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Research on Pakistan and East Pakistan (Bangladesh)
FOLDER 1 East Pakistan: A Study in Political, History 1958
Dissertation from Clark University. "This study is concerned with the role of East Pakistan in the territorially dual state of Pakistan. It is an examination of the relationships of East Pakistan as they reflect the interaction of geographical attributes with political, social and economic factors. The factors responsible for the creation of Pakistan more than ten years ago continue to provide a bond between East and West Pakistan and a raison d'etre for East Pakistan."
FOLDER 2 Area Handbook for Pakistan - Draft, 1958
Study of Pakistan that includes draft manuscript, draft chapters and a letter from publisher.
Published by Human Area Relation Files.
Atwell was a contributing writer and editor to the publication.
FOLDER 3 Pakistan Research, 1958
hand-drawn maps
Academic Materials
FOLDER 4 Population Changes in the Boston Area 1940-1950, 1952
Master's Thesis from Clark University
FOLDER 5 The Southwest: Agricultural Land Use in the United States, 1952
Master's Thesis from Clark University
FOLDER 6 La Grande Ile: A Political Geography of Madagascar, 1952
Research paper from Clark University
FOLDER 7 Academic Records, 1942-1952
Record of academic coursework
FOLDER 8 Physiography, 1952
Folder of class materials
FOLDER 9 Political Geography, 1953
Folder of class materials
FOLDER 10 Principles of Geography, 1953
Folder of class materials
FOLDER 11 European Problems, 1954
Folder of class materials
FOLDER 12 Human and Cultural Geography, 1957
Folder of class materials
FOLDER 13 Charm School Diploma
Humorous item
FOLDER 14 Miscellaneous items

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