Day Weekend.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS06-GR131 GR131, October, 1992
color, 19 1/2 x 27 1/8 in.
Mundos En Contraste: I Muestra Internacional De America y Andalucia, Cine Etnologico, Sante Fe y Granada, Octubre de 1992.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS06-GR132 GR132, November 8, 2005
color, 17 7/8 x 24 in.
"Your Valley, Your Vision, Your Vote," November 8, 2005, Democrats.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS06-GR133 GR133, September 28, 2005
color, 13 3/8 x 22 1/8 in.
The New York Times, September 28, 2005, Listen to Bob Dylan become Bob Dylan.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS06-GR135 GR135, May 17-22, 1994
color, 17 x 22 in.
The Beat Generation: Legacy and Celebration, May 17-22, 1994, New York University, School of Education.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS06-GR136 GR136, May 1-2, 1994
color, 14 15/16 x 17 15/16 in.
Cornell University Folk Festival May 1-2, 1994, Ithaca New York, with New Lost City Ramblers, Roscoe Holcomb, Bessie Jones, Georgia Island Singers.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS06-GR137 GR137, undated
color, 18 x 24 in.
Readings by Jack Kerouac on the Beat Generation.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS06-GR138 GR138, November 20, 2004-September 5, 2005
color, 18 x 24 in.
Bob Dylan's American Journey, 1956-1966, November 20, 2004-September 5, 2005, Experience Music Project, Seattle, Washington.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS06-GR139 GR139, July 11, 2002
color, 18 x 24 in.
An Evening with John Cohen, Thursday, 11th July, 2002, Chicago Cultural Center.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS06-GR140 GR140, undated
color, 16 15/16 x 22 in.
"Live and direct from the magic San Francisco Bay Area on its way to your area, heavy-laden with some of the finest of the West Coast home grown music. So put your ears on and experience a listen with The Portable Folk Festival!"
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS06-GR141 GR141, undated
color, 23 9/19 x 33 in .
Lippmann & Rau present "A Festival of American Folk & Country Music" with the New Lost City Ramblers, Cousin Emmy, Roscoe Holcomb, Cyp Landreneou's Cajun Band, and the Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS07-GR142 GR142, undated
color, 17 3/4 x 23 7/8 in.
[Untitled black-and-white illustration of a man playing a fiddle]
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS07-GR143 GR143, 1953-1956
black and white, 30 x 14 in.
John Cohen original art work -used as posters at Yale Art School (Street Hall) 1953-1956.
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS07-GR144 GR144, undated
color, 20 1/2 x 9 7/8 in.
Hoot: Hendrie hall
Item-ID: AFC 2011059: OS07-GR145 GR145, undated
black and white, 20 x 30 in.
Hoot: Hell's Bells
Series 2. Sound recordings and moving images, ca. 1950-2010
Materials include Cohen's field recordings, encompassing music, interviews, audivisual materials from Cohen's film and musical projects, and a large collection of commercial Huayno 78rpm recordings. Titles of recordings are based on writing on containers of wire, tape, and other recording carriers. Digitized content available for select items. AFC 2011/059: SR108 through AFC 2011/059: SR111 are missing.
Subseries 1. Wire recordings and tapes, ca. 1950-2007
Wire recordings and tapes: Includes wire recordings, open reel tapes, and cassettes of field recordings made by Cohen, recordings from his film projects, High Lonesome Sound and High Atmosphere, and interview recordings for Sing Out! Magazine.
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR001 Dust Bowl Ballads - Woody Guthrie, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR002 Woody Guthrie - Dust Bowl, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR003 Burl Ives, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR004 Woody Guthrie - Gypsy Dave, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR005 Guthrie Children Songs, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR006 Library of Congress II, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR007 Allison, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR008 The Midnight Special - Lead Belly, Guthrie, Cisco Houston, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR009 Pete Seeger - Lullabies and Rounds, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR010 Dick Bennet live, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR011 Frontier Ballads - Bill Bender, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR012 Dick Bennet, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR013 Burl Ives 15, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR014 Carl Sandburg and Dick Bennet, ca. 1950s
wire recording
Item-ID: AFC 2011/059: SR015 Dick Bennet and J.J. [John Jacob] Niles, ca. 1950s
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