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Jean Louise Wade Turner collection, 1941-1945

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Series I: Photographs
BOX-FOLDER MSS-79/1-3 Original photographic prints, 1941-1945
3 folders
PH01: Off duty WAC, Elly, Hill Field, Utah (1945).
PH02: Off Duty WAC, Elly, and soldier in uniform, John, Hill Field, Utah (1945).
PH03: Two soldiers and a civilian woman sitting on swings (undated).
PH04: Turner and a uniformed soldier eating dinner on base, likely Hill Field, Utah [1945].
PH05 (does not exist).
PH06: Turner (standing) with an unidentified group, on a ski trip, Utah (undated).
PH07: Seven unidentified male service members and one female service member, in front of a plane (undated).
PH08: Three women and one man in uniform with 4 civilians (undated).
PH09: Turner and two male soldiers (undated).
PH10: Soldier helping a female skier to her feet, Utah (undated).
PH11: Unidentified man exercising (undated).
PH12: Two men playing handball (undated).
PH13: Aerial view of military installation, likely Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH14-PH15: Two Curtiss Wright SB2C Navy trainers and one Douglas SBD-3, likely Hill Field (undated).
PH16: Two Curtiss Wright SB2C Navy trainers, likely over Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH17-PH18: Two men in conference room, Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH19: Row of B-24 cockpits (undated).
PH20: Row of B-24 landing gear (undated).
PH21: P-47B maintenance (undated).
PH22: Six unidentified people with a captured VI, Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH23: Two Curtiss Wright SB2C Navy planes and 1 Douglas SBD-3 (undated).
PH24: Group of military and civilian personnel standing around a B-24D (undated).
PH25: Sunset over a C-47 (undated).
PH26: Firefighters putting to flames of a crashed P-24 (undated).
PH27: Explosion with hangars in the background (undated).
PH28: Tower of air base, Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH29: Aerial photo of five planes (undated).
PH30: Aerial photo of 4 planes (undated).
PH31: Three planes in flight (undated).
PH32: Easter church service on base (undated).
PH33: WAC praying with a rosary (undated).
PH34: Religious service on base (undated).
PH35: Ed Seeger and unidentified man sitting in a tree (undated).
PH36: Three soldiers (undated).
PH37: Pvt. Cecil L. Hopkins in uniform (undated).
PH38: Portrait of a WAC (undated).
PH39: Serviceman at the entrance of a tent (undated).
PH40: Soldier in uniform (undated).
PH41: Portrait of WAC in uniform (undated).
PH42: Soldier in uniform, near Rockhampton, Australia (undated).
PH43: Two soldiers in uniform (undated).
PH44: Hudson McGovern and unidentified soldier in uniform (undated).
PH45: Two soldiers (undated).
PH46: Portrait of a soldier, Murray (06/17/1941).
PH47: Portrait of an unidentified soldier (undated).
PH48: Two soldier sin Washington, DC (undated).
PH49: Two WACs in uniform (undated).
PH50: Soldier, Kenny, in uniform (undated).
PH51: Unidentified group of eight women, some in uniform (undated).
PH52-PH54: Harlem Globe Trotters (undated).
PH55: Basketball team on base (undated).
PH56: Football player (undated).
PH57-PH58: Portraits of an unidentified soldiers (undated).
PH59: Two unidentified soldiers in uniform (undated).
PH60: Portrait of an unidentified soldier (undated).
PH61: Unidentified officers standing in front of a plane (undated).
PH62: Unidentified officer (undated).
PH63: Officer holding a cigarette (undated).
PH64: Portrait of an unidentified WAC (undated).
PH65: WAC in uniform in front of a car (undated).
PH66: Turner's WAC unit (undated).
PH67: Portrait of unidentified soldier (undated).
PH68: Portrait of WAC (undated).
PH69: Portrait of unidentified African-American soldier, Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH70: Two service members shaking hands (undated).
PH71: Army photographer (undated).
PH72: Man holding a 1918 newspaper announcing the end of WWI (undated).
PH73: Group of soldiers with two holding a sack from the New Orleans Federal Reserve (undated).
PH74: Portrait of soldier, Mike Walsh (undated).
PH75: Staff Sergeant Warner and his wife (undated).
PH76: Two unidentified soldier (undated).
PH77: Unidentified soldier sitting on ground (undated).
PH78: Unidentified general (undated).
PH79: Two unidentified generals (undated).
PH80: Three unidentified Australian soldiers (undated).
PH81: Group of local men, somewhere in the Pacific (undated).
PH82: View of camp, somewhere in the Pacific (undated).
PH83: Christmas cards, Headquarters Northern Traveling Aviation Cadet Examining Board, Gray Field, Fort Lewis, Washington (undated).
PH84: Six soldiers on bikes (undated).
PH85: Two men standing behind a bus (undated).
PH86: Two men and two women, possibly in the Px (undated).
PH87: Turner and unidentified woman in barracks prior to inspection (undated).
PH88: Soldier sitting at a typewriter (undated).
PH89: Injured soldier at work, Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH90: Soldier holding two baby skunks, Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH91: Cook, likely Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH92: Welder, likely Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH93: Turner and fellow WAC (undated).
PH94: Soldier at the grave of Pfc. Rusty (undated).
PH95: Staff of base photo lab (undated).
PH96: Composite of soldier and neon sign, Ogden, Utah (undated).
PH97: Photographer (undated).
PH98: Composite of 5 photographs of a party. Turner is in the top photo, 7th from the left (undated).
PH99: Group of soldiers with trophies (undated).
PH100: Woman working on base (undated).
PH101: Turner participating in X-ray demo, Patterson Field, Ohio (undated).
PH102: Meat cutter, Ogden, Utah (undated).
PH103: Five people on stage with Red Cross poster (undated).
PH104: WACs during mail call (undated).
PH105: Soldier playing the drums (undated).
PH106: Audience listening to a band (undated).
PH107-PH108: Soldier playing the trumpet (undated).
PH109: Soldier playing the piano (undated).
PH110: Soldier playing saxophone (undated).
PH111: Radio concert, Hill Field, Utah (undated).
PH112-PH119: Glamour shots of WACs (undated).
PH120: Basketball player (undated).
PH121: Harlem Globetrotters (undated).
PH122-PH123: Basketball player (undated).
PH124: Basketball player, Ray Goates (undated).
PH125: Basketball game (undated).
PH126-PH127: Basketball team (undated).
PH128-PH129: Basketball game (undated).
BOX-FOLDER OVZ-110/1 Original photographic prints, undated
1 folder
PH130: View of air base (likely Hill Field) at night (undated).

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