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Louis Milton Ronsheim collection, 1914-2000

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Series I: Manuscripts (continued)
Periodicals, January 1918 (continued)
1 folder
MS22: War Library Bulletin, volume 1, number 4, January 1918.
BOX-FOLDER OVZ251/3 Periodicals, 1918
1 folder
MS23: The Rangefinder: Bulletin of the 332nd Infantry in Camp, series I, number 1, August 24, 1918; series I, number 5, September 24, 1918.
BOX-FOLDER OVZ251/3 Periodicals, August 15, 1918
1 folder
MS24: The Red Cross Bulletin of the American Red Cross in Italy, volume 1, special, August 15, 1918.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2786/2 Periodicals, July 1919
1 folder
MS25: The American Legion Weekly, volume 1, number 1, July 4, 1919; volume 1, number 2, July 11, 1919.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2786/3 Periodicals, 1921
1 folder
MS26: The Soldiers' and Sailors' Bulletin, volume II, number 1, January 1921; volume II, number 4, April 1921; volume II, number 5, May 1921; volume II, number 7, July 1921; volume II, number 5, August 1921; volume II, number 9, September 1921.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2786/4-5 Printed matter, 1917-1924
2 folders
MS27: Postcards, primarily depicting scenes in Italy. Also included are several postcards from Ohio.
BOX-FOLDER OVZ334/1 Printed matter, 1917-1924
1 folder
MS28: Programs and handbills, primarily from theater performances in Italy. Also included are programs from performances in Ohio, and from the First Annual Reunion of 332nd Infantry Association.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2786/6-8 Printed matter, 1917-1924
3 folders
MS29: Pamphlets and booklets on various topics, including the American Legion, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, the French language, a home reading course for citizen-soldiers, the War service of the American Library Association, the Italian front, and the 332nd Infantry Association.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2787/1-4 Printed matter, 1917-1924
4 folders
MS30: Printed mater relating to war work for children (Victory Girls and Victory Boys); books for soldiers; the 332nd Infantry Association; Ronsheim's collection wartime envelopes; wartimes songs and poems; health and nutrition; war bonds; calling cards; ticket stubs; a bound volume of paper samples; panoramic print of Chillicothe, Ohio; brochure and diagram of the RMS Aquitania.
BOX-FOLDER OVZ287/2 Printed matter, 1917-1924
1 folder
MS30 continued
BOX-FOLDER MSS2787/5 Printed matter, 1917-1924
1 folder
MS31: Inventories of photographs: "Wanderings of Wallace's Circus, as photographed by Ronsheim"; List of official U.S. photographs shown at the Signal Corps exhibitions in New York, Washington, Philadelphia and other cities; List of official U.S. photographs illustrative of the activities of the American Expeditionary Force in Italy. Also included is a photo album cover from the "Wanderings of Wallace's Circus" collection. "Wanderings of Wallace's Circus, as photographed by Ronsheim" describes PH39-PH229. Photo album contained PH21-PH26, which do not fit the descriptions of photos listed in the inventory.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2797/6-10 Printed matter, 1917-1919
5 folders
MS39: Brief remembrances by Ronsheim that appear to be drafts of pieces written for publication.

MS40: Postcards and souvenir picture books of various locations in Italy, Germany and Austria.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2797/11 Printed matter, 1917-1919
1 folder
MS41: Various booklets and pamphlets, including "The Sights of Rome," "The Character of Jesus," "The Value of the Church," "The Master's Way: Studies for Men in the Army," "Greetings to the American Soldiers in Italy from Thomas Nelson Page American Ambassador to Italy," Camp Sherman information brochure; entertainment programs, 332nd Infantry Association membership card, request for books for soldiers, certificate from audience with the Pope.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2799/1 Printed matter, 1917-1919
1 folder
MS41 continued
BOX-FOLDER MSS2787/6 Regimental/unit histories, September 1, 1929
1 folder
MS32: "History of the 332nd Infantry," Akron, Ohio, September 1, 1929. Includes history, roster, songs, reunion program.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2787/7 Other Manuscript Material, undated
1 folder
MS33: Various handwritten notes, lists, and addresses; handwritten vaudeville program.
Series II: Photographs
BOX-FOLDER MSS2787/8 Original photographic print, 1917-1919
1 folder
PH01-PH281: Views of American and allied soldiers, civilians, prisoners, cities, countryside, primarily in France and Italy.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2788/1-6 Original photographic print, 1917-1919
6 folders
PH282-PH860: Views of American and allied soldiers, civilians, prisoners, cities, countryside, primarily in France and Italy.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2799/2 Original photographic print, 1917-1919
1 folder
PH914-PH926: Ronsheim in uniform, unidentified soldiers.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2788/7 Copy photographic print, undated
1 folder
PH861-PH863: Portraits of Ronsheim and his wife.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2788/8 Photocopy of photographic print, 1917-1949
1 folder
PH864-PH869: Portraits of Ronsheim and family photos.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2788/9 Negatives, undated
1 folder
PH870-PH913: Negatives of wartime images included in photo series and family photographs.
BOX-FOLDER OVZ287/1 Original photographic print, July 28, 1918
1 folder
PH05: Signal Corps photo, officers and men of the 3rd Battalion, 332nd infantry Regiment, receiving coffee, doughnuts and cigarettes at an American Red Cross station, Villafranca, Italy.
Series III: Artifacts
BOX-FOLDER MSS2788/10 Artifact, undated
1 folder
AR01: "Quality de luxe gem damaskeene blades" razor blade and envelope.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2788/11 Artifact, undated
1 folder
AR02: Victory Girls button.
BOX-FOLDER MSS2788/12 Artifact, undated
1 folder
AR03: Currency from Italy, Germany and Hungary.

AR04: White ribbon reading "Patriotic Day September 4, 1917 Registered Men June 5, 1917."

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