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L'Aerophile collection, 1876-1949

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BOX 1-22 Publications and Reports
Early photographs, handbooks, catalogs, newspaper articles, blueprints, intelligence reports, and other publications relating to the early years of aviation, including balloon flight, airplanes and aviators.
Arranged in boxes, folders, and envelopes.
BOX 1 Henry H. (Hap) Arnold Collection.
ENVELOPE 1 Arnold Collection.
ITEM 1 Photograph of Curtiss Condors in Death Valley, California.
ITEM 2 Photograph of an air mail delivery over a copper mine in Bingham, Utah.
ITEM 3 Program for the ceremony that conferred the medal of merit to Jack L. Warner (Warner Brothers Studios), 1947
ENVELOPE 2 New York Times article about young Henry H. Arnold, who later became the commanding general of the Army Air Forces (AAF) during World War II (includes photographs), 1926.
ITEM 1 Signed photograph of Governor James Rolph Jr. of California at March Field.
ITEM 2 Signed photograph of Charles Nungesser.
ITEM 3 Photograph of A.L Welsh and H.H Arnold at Simms Station, Dayton Ohio, 1911.
ITEM 4 New York Times article (reprinted from 1926) containing information on Major Arnold’s transfer from Washington.
ENVELOPE 3 A miscellaneous collection of black and white photos of the first aviation designers, philanthropists, test-pilots and first American aviators - Wilbur and Orville Wright, Thomas DeWitt Milling, Howard Hughes, etc. Pictures of first female aviators - Harriet Quimby, Amelia Earhart are also included. Early pictures of the U.S. Army Air Service (chiefs, pilots, crews and group pictures) and U.S. Army Air Corps in California, with Major Henry H. Arnold.
ITEM 1 Photograph “Aero Club of Sweden”, 1911.
(2 copies)
ITEM 2 Photograph of the obverse of a bronze (rectangular) medal presented to the Wright Brothers in 1909.
(2 copies)
ITEM 3 Photograph of Charles Lindbergh with Mayor Dahlman of Omaha and Governor Adam McMullen of Nebraska.
ITEM 4 Photograph of Amelia Earhart.
ITEM 5 Photograph of Lt. Colonel Henry Arnold (commander of the western zone, Army Air Corps Mail Operation) with Governor Henry H. Blood of Utah and Mayor Louis Marcus of Salt Lake City.
ITEM 6 Photograph of Hubert R. Harmon.
ITEM 7 Signed photograph of Ben W. Olcott, Governor of Oregon 1919-1923.
ITEM 8 Photograph “President Coolidge hears all about it from a Round-the-World flyer.”
ITEM 9 Photograph of Major John H. Jouett.
ITEM 10 Photograph of Harold Gatty and Wiley Post.
ITEM 11 Photograph of President Coolidge, Lieutenant Lowell Smith and John W. Weeks, the Secretary of War, taken at Bolling Field (Washington D.C). “reception for world fliers, Sept. 9, 1924.”
ITEM 12 Photograph “Round-the-World fliers,” featuring Lieutenants Leslie Arnold, Lowell Smith, President Coolidge, Secretary of War John Weeks, Lieutenant Leigh P. Wade, Erik Nelson and Henry H. Ogden. The photograph was taken in front of “The Chicago” in 1924 after the aviators had completed the first flight around the world.
ITEM 13 Photograph of drawings of Anthony H.G Fokker, Igor Sikorsky, Captain Sir George Hubert Wilkins, Captain Roald Amundsen, Charles A. Lindbergh and Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd.
ITEM 14 Photograph of George Eastman (Eastman Kodak) “stepping out of Army photo plane shortly before his death.”
ITEM 15 Photograph “Round the World fliers, 1924.”
ITEM 16 Three photographs of the round the world fliers.
ITEM 17 Photograph of “Ens. A.J Williams ... winner of the Pulitzer trophy – 243 m.p.h.”
ITEM 18 Photograph of Colonel Thomas DeWitt Milling, U.S Air Service.
ITEM 19 Photograph of LT. COL. C.E. Duncan.
ITEM 20 Photograph of Captain E.H Beebe.
ITEM 21 Photograph of Major Ray A. Dunn.
ITEM 22 Photograph of Major S.E Brown.
ITEM 23 Photograph “G.H.Q. Staff 1st Wing, March Field, Calif.”
ITEM 24 Photograph of Major General Mason M. Patrick, Chief of the Army Air Service.
ITEM 25 Photograph of Jimmy Doolittle, 1925.
ITEM 26 Photograph of the Wright Brothers during the Ft. Myer tests.
ITEM 27 Photograph of the round the world fliers, 1924.
ITEM 28 Signed photograph of “Col. E. Wittenmyer” 1921.
ITEM 29 Photograph “Class of 1925 Army Industrial College.”
ITEM 30 Photograph of Colonel Billy Mitchell, 1922.
ITEM 31 Photograph of Major General W.L Kenly, “Chief of Air Service.”
ITEM 32 Signed photograph of Major General W.L Kenly.
ITEM 33 Photograph of “Air Corps Officers at Marshall Field in Flying Equipment.”
ITEM 34 Reproduced photograph of “Miss Harriet Quimby.”
ITEM 35 Photograph “The general and his gang – 1920” Billy Mitchell.
ITEM 36 Group Photograph featuring Lt. Wells, Lt. Batten, Lt. Harris Chief, Lt. Pearson, Lt. Barksdale, Lt. Johnson, Mr. Meister, Mr. Lockwood, Lt. Doolittle, Lt. Brookley and Lt. Macready.
ITEM 37 Photograph “Howard Hughes and his round-the-world, record-breaking crew.”
ITEM 38 Signed photograph (contemporary reproduction) featuring William Howard Taft, Wilbur and Orville Wright, Katharine Wright, Alan Ramsay Hawley, Herbert Parsons and others. The picture was taken at an award ceremony held for the Wright brothers after their return from Europe in 1909.
ITEM 39 Approximately fifty unidentified photographs of Henry Arnold and others, soldiers and staff of the Army Air Corps and other famous aviators.
ITEM 40 Booklet “The H.H Arnold Collection”
(3 copies)
BOX 2 Auction catalogs for ballooning-related items; 1934, 1935, 1940.
ITEM 1 “Collection dite Au ballon" by M.Leon Bartou, “Paris. 8-9-10 Mai 1935.”
ITEM 2 Aerostation: a catalogue of books and engravings illustrating the evolution of the airship and the aeroplane to 1938. Maggs Bros.Ltd, London. 1940.
ITEM 3 Aeronautik: auction catalog in German illustrating items such as coins, porcelain, small books, fans, etc., with images related to aviation. Luzern, Schweiz. 26-27 June 1934.
BOX 3 Calendars (German aircraft manufacturers) 1926-1935.
ITEM 1 Twelve German sheet calendars depicting airplanes.
BOX 4 Aerial photographs, worldwide, 1890s to 1940.
ENVELOPE 1 France: Aerial Photographs 1930-1940.
ITEM 1 Aerial photograph of Reims.
ITEM 2 Arial photograph of Paris.
ITEM 3 Two unidentified aerial landscape photographs.
ENVELOPE 2 France: Aerial Photographs, Dates Unknown.
ITEM 1 Photograph of an early glider.
ITEM 2 Aerial view of a balloon competition.
ITEM 3 Aerial view of Roman ruins.
ITEM 4 Two aerial photographs of Tozeur, Tunisia, taken by Henry Farman.
ITEM 5 Two aerial photographs taken by Henry Farman over Tunisia.
ITEM 6 Le palais du Bey in Tunis, Tunisia.
ITEM 7 Courcelles-Epayelles - a good aerial view of a French village.
ITEM 8 Statute of Liberty, New York.
ITEM 9 Aerial view of le Parc Bordelais.
ITEM 10 Aerial view of the Sacré-Cœre Basilica, Paris (while under construction; completed in 1914).
ITEM 11 Aerial view of Guadalajara, Mexico (taken from a balloon, pre-Revolution).
ITEM 12 Aerial view taken from a balloon of a French regiment.
ITEM 13 Ten unidentified aerial photographs of French cities and countryside.
ENVELOPE 3 Germany: Aerial Photographs.
ITEM 1 Flugplatz Johannisthal - Germany's first airfield.
ITEM 2 Two aerial views of Vienna, Austria.
ENVELOPE 4 Spain: Aerial Photographs.
ITEM 1 Madrid: Puerta del Sol.
ITEM 2 Madrid: Palacio Real.
ITEM 3 Madrid: Sierra de Guadarrama
(3 photographs)
ITEM 4 Spanish aerial view.
ENVELOPE 5 Switzerland: Aerial Photographs.
ITEM 1 Three aerial views of Salzburg, Austria.
ITEM 2 Aerial view of Mörsburg, Switzerland.
ITEM 3 Aerial photograph of a canyon taken by the “U.S Army Air Service.”
ITEM 4 Thirty-three unidentified photographs of Swiss cities, countryside and the alps taken by balloon.
ENVELOPE 6 Italy: Aerial Photographs.
ITEM 1 Four photographs of early glider and kite experiments.
ITEM 2 Photograph of an early airplane taking off.
ITEM 3 Aerial view of Axis aircraft in Castelvetrano, Sicily 1942.
ITEM 4 Thirteen unidentified aerial photographs.
ENVELOPE 7 Aerial View of Girard College.
ITEM 1 Balloon view of Girard College, Philadelphia, (Samuel A. King, aeronaut). July 4, 1893.
ENVELOPE 8 Balloon Views of San Diego City's Harbor. 1923.
ITEM 1 Two balloon views of San Diego City’s Harbor.
ENVELOPE 9 Aerial view of countryside and cities in France, Germany and Switzerland. 1890-1910.
ITEM 1 Photograph of a balloon competition, 1908 .
ITEM 2 Five aerial views of Paris, including a photograph of Notre Dame, 1907.
ITEM 3 Photograph of the French countryside (Fougerolles), 1908.
ITEM 4 Aerial view of Angers Cathedral (scaffolding on front façade). 1909.
ITEM 5 Aerial view of Angers, France.
ITEM 6 Three unidentified aerial views.
ITEM 7 Four aerial photographs (taken from an early airplane) of the Seine River mounted on cardboard with six additional aerial photographs that were once attached by paperclip.
ENVELOPE 10 Aerial Views Before the War.
ITEM 1 Aerial view of the “Parc de l’Aero Club.”
ITEM 2 View of a solar eclipse taken from a balloon.
ITEM 3 Aerial view of the Eiffel Tower.
ITEM 4 Two aerial views of Versailles.
ITEM 5 Photograph “Les Alpes Tennengebirge.”
ITEM 6 Aerial view of Moutfort, Luxembourg.
ITEM 7 Aerial view of the park and hangar of l’Aero Club.
ITEM 8 Aerial photographs of Paris (Eiffel Tower in distance).
(2 photographs)
ITEM 9 Three aerial photographs of “Zodiac III” in Bétheny, France.
ITEM 10 Two aerial photographs of a balloon contest in Aquitaine.
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