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Series I: Map Projects Identified by Richard Edes Harrison, 1934-1956
Harrison numbered, named, and dated the following list of 244 projects that span the years of 1934 to 1956. The projects are listed in approximate chronological order. The complete list, as prepared by Harrison, is given here; although not all of the projects are represented in the collection. A copy of the list prepared by Harrison is included in the inventory in Part IV. A note about Harrison’s numbering system. The numbers 73, 173, 174, 217, 221 236 and 237 were skipped; some projects were interpolated in the series as 9a., 10a, 80a, 191a and 115a. Two projects share the number 111. Number 179 was omitted from his list, but a project number 179 exists. A project 244 was also added to the list. Furthermore, there are some projects that overlap, containing images that were modified for use in more than one project. Some of these related projects are point out in the inventory by way of cross-references.
Items are listed in the following manner: unit title, publication title and date of publication
FOLDER 1 Radium Trail, Fortune, February 1934
FOLDER 2 Vulture's View, Fortune, November 1935
“This was the first perspective for Fortune. Note that the rendering of terrain was timid and largely unsatisfactory – but I had lots to learn and this was a good start. The birds and beasts, upper left, were copies from Louis Agassis Fuertes book on Ethiopia.
FOLDER 3 Penn Railroad, Fortune, May 1936
FOLDER 4 Japan, Fortune, September 1936
FOLDER 5 Anaconda, Fortune, December 1936
FOLDER 6 Rockefeller, Fortune, December 1936
FOLDER 7 Oskaloosa, Fortune, January 1937
FOLDER 8 Radio Range, Fortune, April 1937
FOLDER 9 Newark Air, Fortune, April 1937
FOLDER 9a Commonwealth and Southern, Fortune, May 1937
FOLDER 10 U.S. Shipping, Fortune, September 1937
“No shorelines appear on this map. Yet the ports outline the continents pretty well except for Australia and Asia.”
FOLDER 10a Gulf Oil, Fortune, October 1937
FOLDER 11 South America, Fortune, December 1937
FOLDER 12 Pan Am Air, Fortune, April 1936
“The northern hemisphere on this map is on the Azimuthal Equidistant projection centered on the North Pole and is, I believe, the first journalistic use of this projection. As it distorts South America greatly, I fudged it to look more normal – a practice I do not recommend. This was my first color map for Fortune."
FOLDER 13 Peru, Fortune, January 1938
FOLDER 14 Eagle, Fortune, February 1938
FOLDER 15 U.S. Navy, Fortune, March 1938
FOLDER 16 Chile, Fortune, May 1938
“One of a Latin-American series. Long and skinny Chile is always a problem in sheet composition. Here it is solved by lifting up and towards the reader the important central section. The hand-lettered paragraph under the title was written by me, a job which the editors were always willing to avoid.”
FOLDER 17 Land of Moses, Fortune, June 1938
FOLDER 18 Argentina, Fortune, July 1938
FOLDER 19 Czechoslovakia, Fortune, August 1938
“This is the map which got me fired from Fortune’s staff. The editor, Russell Davenport thought it was ‘confusing.’ Mitch was a fine writer and editor but he had a remarkable blind spot for graphics. Nobody else on Fortune agreed with him about this design and it went ahead as planned.
“Czechoslovakia, an early attempt to demonstrate the world position of a particular country, as well as its resources, population, and its intimate configuration. The managing editor declared that the design was confusing but the writer, John Chamberlain, succeeded in talking him out of refusing to accept it.”
FOLDER 20 Canada, Fortune, September 1938
FOLDER 21 American Medical Association, Fortune, September 1938
FOLDER 22 General Motors, Fortune, December 1938
FOLDER 23 Sun, Life, February 1939
FOLDER 24 Heintz, February 1939
FOLDER 25 Venezuela, Fortune, March 1939
FOLDER 26 New York City, Fortune, July 1939
FOLDER 27 Brazil, Fortune, June 1939
FOLDER 28 Khalka River, Time, July 1939
FOLDER 29 World Sketches, Time, July 1939
FOLDER 30 Bayonet, Time, August 1939
FOLDER 31 Reynal and Hitchcock, World Without End, Endpapers, August 1939
FOLDER 32 P.M. Wheat, August 1939
FOLDER 33 P.G. & E., Fortune, September 1939
FOLDER 34 Balkans, Time, September 1939
FOLDER 35 Europe 1939, Fortune, October 1939
FOLDER 36 Grossdeutschland, Fortune, October 1939
FOLDER 37 Navy Second to None, Endpapers, November 1939
FOLDER 38 Big Network, Fortune, November 1939
FOLDER 39 Poland: A Military Autopsy, Fortune, December 1939
FOLDER 40 Between Two Wars and Far Eastern Policy, Endpapers, January 1940
FOLDER 41 Radio Template South America February 1940
FOLDER 42 Finland, Time, March 1940
FOLDER 43 Ear, Time, March 1940
FOLDER 44 RAF, Time, March 1940
FOLDER 45 Eclipse, Time, March 1940
FOLDER 46 Barco, Fortune, March 1940
FOLDER 47 Reynal and Hitchcock, Strategy Europe, May 1940
FOLDER 48 Europe, Friday, April 1940
FOLDER 49 Europe April 1940, Time, April 1940
FOLDER 50 Standard Oil of New Jersey, Fortune, May 1940
FOLDER 51 Philippines, Fortune, June 1940
FOLDER 52 The Rock, Time, June 1940
FOLDER 53 Visual History Chart, June 1940
FOLDER 54 Strategic Essentials, Fortune, July 1940
FOLDER 55 Atlas for U.S. Citizens, Fortune, September 1940
“These 2 pages were for the front and back covers of the Atlas for U.S. Citizen published by Fortune Fall 1940. The back page was a unique portrayal of how we appeared to our continental neighbors.”
FOLDER 56 Keogh, October 1940
FOLDER 57 Quaker Oil, November 1940
FOLDER 58 Ottawa, Fortune, November 1940
FOLDER 59 Finland Forever, Endpapers, November 1940
FOLDER 60 Joint Problem, Fortune, November 1940
FOLDER 61 Panama Canal, Fortune, January 1941
FOLDER 62 Behind God's Back, Endpapers, January 1941
FOLDER 63 Puerto Rico, Fortune, February 1941
FOLDER 64 Hemisphere Defence, Spykeman, February 1941
FOLDER 65 Illumination, February 1941
FOLDER 66 Gloucester House, February 1941
FOLDER 67 Air Industry, Fortune, March 1941
FOLDER 68 China, Fortune, April 1941
FOLDER 69 Pan Am Highway, Fortune, 1941
“For Fortune, a rare black and white double spread. On scratch board. Note profile along the bottom.”
FOLDER 70 U.S.S.R., Fortune, July 1941
FOLDER 71 Bear Island, April 1941
FOLDER 72 Great River of the Mountains, Endpapers, April 1941
FOLDER 73 (empty)
FOLDER 74 World Divided, Fortune, August 1941
FOLDER 75 Planning for Plenty (Agricultural Charts), Fortune, October 1941
FOLDER 76 America's Strategy, Harcourt, Endpapers, December 1941
FOLDER 77 Western Hemisphere, CBS, September 1941
FOLDER 78 Africa, Fortune, November 1941
FOLDER 79 New Order Over Europe, Fortune, December 1941
FOLDER 80 Bolivia, Fortune, January 1942
FOLDER 80a Floor Plans, Time
FOLDER 81 World Aitoff, Pan Am Airways, December 1941
FOLDER 82 Southeast to Armageddon, Fortune, February 1942
“This map is still significant because it is viewed from the great circle approach from the United States to the region containing the world’s largest collection of trouble spots. No tearsheet of original use was available and the one here shown was a re-use (somewhat altered) for the January 1951 issue.” SEE ALSO: Part I. 111.
FOLDER 83 One World, One War, Fortune, March 1942
“83F. 3/42 One World-One War. 4-page Az. Equil projection c) North Pole 3 drawings only. 1) red plate 2) yellow 3) pencil letter study. There is a minor supplement to the Black plate.”
FOLDER 84 On Assignment, Time, March 1942
“This is an overlay to show traffic in correspondents, photogs, etc. on the geographical base of OW.OW.” 4 photoreproductions; 1 printed sheet with note: “Time line made good use of this Timely production. Hundreds of 1000s were purchased by Army and Air Force especially.”
FOLDER 85 Geopolitics, Endpapers, June 1942
SEE ALSO: Part II. [41] Nomographs
FOLDER 86 Atlantic Arena, Fortune, June 1942
FOLDER 87 Arctic Arena, Fortune, July 1942
FOLDER 88 Retreat to Victory, Endpapers, July 1942
“Showing Michie’s travels as a war correspondent for Time.”
FOLDER 89 Globes, Fortune, (4) August 1942
FOLDER 90 Pacific Arena, Fortune, September 1942
FOLDER 91 Alaska Under Arms, Endpapers, July 1942
FOLDER 92 Greenland, Endpapers, July 1942
FOLDER 93 Polar Equidistant, August 1942
FOLDER 94 Arab World (aka The Middle East - Its Power Politics), Fortune, November 1942
FOLDER 95 Miami-Dakar, Globe Distance, Fortune, September 1942
FOLDER 96 Far East, Fortune, December 1942
FOLDER 97 Not So Soft Underside, Fortune, January 1943
“With this and the preceding map the handling of relief is coming to maturity. The view was selected to undermine Churchill’s insistence that Europe had to be attacked in its ‘soft underbelly.’ My working title for this map was ‘How soft this the Belly?’ The weasel-worded printed title was selection of the editors.” SEE ALSO: Part. I 111.
FOLDER 98 World Island, Fortune, January 1943
FOLDER 99 Western Hemisphere, Endpapers, December 1942
FOLDER 100 Western Hemisphere, Endpapers, December 1942
FOLDER 101 Air Empires, Fortune, April 1943
FOLDER 101a Fuller Globe, January 1943
FOLDER 102 Queens Die Proudly, Endpapers, March 1943
FOLDER 103 Great Circle Airways, Fortune, May 1943
FOLDER 104 Globe, January 1943
FOLDER 105 Attack Can Win in '43, Endpapers, May 1943
FOLDER 106 Azimuthal Series, State Department, April 1943
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