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BOX 45-74 Photographs
Photographs, drawings, and charts pertaining to early aviation in the first half of the twentieth century.
Arrangement generally by type of material, arranged alphabetically within type.
BOX 45 Aircraft accidents.
ENVELOPE 1 Austria.
ITEM 1 Photograph of Robert Kronfeld’s accident in Luxemburg, 1933.
ENVELOPE 2 Belgium.
ITEM 1 Photograph of M. Collin’s accident after his helicopter fell from a height of fifteen meters, 1934.
ITEM 2 Photograph of an accident in Marden, England while on a Paris-London voyage, 1930.
ITEM 3 Three photographs taken after an explosion in Max Cosyn’s laboratory while working on the stratospheric balloon.
ITEM 4 Photograph of and accident in Diksmuide, Belgium that left fifteen dead.
ITEM 5 Two photographs of an accident in Ruysselede, Belgium, 1933.
ENVELOPE 3 England.
ITEM 1 Photograph of Bert Hinkler’s crash.
ITEM 2 Photograph of James and Amy Mollison’s accident.
ITEM 3 Photograph of Joseph Demeuldre’s accident near Croydon, England.
ITEM 4 Photograph of an airplane crash at the Brooklands Race Track in Surry, England, 1933.
ITEM 5 Photograph of Ross Macpherson Smith standing in front of his airplane before leaving the hangar.
ITEM 6 Photograph of the aviator Kinkead after his sea plane crashed near Southampton.
ITEM 7 Photograph of Tom Campbell Black’s accident, September 1936.
ITEM 8 Photograph of a bomber’s accident in Surry, England that killed two officers.
ITEM 9 Photograph of an accident in Montrose, Scotland, 1936.
ITEM 10 Photograph of Felix Waitkus’s (Feliksas Vaitkus) plane after an emergency landing in Ireland to refuel, 1935.
ITEM 11 Photograph of Charles Ulm’s plane after crash landing in Harbor Grace, Newfoundland.
ITEM 12 Photograph of an accident in the English Channel, 1934. The pilots were rescued by a “chalutier.”
ITEM 13 Photograph of “Le Parachutiste Dans La Cage Aux Lions” (the paratrooper in the lions’ cage). The parachutist was suspended over the lions’ cage in the Chessington Zoological Gardins for ten minutes before he was rescued.
ITEM 14 Photograph of an accident following a British military maneuver over the North Sea. The plane crashed at Warren Mill near Belford.
ITEM 15 Photograph of a mock attack during a training exercise “photo représente la fin d’une attaque simulée. Tout se termine en fume! Une victoire pour ‘L’Ennemi’” (Photo represents the end of a mock attack. Everything ends in smoke! Victory for the enemy).
ITEM 16 Photograph of an erupting observation balloon after it was hit in Hendon, England.
ITEM 17 Photograph of a bomber from the ninth squadron after it hit a tree and fell in Marborough, England.
ITEM 18 Photograph of a sea plane after hitting a trawler near Plymouth, England.
ITEM 19 Photograph of the English plane “Hanibal” after a crash landing.
ITEM 20 Two photographs “Four Killed in London to Paris Air Liner Crash”, 1936.
ENVELOPE 4 France.
ITEM 1 Photograph taken after Antoine de Saint Exupéry and André Prévot returned to Marseille after their crash in the Libyan Saharan Desert. Their Caudron C-630 Simoun (Serial F-ANRY) was transported to Marseille on the ship “Compollion”, 1936.
ITEM 2 Photograph of Victor Stoeffler after an accident.
ITEM 3 Two photographs of a plane that collided with another in 1934, killing Captain Mauboussin.
ITEM 4 Photograph of smoking debris after a 1934 accident.
ITEM 5 Two photographs of the Couzinet 27 after it crashed on August 8, 1928. The accident killed Maurice Drouhin and his mechanic.
ITEM 6 Photograph of an accident after a flight contest, 1922.
ITEM 7 Two photographs taken after a crash of one of Juan de la Cierva’s autogiros, 1928.
ITEM 8 Photograph of the “Biarritz,” piloted by Charles De Verneilh, after its 1933 accident.
ITEM 9 Photograph of a 1937 experiment of airplane extinguishers.
ITEM 10 Photograph after an accident involving Geoffrey Ruddle and Evelyn Frost after their Moth airplane struck a high-tension wire during a forced landing in Nevers, France, 1934.
ITEM 11 Two photographs taken after a 1934 accident that killed Chief Sergeant Henri Benneton and Captain Jean-Charles Grillot.
ITEM 12 Photograph of a 1935 accident involving a Breguet-Dorand gyroplane after a test at the Villacoublay airfield.
ITEM 13 Photograph of an accident involving two military hydroplanes in Cherbourg, 1936.
ITEM 14 Photograph of an airmail transport (postal aircraft) accident near Mazamet, France, 1936.
ITEM 15 Photograph of Ludovic Arrachart’s airplane after crashing in pursuit of the Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup, 1933.
ITEM 16 Photograph of a Caproni aircraft that caught fire at an air show.
ITEM 17 Photograph of a hydroplane accident after the aircraft fell into the Étang de Berre, Marseille.
ITEM 18 Photograph taken after Lionel Defretiere’s accident.
ITEM 19 Photograph of Maurice Vernhold’s airplane after he crashed while pursuing the Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup.
ITEM 20 Photograph of Maryse Hilsz’s accident in Varberg, Sweden, 1936.
ITEM 21 Photograph of Marcel Frecherolles’s accident on the Paris-Brussels line, 1936.
ITEM 22 Photograph of Dr. Tillier’s accident after he was “caught in the mist” in the mountains near Arba, Algeria, 1934.
ITEM 23 Photograph of Captain Monbussin’s accident, 1934.
ITEM 24 Two photographs of a courier-plane accident that killed Robert Bajac, chief pilot of Air France, 1935.
ITEM 25 Photograph taken after the 1934 accident that killed Chief Sergeant Henri Benneton and Captain Jean-Charles Grillot.
ITEM 26 Four photographs of the hydroplane “Lionel de Marmier” after it crashed in South America, October, 1945.
ITEM 27 Twenty six unidentified photographs of French airplane accidents, 1922-1937.
ENVELOPE 5 Germany.
ITEM 1 Photograph and clipping of a Zeppelin accident.
ITEM 2 Two photographs of an airplane accident in Berlin during a Nazi event.
ITEM 3 Photograph taken after Stephane Darius and Stanley Girenas’s accident in Soldin, Germany.
ITEM 4 Four photographs of a Zeppelin accident, 1913.
ITEM 5 Clipping depicting a large dirigible accident.
ITEM 6 Photograph of a Nazi propaganda balloon that dropped leaflets in Berlin before it crashed into a crane.
ITEM 7 Two unidentified photographs of German accidents.
ENVELOPE 6 Holland.
ITEM 1 Two photographs of General Balbo’s pilots in Amsterdam on their way to the Chicago World’s Fair, 1933.
ITEM 2 Two photographs of an airplane that participated in the MacRobertson Air Race from London to Melbourne after the aircraft crashed in Rutbah, in the Syrian desert near the Iraq border, 1934.
ITEM 3 Photograph after a collision of military aircraft in Holland, 1933.
ITEM 1 Photograph of a gyroplane (helicopter) accident in Barcelona, 1935.
ENVELOPE 8 Switzerland.
ITEM 1 Photograph of a plane that crashed into a car in Saint Julien en Genevois, France near Geneva.
ITEM 2 Photograph of a plane crash in St. Moritz.
ENVELOPE 9 Sweden and Norway.
ITEM 1 Photograph of the dirigible “Lappland” after it crashed in Sweden, killing two people, 1936.
ENVELOPE 10 Accidents Before WWI.
ITEM 1 Photograph taken in “San Biaggo” hospital (Italy?) after an accident while crossing the Alps.
ITEM 2 Three photographs of “Laffont[‘s]” airplane after it crashed in Issy Les Moulineaux, 1910.
ITEM 3 Four photographs of Captain Madiot’s accident.
ITEM 4 Photograph taken after Jorge Chavez’s accident in Nice, April 17, 1910.
ITEM 5 Two photographs taken after “Colonel Cody[‘s]” accident, 1913.
ITEM 6 Photograph taken after Fernand Blanchard’s accident in Issy Les Moulineaux while on a return flight from Bourges, 1910.
ITEM 7 Two photographs of De Baeder’s accident, 1910.
ITEM 8 Photograph taken after Bréguet’s accident in Betheny, 1909.
ITEM 9 Four photographs from the European Circuit Race after Le Martin’s accident, 1911.
ITEM 10 Photograph of Franz Reichelt’s parachute before his accident.
ITEM 11 Photograph of Franz Reichelt’s body being carried to a car after his accident. Reichelt died after jumping from the first deck of the Eiffel Tower in 1912 to test his designs for an overcoat that he believed would act as a parachute.
ITEM 12 Two photographs of Wachter’s accident at the Second Aviation Meeting in Rheims, 1910.
ITEM 13 Photograph of Clement Bayard’s dirigible accident.
ITEM 14 Photograph taken after Jorge Chavez accident while attempting to cross the Alps, 1910.
ITEM 15 Photograph taken after Henry Wijnmalen’s accident, 1911.
ITEM 16 Photograph taken after Léon Bathiat’s accident in Rouen.
ITEM 17 Photograph of Wilfred Parke’s monoplane after his accident, 1912.
ITEM 18 Photograph taken after Maurice Colliex’s accident while testing the seaplane version of the Canard Voisin at Issy Les Moulineaux. March, 1912.
ITEM 19 Photograph taken after an accident at the Paris Salon in Issy Les Moulineaux, October 1910.
ITEM 20 Two photographs taken after an accident at the Paris-Madrid Race, May 21, 1911. M. Berteux, the French Minister of War was killed in the crash after M. Train’s monoplane lost control.
ITEM 21 Three photographs taken after Captain Tarron’s accident at Villacoublay, April 18, 1911. Tarron was an officer of the French Engineers.
ITEM 22 Photograph taken after Henri Rougier’s accident (possibly at the Meeting d’Aviation Nice, April, 1910).
ITEM 23 Photograph of Adolphe Pégoud’s crashed aircraft after his successful parachute jump, August 19, 1913.
ITEM 24 Photograph of destroyed hangars after a tornado, April, 1910.
ITEM 25 Six unidentified photographs of airplane accidents.
ITEM 26 Seven attached photographs of Farman’s aircraft and hangars destroyed after a hurricane (“ouragan”), February, 1914.
ITEM 27 Three attached photographs of fire extinguishers applied to Deroye’s accident, 1914.
ITEM 28 Three attached photographs of Graziolli’s accident in Issy Les Moulineaux, March, 1912.
ITEM 29 Eleven attached photographs and a clipping of Védrine’s accident in Deauville, France. August 18, 1911.
ITEM 30 Two attached photographs of Maximo Ramo’s aircraft after he crashed in Madrid, January, 1914. Ramos was an aviator in the Spanish Military.
ENVELOPE 11 Accidents Before WWI #2.
ITEM 1 Four photographs taken after Lieutenant Princeteau’s accident in Issy Les Moulineaux, June, 1911.
ITEM 2 Two photographs of Le Blon’s accident in St. Sebastian, Spain. April 2, 1910.
ITEM 3 Photograph of the Italian aviator, B.J Manio’s crash landing on a rooftop in Palmers Green, London. December, 1912.
ITEM 4 Photograph of M. Hauvette-Michelin’s accident at the Grand Semaine d’Aviation in Heliopolis, Egypt, 1910.
ITEM 5 Two photographs taken after Laffont’s accident in Issy Les Moulineaux, 1910.
ITEM 6 Two photographs of Paul Hesne’s accident on a Wright Biplane at Cannes.
ITEM 7 Two photographs of Claude Grahame-White’s accident.
ITEM 8 Photograph of “Robinson” (William Leefe?) after a hydroplane accident.
ITEM 9 Photograph of a biplane accident at the Grand Prix d’Aviation in Issy Les Moulineaux, December 1910.
ITEM 10 Photograph of a biplane accident in Nice, April 1910.
ITEM 11 Three photographs of a hydroplane accident in Monaco, (possibly constructed by Henri Fabre), April 1911.
ITEM 12 Three photographs of hangars destroyed by tornadoes, 1910.
ITEM 13 Two photographs of Maurice Guffroy’s accident, February 1909.
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