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Herbert Adair Heidepriem collection, 1940-1947

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Series I: Manuscripts
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/1 Biographical Information, 2018
1 folder
MS01: A brief biographical sketch. Topics covered include Heidepriem's family history; attending the University of South Dakota; basic training; serving with the 106th Infantry Division; and being wounded in action in the Battle of the Bulge.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/2 Clippings, 1944-1945
1 folder
MS02: clippings from several unidentified newspapers, as well as articles from the Custer County Chronicle (South Dakota) and the Rapid City Daily Journal. The articles discuss the devastation of the 106th Infantry Division in what came to be known as the Battle of the Bulge, and refer specifically to Corporal Heidepriem as a soldier assigned to the 106th.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/3 Correspondence, November 12, 1944-November 26, 1944
1 folder
MS03: Letters written to Heidepriem from a friend identified only as "Paicy," dated 11/12/1944 to 11/26/1944. Topics covered include: Heidepriem’s four day furlough; receiving mail; and updates back home.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/4 Correspondence, January 6, 1945-July 1945
1 folder
MS04: Letters written to Heidepriem from various family members, dated 01/06/1945 to 07/1945. Topics covered include: Daily life in Custer, South Dakota; family news; and news of classmates, former comrades, and commanders.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/5-7 Correspondence, February 5, 1945-December 22, 1945
1 folder
MS05-MS07: Letters written to Heidepriem from friends and acquaintances, dated 02/05/1945 to 12/22/1945. Topics covered include: Comments concerning Heidepriem’s injuries; daily life in Custer, South Dakota; and news of classmates, former comrades, and commanders; reaction to Heidepriem returning to the United States; weather conditions; letter with photograph included from friend Jeremy, sent while attending Naval Aviation Pre-Flight School in Iowa.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/8 Correspondence, May 6, 1945-February 6, 1946
1 folder
MS08: Letters written to Heidepriem from members of the 106th Infantry Division and their family members, dated 05/06/1945 to 02/06/1946. Topics covered include: Family members responding to Heidepriem’s inquiries concerning former comrades of the 106th Infantry Division; status of former comrades; expressions of happiness concerning Heidepriem arriving back in the United States alive and well; Prisoner of War experiences.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/9 Correspondence, January 31, 1946-February 19, 1946
1 folder
MS09: Letters written to Heidepriem from future wife Roberta “Bobbie” Nelson, dated 01/31/1946 to 02/19/1946. Topics covered include: Heidepriem’s release from hospital and arrival at home; daily life in Custer, South Dakota; Bobbie attending school and church; and feelings of being separated.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/10 Correspondence, January 4, 1945-January 8, 1945
1 folder
MS10: Letters written to Heidepriem’s father Eric from South Dakota Congressman Francis Case, dated 01/04/1945 to 01/08/1945. Topics covered include Congressman Francis Case responding to Eric’s inquiries concerning Heidepriem’s whereabouts following news reports of the battering of the 106th Infantry Division in Ardennes.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/11 Correspondence, April 22, 1945
1 folder
MS11: Letter written to Heidepriem’s father and brother, Eric and Donnie, from Heidepriem’s stepmother, Bernadine, dated 04/22/1945, concerning Bernadine's visit with Heidepriem in Vancouver, Washington, which led to her moving to Vancouver and taking a job as a nurse to assist with his recovery.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/12-15 Correspondence, 1943-1947
1 folder
MS12-MS15: Letters written to family from Heidepriem, dated 1943-1947. Topics covered include: Heidepriem’s reaction to demotion to private; assignment to a Headquarters Company, Communications Platoon, at Fort Jackson; military life at training camps and overseas; stories about comrades and commanders; attending diver’s school; maneuvers; learning he would be sent overseas while at Camp Atterbury; description of wounds; hospital experiences in England; news of his recovery; receiving letters of condolence; Christmas gifts; physical therapy; hospital experiences in Vancouver and Walla Walla, Washington.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/16 Correspondence, December 2, 1945-March 7, 1946
1 folder
MS16: Letters written to Heidepriem’s future wife Roberta “Bobbie” Nelson from Heidepriem, dated 12/02/1945 to 03/07/1946. Topics covered include hospital experiences and courtship.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3014/17 Correspondence, 1940-1947
1 folder
MS17-MS18: Letters written to family from Heidepriem, dated 1940-1947. Topics covered include: Heidepriem attending a freshmen mixer in college; completing an English paper; playing the saxophone in the school band; college expenses; and basic training experiences; return to the University of South Dakota to complete his education.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3015/1 Memoirs, 1946
1 folder
MS19: An unpublished memoir written by Heidepriem. Topics covered include: experiences in the Army during World War II; comrade, Eliot Annable; struggle to cross enemy lines following retreat ordered on 12/18/1944; description of injuries; removal from combat.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3015/2 Military papers, 1943-1947
1 folder
MS20: Motor vehicle operator’s permit; telegram informing Heidepriem’s parents of his wounded in action status; military issued prayer card; enlisted man’s passes (08/02/1943, 09/27/1943, 03/14/1944); notice of change of address card (10/09/1944); Army exchange service ration card (10/28/1944); Enlisted Reserve Corps identification card (06/01/1942); European Theater of Operations enlisted personnel identification card (11/15/1944); evacuation notice (03/29/1945); separation qualification record.
BOX-FOLDER MSS3015/3 Printed matter, 1942-1946
1 folder
MS21: Membership materials from the 106th Infantry Division Association. Includes brochure, application, scholarship fund newsletter, and lapel button advertisement card.
Series II: Photographs
BOX-FOLDER MSS3015/4 Original photographic prints, 1941-1943
1 folder
PH01: Heidepriem posing in uniform in front of his home, Custer, South Dakota (1/16/1941).
PH02-PH03: Heidepriem and unidentified sailor posing in uniform outside of a house, Iowa City, Iowa (11/01/1942).
PH04: Heidepriem posing with unidentified sailor University of South Dakota, Vermillion, South Dakota (05/09/1943).
BOX-FOLDER MSS3015/5 Copy photographic prints, circa 1941-1943
1 folder
PH05: Service portrait of Heidepriem in uniform.
Series III: Computer Files
BOX FLD-42 Electronic file of manuscript, 2018
1 USB Flash Drive
ID: CF01
CF01: Contains biographical information MS01 in TIFF and CR2, clippings MS02 in TIFF and CR2, correspondence MS03-MS18 in TIFF and CR2, memoir MS19 in TIFF and CR2, military papers MS20 in TIFF and CR2, printed matter MS21 in TIFF and CR2, photographs PH01-PH05 in TIFF and CR2 and finding aid in MS Word.

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