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John Carroll Parent, Sr., collection, 1907-2015

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Series I: Manuscripts
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/1 Biographical Information, 2003-2015
1 folder
MS01: Brief overview of military service; locations of service; fluent in French, Spanish, English (and Greek and Latin); service in the US-Ute Campaign; the Philippines; history of the Military Police, 1917-1920; criminal investigations unit; organized US Secret Service in Tours, France (work with Allen Pinkerton and Bernard Flood); Forest Ranger; worked as US immigration inspector; and family background (one of six children).
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/2 Biography, 2007
1 folder
MS02: Volume I: Early Life of John Carroll Parent, Sr., including his [French Canadian] ancestors from about 1600.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/3 Book, 1907-1910
1 folder
MS03: Alpha Code Book and handwritten description of installation of phone system on Jolo Island, Philippines.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/4 Book, 1916
1 folder
MS04: Mess Sergeant's Handbook.
BOX CNSV Book, December 1, 1918
1 folder
MS05: Book written in French: Lectures for all: the Christmas Victory, the Seven Stars of Marechal Foch [famous French General of WWI] 1918; seven short stories celebrating French victories during WWI.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/5 Clippings, 1919-2002
1 folder
MS06: Statue of Joan of Arc remains standing amid war damaged buildings; death of Marshal Joffre, a leader of French Army; local Brunswick, Maine news; General McCabe lays wreath at Jefferson's grave for President Theodore Roosevelt; poem; and US forces in the Philippines.
BOX-FOLDER OVZ329/1 Clippings, 1919
1 folder
MS06 continued.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/6-7 Correspondence, 1917-1919
2 folders
MS07: Letters from Parent to wife Nellie and children, 1917-1918; letter from Guy Benton from the University of Vermont, a family friend stationed in France with Parent, 09/18/1918; letter of thanks to Parent from [H.] T. Russell, 02/16/1919 (who worked for Lieutenant Parent). Topics covered include: Parent's wife Nellie had received a newspaper article that Parent had died in France, the article was about another John Parent, Guy Benton sent his letter stating he had just spent time with her husband before leaving France and he was in good health; to Nellie from Parent stationed at the Presidio in California waiting for his bags to arrive; happy about birth of son, 06/1918; end of war; recommended for promotion; Armistice with Germany.
BOX-FOLDER OVZ329/1 Correspondence, 1917-1919
1 folder
MS07 continued.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/8 Creative Works, 1907-1961
1 folder
MS08: Poems, one from fellow soldier in the Philippines, Alfred Damon Runyon, whom he met again in France during World War I.
BOX-FOLDER OVZ329/1 Creative Works, undated
1 folder
MS08 continued.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/9 Memoirs, circa 1926-1959
1 folder
MS09: Compilation of reflections over a period of years on his military service, 1906 - 1919; and working as a US customs and immigration inspector.
Topics covered include: Brief overview of military service; some humorous events; assigned to Troop L, 6th US Cavalry in 1907, at Fort Keogh, Montana; regiment stationed at Fort Meade, South Dakota with two troops in Yellowstone Park and two troops at Fort Keogh; Ute Campaign (mission to “round up Ute Indians on the warpath”); 6th US Cavalry stationed in the Philippines, 09/1907-1910; left San Francisco, California on troop transport ship Thomas, on Labor Day, 1907; landed in Honolulu, Hawaii (no docks, used long boats to get to shore) for refueling and brief shore leave; some men “stragglers” AWOL (left behind four men who did not return); typhoon, ship reported lost in Chicago newspaper account, ship SS Lipscomb sent to find them but could not and entered port at Guam, Parent’s ship entered port at Guam 14 days later with ship damage but no casualties; meeting cousin, Eddie Brennan, from Troop C aboard ship; campaign on Mindanao, Philippines, base camp at Fort Catabota, expedition into the mountains for over a month; mission during which Eddie Brennan’s Troop C lost nine men rushing caves, found out that the Filipinos were starving and would have succumbed had they waited; mission against the Datu-Jikiri cave stronghold, unit able to get them out with machine gun fire into the caves, 1908; mutiny of two companies of “Macabebe Scouts”; Moro constabulary established in 1908, white American officers were in charge of two companies of Moros “who proved efficient and loyal,” used against Filippino “outlaws” and areas to keep the peace; water buffalo on Luzon stampeding units on parade grounds; mission against Moro pirates; three months in Japan with Captain A.V.P. Anderson; story of “Mahogany Woods” Moro pirates attacking ships; Asiatic cholera epidemic; protecting Chinese merchants; story of “Tin Can Dump” on Jolo Island 1908, night guard on outpost, almost shot officer of the day, who came to the outpost unannounced (wearing only his underwear); Parent’s troop was assigned to protect the American tutor for the Sultan of Sulu’s children, the tutor declined protection and was killed, Parent’s unit had to collect the body parts; during WWI, First Lieutenant Parent worked with Major Allen Pinkerton organizing the United States Secret Service beginning in Tours, France, in 1918; Bernard Flood (future Chief of Detectives in New York City) was one of Parent’s assistants, Captain Hopkins was another assistant; Captain Hopkins and Parent worked together as United States Immigration Inspectors in Arizona, 1914-1916 (stayed until 05/04/1917, when he returned to the Army as a Lieutenant); Parent passed test to be a United States Forest Ranger; met future wife who was a school teacher in his district in 1916; attended school at the Presidio in San Francisco, California until 08/1917; orders to Camp Lewis, Washington to become acting adjutant of the 91st Division Trains and Military Police; sent overseas; job as assistant to the adjutant of the advanced section and aide-de-camp to General W.R. Sample; detailed to Headquarters to organize Secret Service (organized four companies and commanded them).
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/10-11 Military Papers
2 folders
MS10: Certificate of honorable discharge; general orders to recruit men for new criminal investigations unit and US Secret Service; letters of recommendation for promotion; travel vouchers; and business cards.
BOX-FOLDER OVZ251/1 Military Papers
1 folder
MS10 continued.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/12 Printed Matter, 1918-2008
1 folder
MS10: Postcards; and pages from American Expeditionary Forces book; pages from "Kris Vs. Krag" book by Miguel Hernandez; and pages from book "The Pinkertons: The Detective Dynasty That Made History" by James D. Horan.
Series II: Photographs
BOX CNSV Copy of Photographic Prints, 1989
1 folder
PH13-PH14: Two Christmas gifts of hand-sewn pajamas from wife, Nellie and his mother; and mounted display of photograph of Parent highlighting his cruise to the Philippine Islands.
BOX CNSV Negatives, 1919
PH15: Original glass-plate negative of Parent in uniform, in the Breton Office, School of Criminal Investigation in Paris, France.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/13 Original Photographic Prints, 1910-1933
1 folder
PH01-PH11: Parent in uniform 1910, 1917, 1933; family portrait with wife and two children; unit Troop K, 6th Cavalry; and two postcards (depicting buildings and bullets).
BOX-FOLDER MSS2739/14 Photocopy of Photographic Prints
1 folder
PH16-PH24: Copies of original photographs (PH04-PH08, PH12); Moro market at Camp Vicars on Mindanao, Philippines; composite Parent, his unit, and poem; Parent's office building in France.
Series III: Artifacts
BOX-FOLDER OVZ248/1 Artifact, July 4, 1917
1 folder
AR01: Napkin from Reserve Officer Training Camp dinner menu July 4, 1917, at the Presidio, San Francisco, California

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