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Peter Shemonsky collection, 1899-1970

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Series I: Manuscripts
BOX-FOLDER MSS1156/1 Civilian papers (certificates, forms, wills, etc), 1916-1943
1 folder
MS01: certificate of naturalization (4/10/1916); medical certificate of death (12/2/1943); certificate of being a "Perpetual Member of the St. Jude Apostolate" (undated).
BOX-FOLDER MSS1156/2 Correspondence, 1899-1931
1 folder
MS02: 24 letters written by veteran to his wife (12/28/1899-12/16/1931) during the times veteran was stationed at Fort Banks, Massachusetts; Manila (Philippines); Angel Island, California; and Walter Reed Medical Center, Maryland.
One letter from fellow soldier Ray Slenderson, (7/24/1918); Christmas card from veteran to unknown (undated); one letter from Willie Worton (7/13/1912); letter from Research Collection at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania to veteran's wife (undated). Topics covered include Shemonsky’s posting, activities, and his relationship with Olga.
BOX-FOLDER MSS1156/3 Creative works, 1899
1 folder
MS03: Poems and songs written by veteran: "The Regular Army men!" and "The Army Hardtack" (11/20/1899) written at Fort Banks, Winthrop, Massachusetts. Also "A Toast to the Flag," "no more waiting for first call," and "A little first Sargent to a jung girl he spocke." Most of the material is undated.
BOX-FOLDER MSS1156/4 Diaries and journals, 1905-04
1 folder
MS04: Handwritten journal entry on April 29th, 1905. Veteran describes a spring day when he boarded a troop train, then a troop ship leaving Boston, Massachusetts, with descriptions of dinner and sleeping quarters the first night (4/29/1905).
BOX-FOLDER MSS1156/6 Military papers, 1901-1945
2 folders
MS06: certificate of honorable discharge (3/15/1901, 3/15/1904, 3/17/1907, 3/17/1910, 3/17/1913, 3/17/1917, 10/25/1919, 10/4/1920); certificate of commission (10/11/1917); letter from Davis (Wednesday); leave orders (6/3/1926); letter from Colonel Fry (12/11/1926); transportation certificate (1/21/1927); memorandum regarding veteran's physical exam; letter regarding annual physical examination (6/1/1927); special orders (9/14/1927); pay and allowance account (3/17/1928); letter from Colonel Fry (3/30/1928); letter written by veteran to quartermaster general regarding retirement (4/14/1928); special orders; retirement (8/1/1928); letter from adjutant general regarding retirement (8/8/1928); letter from major general (12/17/1928); mobilization assignment (9/26/1940); letter from Captain Hagan (5/2/1942); letter regarding pension application (2/24/1944); letter regarding pension benefits (8/15/1944); letters and document from William Hillman (10/20/1945).
Promotion notice (9/9/1927); qualification for promotion (8/23/1927); leave of absence (5/25/1926); commissioned personnel (5/25/1926); leave of absence (4/13/1926); leave status (2/23/1926); leave credit (2/26/1926); duties questionnaire (2/20/1926); detail to quartermaster corps school (2/6/1926); record of service (8/12/1925); questionnaire (3/3/1923); telegram (1/29/1923); radiogram received (11/6/1922); purchasing and contracting officer (2/18/1922, 2/25/1922); acceptance of promotion (12/6/1921); qualification for promotion (12/1/1921); purchasing and contracting officer (4/23/1921); letter of acceptance (3/22/1921); officers record (11/1/1920); oath (10/12/1920); cablegram (10/1/1920); notification of appointment (10/1/1920); cablegram (8/19/1920); application for appointment (7/21/1920); commission in the Regular Army (11/26/1918); western union telegram (11/10/1917); service record (1917).
Correspondence from veteran to Colonel Fry (3/7/1927); expense account (2/25/1927); investigation (4/25/1928); expense account (2/7/1927, 7/12/1926, 4/11/1928, 5/15/1928, 1/10/1928, 4/1/1927, 6/17/1927, 1/22/1926, 10/21/1926, 3/2/1927, 9/24/1927); overpayment of reimbursement (9/16/1927); supporting certificate to voucher (12/1926); reimbursement for per diem (11/22/1927); expense account (11/1/1927); signal corps message (10/31/1927); inspection for federal recognition (11/1/1927); expense account (9/28/1927, 5/24/1928, 4/23/1928, 10/14/1926); bill of lading to ship household goods (9/4/1928); change in status (8/3/1928); correspondence from veteran to John Benson (2/18/1928); correspondence from veteran to Gale Feaster (1/11/1928); correspondence to veteran from Captain Schocklin (8/24/1928); promotion (9/12/1927); correspondence to veteran from Major Dillion (7/15/1927); correspondence from veteran to adjutant general (6/22/1928); retirement (6/20/1928); correspondence to veteran from Colonel Fry (9/20/1928); expense account (11/30/1927, 1/6/1928, 10/14/1927); special orders (6/3/1926, 5/26/1926); leave of absence information; special order (3/26/1926, 12/29/1925, 9/8/1925, 8/25/1925, 6/3/1925, 11/26/1923, 7/26/1923, 7/5/1923, 6/9/1923, 5/25/1923, 2/2/1923, 1/29/1923, 1/6/1923, 1/5/1923, 10/2/1922, 6/7/1922, 10/25/1919, 10/4/1920, 10/12/1917)
BOX OVZ108/1 Military papers, 1901-1945
1 folder
MS06: special orders (1/21/1927); certificate of commission to Corporal (5/5/1908); certificate of commission to Sergeant (7/17/1908); certificate of commission to Post Quartermaster Sergeant (11/18/1908); certificate of commission to First Lieutenant in the Quartermaster Corps (2/5/1921); certificate of commission to Captain in the Quartermaster Corps (12/21/1921); certificate of commission to First Lieutenant in the Quartermaster Corps (12/4/1922); certificate of commission to Captain in the Quartermaster Corps (9/9/1927); certificate of commission to Captain in the Quartermaster Corps (12/20/1927).
BOX-FOLDER MSS1159/1 Other Manuscript Material, 1924-1970
1 folder
MS11: Booklet titled "Arlington Memorials: The Story of our National Shrine, with Maps, Memorials, and other useful Information" (1943). Several items included inside cover of booklet: general court-martial order (11/17/1924); flyer for beneficiaries "A Message for Medicare Beneficiaries/New Hospital Insurance Deductible and Per-Day Amounts" (1/1970); two photographs of veteran during viewing at his funeral (12/1943); invoice for complete funeral service (6/6/1944).
BOX-FOLDER MSS1156/8 Periodicals, 1930
1 folder
MS07: newsletter, "The Retired Men's News" (9/1930).
BOX-FOLDER MSS1156/9 Printed matter, 1928
1 folder
MS08: card with text "Sallyport, Jeffersonville Q.M. Depot" with illustration on cover (undated); music score for "Keep 'em Flying,"" with illustration on cover (undated); veteran listed in "Officers of the Army" (5/1928) and "Army Register" (1935).
BOX-FOLDER MSS1156/10 Scrapbooks, 1905
1 folder
MS09: Small scrapbook (measuring 4 1/2"H x 5 1/2" W) containing snapshots taken by veteran during Army and Navy exercises at Fort Banks, Winthrop, Massachusetts and at camp in Maryland (5/1/1905-7/1/1905). Scrapbook contains 32 photographs and one clipping; some include captions. Scrapbook is a "'Ward's Souvenir Album.' Made in Light Gray and Dark Gray Leaves. This book is No. 101" (9/1/1905).
BOX OVZ338/1 Scrapbooks, 1905
1 box
MS10: Oversize scrapbook (measuring 10 3/4" W x 12 3/8" H) containing 28 pages with clippings, invitations, family and military photographs, certificates, and miscellaneous ephemera.
Series II: Photographs
BOX-FOLDER MSS1159/2 Digital prints
1 folder
PH01-PH10: Images include veteran in uniform, his wife, Olga, an unknown woman, and veteran's detachment. All prints are undated.
Series III: Artifacts
BOX-FOLDER MSS1159/3 Artifacts, 1928
1 folder
AR01: Postcard of quartermaster depot, Jeffersonville, Indiana (undated).
AR02: Bulletin no. 9 of "The Soldier's Ration" (1928).
AR03: Conneticut Defence Council membership card with a small photograph of Shemonsky on the back of card (undated; Order of the Eastern Star membership card (01/01/1939); Ark Lodge No. 39 membership card (12/31/1942), United Spanish War Veterans membership card (11/10/1942); a "E" emblem card from the Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy (undated); and Social Security card (undated).

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