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Joseph Royston Gathings, I, collection, 1914-1936

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Series I: Manuscripts
BOX-FOLDER OVZ107 Clippings, 07/04/1919
1 folder
MS01: Page from newspaper Ivy Leaves with article "New York Paper Features Work of 'Forgotten' Fourth Division" (7/4/1919).
BOX-FOLDER MSS1740/1-7 Correspondence, 1914-1924
7 folders
MS02: Letter collection from before, during, and after WWI (1914-1924). Letters written by the veteran are to his father and one to a girlfriend named Nina. The veteran received letters from a number of people including several serious girlfriends (Gertrude, Kathryne, Nina, and a woman identified only as "Sissums"), his sister Madge, a business associate Edward Albin, and various notes from other women the veteran befriended in his travels.

From veteran to his father, 7 letters (10/7/1918 - 6/13/1919). Letters written when the veteran was deployed with the AEF in France. Includes veteran's discussion of his war experience and physical destruction of France, comments on his status of rank, and his future career once the war concludes.

From veteran to his sister Eddie, 1 letter (1/20/1919). Letter from Gathings to his young sister. Includes letter from Billie (Eddie's friend) to Eddie. From veteran to Nina, 1 letter (6/2/1918). Letter written by veteran to Nina while with AEF in France. Letter appears to not have been sent as there is no postmark stamp. From Madge Pake (veteran's sister) to veteran, 2 letters (9/22/1917, 10/5/1917). Letters discuss life in Dundee, Mississippi, while veteran is at Camp Stanley.

From Edward R. Albin to veteran, 2 letters (10/15/1917, 2/9/1918). Letters dicuss the return of the veteran's belongings from his shared space with Albin. From Gertrude to veteran, 17 letters (5/13/1915 - 5/18/1921, several with no date). Letters sent to veteran primarly during period prior to war experience, while veteran and Gertrude were students at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). Letters include wedding announcement for Getrude Lassiter.

From Kathyrne/Katrina Harper to veteran, 15 letters (11/3/1914 - 5/17/1917). Letters written to veteran prior to his war experience from Washington D.C., discussing their courtship and daily activities. From Nina Uzzelle to veteran, 41 letters (5/2/1917 - 1/12/1925). Letters discuss daily activities for Nina in Pecan Point, their courtship, the death of father William Tipton Uzzelle (10/2/1917). Nina's letters are directed to him predominately at Camp Stanley prior to 1918. A wedding announcement for Nina's sister Helen Semmes Uzzelle is included announcing her wedding to Jesse Patrick Farrell (1/12/1925), as well as a letter ending Nina's relationship with the veteran (3/31/1920).

From Sissums to veteran, 14 letters (9/17/1914 - 7/27/1917) Letters to veteran sent prior to his war service while he was attending Ole Miss. They discuss daily activites for Sissums while in Jackson, Tennessee, and her courtship with Gathings. From Stella McCoy to veteran, 2 letters (3/13/1916 - 4/13/1916). Topics covered include her opinions of Jackson, Tennessee, and of baseball. From various friends to veteran, 10 letters (5/12/1917 - 12/24/1924). Letters from Martha Blair, Julia, Iada, Jeanelle, Louise Vian, Ohas Schraenen, Jack, and Anna.
BOX-FOLDER MSS1741/1-5 Correspondence, 1914-1924
5 folders
MS02 continued
BOX-FOLDER MSS1741/6 Military Papers, 1917 - 1936
1 folder
MS03: Elks membership card (11/18/1922); Officer's Identity Card with original photo; Officer's Record Book (1918) including receipt from the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) (11/18/1918), application for transfer of money (6/16/1918), correspondence from the American Express Company regarding money transfer (11/9/1918), calling cards for Edward M. Salomon, Leon Geerinckx, Alfred Vian and Joseph R. Gathings including various notes of other people's names and addresses, vaccination register (1917-1919), clipping with notes written by veteran, clipping with units and their states, notes with various names written down.

Portrait of veteran, blank photo (see photograph folder for originals); discharge orders (4/16/1919); clearance certificate (8/19/1919); special orders for honorable discharge (8/20/1919); correspondence regarding eligibility lists to Clayton Erskine (2/21/1919); certificate of honorable discharge (8/20/1919) with military record and certificate of record (2/6/1936); list of 4th Division photo descriptions with identification numbers [from] the Signal Corps Office's Photographic Department.
BOX-FOLDER MSS1741/7 Regimental/Unit Histories, 1927
1 folder
MS04: History of Battery "B", 13th Field Artillery (8/4/1927).
Series II: Photographs
BOX-FOLDER MSS1741/8 Photographic prints, 1917 - 1919
1 folder
PH01: Veteran in uniform (center) with two women in doorway.
PH02: Veteran in uniform (left) with two other servicemen.
PH03-PH09: Portraits of Veteran's girlfiriend Nina
PH09: Veteran's girlfriend Nina, photo originally included with letter dated 9/1/1917 from Nina to veteran.
PH10-PH43: Photos of World War I scenes in France and Belgium. Scenes include the damage of the war in civilian areas, newly erected statues as a result of the outcome of war, First Lieutenant, Quentin Roosevelt's grave marker, and a number of photos that document dead soldiers throughout unidentified battlefields of World War I.

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