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L'Aerophile collection, 1876-1949

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BOXES 23-44 Corporations, 1920s-1940s
Contains guides, studies, drawings, publicity, books, and albums relating to early aviation companies and aviation-related events.
Arranged alphabetically by aviation company.
BOX 23 Abrams, Aera, Aerocessories Simonds, Aerodesign, Air France, Airspeed, Am.Armament, Amiot, Antifuite, Argus, Bleriot, Bloch, Brequet, Brewster, Bronzavia.
ENVELOPE 1 Abrams Aircraft Corp.
ITEM 1 Article: “New Plane for Photographic Mapping in the Stratosphere.” Abrams Strato-plane for Photographic Mapping, 1937.
ITEM 2 Article describing the equipment of the Abrams’s “Explorer” 1938.
ITEM 1 “Notice Technique du Controleur de Vol Badin” 1923.
ITEM 2 “Notice Technique du Compas D’Orientation Aera Type C.”
ITEM 3 “Notice Technique du Compas de Grande Navigation Aera Type B.”
ITEM 4 “Notice Technique du Tensiomètre Système Guillon.”
ITEM 5 “Notice Technique du Clinomètre a Liquide Type B.”
ITEM 6 “Notice Technique du Tachymètre Enregistreur Aera Type Delta.”
ITEM 7 Guide containing the specifications for Aera’s products.
ENVELOPE 3 Aerocessoires Simmonds.
ITEM 1 Brochure: “Ecrous Elastic Stop.”
ITEM 2 Guidebook: “La Jauge Hydraulique Simmonds.”
ITEM 3 Guidebook: “Attache-Capots pour Avions Ultra-Rapides.”
ITEM 4 Handout: “Instruments de Navigation.”
ITEM 5 Ecrous Simmonds “Catalogue Pour L’Aviation.”
ITEM 6 Ecrous Simmonds “Catalogue Pour L’Aviation.”
ITEM 7 Diagram “Le Commande A Vide Simmonds-Theed.”
ITEM 8 Handout: “Commande A Vide ‘Simmonds-Theed.’”
ITEM 9 Eleven dimension tables for various devices.
ENVELOPE 4 Aerodesign & Engineering Co.
ITEM 1 Press release and four accompanying photographs of the “first Supercharged Aero COMMANDER Model 680” 1956. The 560A model was added to the “Douglas Airplane Company executive plane fleet.”
ENVELOPE 5 Air France.
ITEM 1 A 1938 document describing the history of Air France’s formation and current lines operated with distances and approximate travel times.
ENVELOPE 6 Airspeed Ltd.
ITEM 1 Brochure: Airspeed Envoy Series II.
ITEM 2 Blueprints: The Airspeed “Oxford.”
ITEM 3 Clipping: The Airspeed Courier.
ITEM 4 French Brochure: Airspeed Oxford.
ITEM 5 Specifications of the Airspeed Envoy.
ITEM 6 Brochure: Airspeed Courier.
ITEM 7 Brochure: Airspeed Envoy Series II.
ITEM 8 Brochure with specifications for the Envoy Series III (2 copies).
ITEM 9 Brochure with specifications for the Envoy Convertible.
ITEM 10 Brochure with specifications for the Airspeed Oxford.
ITEM 11 Article reprinted from “The Aeroplane” entitled “Our First Commercial Bomber.”
ITEM 12 Diagram showing the Airspeed Type A.S.6-A.
ITEM 13 Article reprinted from “Flight” entitled “The First of Seven Airspeed Envoys for South Africa: Convertible from Civil to Military Form in Four Hours.”
ITEM 14 Brochure with specifications for the Convertible Envoy.
ITEM 15 Folder containing a pamphlet “The Cheetah IX Envoy III” and guidebook for the “Type A.S.10 G.P General Purpose Military Aircraft.”
ENVELOPE 7 American Armament Corporation.
ITEM 1 Folder containing specifications (in French) and photographs of antiaircraft guns, mortars, grenades, bombs and projectiles.
ITEM 1 Letter from Avions Amiot to l’Aérophile 1937.
ITEM 2 “Description D’Avion” for the Amiot 351-354 sent to l’Aérophile 1944.
ITEM 3 Diagram with dimensions of an Amiot aircraft.
ITEM 4 Pamphlet “Amiot 144.”
ITEM 5 Pamphlet “Hydravions Amiot.”
ENVELOPE 9 Avion Amiot.
ITEM 1 “Notice Descriptive & D’Utilisation” submitted to the Ministre De L’Air for the Amiot 370 Hispano-Suiza I2 Y-32 and I2 Y-33. The notebook contains photographs of parts and equipment as well as schematics for each of the aircraft’s parts.
ENVELOPE 10 Antifuite.
ITEM 1 “Alimentation en Essence” (gasoline supply).
ITEM 2 Brochure with product descriptions.
ENVELOPE 11 Argus.
ITEM 1 “Roues et Freins D’Aviation” (wheel brakes) 1938
(2 copies).
ITEM 2 Advertising pamphlet “Wollen Sie Gewicht Sparen? Dann Verwenden Sie: Argus Flugzeug-Räder Und Bremsen” (They want to save weight? Then they use Argus Flugzeug Radar and Aircraft Brakes) 1938.
ITEM 3 “Raccords de Tuyauteries Argus” (Argus pipe fittings), 1938
(2 copies).
ITEM 4 “Flugzeug-Rädar und Bremsen” handbook, 1938.
BOX 24 Automotive Products, Beechcraft, Bellanca, Ben Jones, Boeing.
ENVELOPE 1 Automotive Products Company Ltd.
ITEM 1 Notebook “Lockheed Hydraulic Aircraft Controls” containing diagrams and specifications.
ENVELOPE 2 Beechcraft Aircraft Corp.
ITEM 1 Beechcraft Model 18 brochure, 1937.
ITEM 2 Brochure marketed to business executives “Beechcraft: the world’s finest aircraft.”
ITEM 3 An advertisement depicting Louise Thaden and Blanche Noyes, first women to win the Bendix Trophy (1936).
ITEM 4 Article “The Sportsmen Test Pilot.”
ITEM 5 Press release “Test-Pilot President,” , 1939.
ITEM 6 Information (French) on exporting the Beechcraft C-17R.
ITEM 7 Beechcraft advertising brochure.
ITEM 8 Specifications for the C-17B, C-17R and C-17L sent to l’Aérophile.
ITEM 9 Advertising brochure “More Strength Than You’ll Ever Need.”
ITEM 10 Specifications for the “Beechcraft model 18 twin motor Transport.”
ITEM 11 Photograph: model D-17S in flight.
ITEM 12 Photograph: model D-17R in flight.
ITEM 13 Photograph: F-17D powered with 330 HP Jacobs engine.
ITEM 14 Photograph: E-17B powered with 285 H.P Jacobs engine.
ITEM 15 Photograph: unidentified Beechcraft aircraft.
ENVELOPE 3 Bellanca Aircraft Corp.
ITEM 1 Press release “fast low-wing Model 28-90 airplanes,” the “World’s fastest commercial type aircraft” , 1937.
ITEM 2 Press release for the “three-place Ballanca Cruisair” , 1939.
ITEM 3 Specifications for the “Three-Place Low-Wing Monoplane,” 1939.
ITEM 4 Advertising brochure “The Bellanca Cruisair.”
ITEM 5 Press release “Bellanca’s Cruisair,” 1940.
ITEM 6 Press release “Bellanca Airplanes to be in Chicago for Sportsman’s Show,” 1940.
ITEM 7 Press release “Bernarr Macfadden – Owner of Bellanca Cruisair Plane.”
ENVELOPE 4 Bellanca Aircraft Corp. #2.
ITEM 1 Specifications for the 1946 Bellanca Cruisair.
ENVELOPE 5 Ben Jones, Inc.
ITEM 1 Letter to l’Aérophile containing a detailed description, a diagram and accompanying photographs of the Model S 125.
ENVELOPE 6 Bennett Aircraft Corp.
ITEM 1 Blueprints for the Bennett Attack Bomber.
ENVELOPE 7 Blackburn Aircraft Ltd.
ITEM 1 Specifications for the “‘Firebrand’ Mark IV – Centaurus IX Engine.”
ITEM 2 Three photographs of the F736.
ITEM 3 Color print depicting the Blackburn Firebrand IV.
ITEM 4 Two articles reprinted from Flight and The Aeroplane on the Blackburn Firebrand IV.
ENVELOPE 8 Boeing Airplane Company.
ITEM 1 Press release “Boeing Stratofreighters First
Radar-Equipped Production Transports,” 1954.
ITEM 2 Press release “Macdill Officer First Air Force Pilot to Log 1,000 Hours in B-47,” 1954.
ITEM 3 Press release “Boeing RB-47E Stratojet,” 1954.
ITEM 4 Press release “Boeing B-47 Stratojet.”
ITEM 5 Press release “Photo-Reconnaissance Stratojet in Production at Boeing-Wichita,” 1953.
ITEM 6 Press release “B-47 Production Marks Noted,” 1953.
ITEM 7 Press release “Boeing B-47 Production Program Largest in U.S Aviation History,” 1953.
ENVELOPE 9 Boeing Aircraft Company.
ITEM 1 Press release and five accompanying photographs pertaining to “Passenger Accommodations of Boeing 314 Clipper,” 1938. The release describes the plane as “a ‘Park Avenue suite on wings.’” The photographs include pictures and descriptions of the “Bridal Suite,” recreation room, women’s restroom, sleeping quarters, and seats.
ITEM 2 Press release for the Boeing “South Seas Clipper.”
ITEM 3 Press release for the “Model 314 Pan American Clipper.”
ITEM 4 Specifications for the Boeing 314.
ITEM 5 Press release introducing the Boeing 314.
ITEM 6 Press release “the super wind tunnel model” 1940.
ITEM 7 Specifications for the Boeing 307 Stratoliner.
ITEM 8 “The Boeing ‘Stratoliner’” by Willy Ley.
ITEM 9 Letter from Willy Ley to l’Aérophile, 1938.
ITEM 10 Advance-press release for the Boeing Stratoliner.
ITEM 11 Press release for the Stratoliner.
ITEM 12 Specifications and diagram of the Model 247-D Transport.
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