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Series I: Map Projects Identified by Richard Edes Harrison, 1934-1956 (continued)
FOLDER 140 United States, World Book, 1945
FOLDER 141 China Azimuthal, Dick Wood, April 1945
FOLDER 142 Pacific (incomplete), Fortune
FOLDER 143 2nd Biennial Report, October 1945
“From General Marshall’s 3rd Report prepared from hemisphere drawing in Atlas for U.S. Citizen. B&W-colored for this report. 1945.”
Fortune map for General Marshall’s Third Report October 1945. This view is that from a great circle route from the United States to Europe.”
FOLDER 144 Ginn-Cressey, 1945
1 SEE ALSO: Part II [15] Folder (5)
FOLDER 145 IT&T, Fortune, September 1945
“A world map on the rare Doubly Equidistant projection which is useful in tele-communications. On this map each city shown is the same distance from both New York and San Francisco.”
FOLDER 146 Sugar, Fortune, October 1945
“To demonstrate the kinds, origin and distribution of an important world-wide commodity. Azimuthal Equal Area Projection.”
Mounted with note: “The War at last is over and we turn to civilian concerns. The projection here is the Azimuthal Equal area centered on the North Pole. It is somewhat more compact than the Azimuthal Equidistant.”
FOLDER 147 Glouchester House Sign, Keally, December 1945
SEE ALSO: Part I. 66
FOLDER 148 Syracuse in China, December 1945
FOLDER 150 Syracuse Travels, December 1945
FOLDER 150 New York Mural, Time, 1946
“Photo of mural for N.Y. Time's lobby. 43rd St. I made this cartoon and the late Eugene Kingman painted it on canvas. Design Jan. 1946 and installed a few months later. About 20-25 years later it quietly disappeared. None of the people I know at the Times have been able to find out what happened. It was painted on canvas and is a possibility that it is rolled up and gathering dust somewhere. LOC go after it!” SEE ALSO: Part II. [12], Part IV. [.5]
FOLDER 151 Arctic Institute, January 1946
FOLDER 151 Top Secret, Endpapers, March 1946
FOLDER 153 Great Adventures & Explorations, Endpapers, August 1946
FOLDER 154 Chicago-Newfoundland Azimuthal, Ruthrauf & Ryan, February 1946
FOLDER 155 Azimuthal Equal-Area Base, Life, May 1946
FOLDER 156 Aitoff World Map, Pan AM, September 1946
FOLDER 157 Hotz (Chennault), Endpapers , September 1946
FOLDER 158 New York Port, Life, October 1946
FOLDER 159 Big Yankee, Endpapers, November 1946
FOLDER 160 Flying North, Endpapers, November 1946
FOLDER 161 Ortho Base, Life, December 1946
FOLDER 162 Across Canada by Rail, Ginn, April 1947
SEE ALSO: Part IV. [6]
FOLDER 163 Oil Map Middle East, Fortune, May 1947
SEE ALSO: Part IV [7]
FOLDER 164 Canada & Neighbors, Ginn, March 1947
SEE ALSO: Part II. [15]
FOLDER 165 Panagra, Time, July 1947
FOLDER 166 Compass, Fall 1948
FOLDER 167 Pan Am
FOLDER 168 Cleveland Electric, November 1948
FOLDER 169 Biow-Schenley, September 1948
FOLDER 170 Labrador Venture, Fortune, December 1948
FOLDER 171 New England, Fortune, March 1950
“Familiar, peaceful territory for a change. What a pity Fortune did not continue with the U.S. series but after the was [sic] they had a succession of Bahaus Art editors who had no interest in understandable maps.”
FOLDER 172 Indonesia, Fortune, March 1949
SEE ALSO: Part IV. [8] File Folder
FOLDER 173 (empty)
FOLDER 174 (empty)
FOLDER 175 Afrindesia, Life
See ALSO: Part IV. [9]
FOLDER 176 India, Fortune, February 1950
FOLDER 177 South Atlantic U.S., Fortune
FOLDER 178 Dollars vs. Pounds, Life, October 1949
FOLDER 179 USSR's First Atom Bomb, Life, October 1949
FOLDER 180 Communist Fastness, Fortune, February 1950
“World War II is over but now we have the cold war and it cannot be ignored. This is a handy view to demonstrate the relations of Europe and Northern Asia to North America and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Approximately three-quarters of the land area in this view is U.S.S.R. territory. The purpose here is to show in perspective the Russian relations to the rest of Europe, Asia and, most important, to North America, the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific Oceans. Fortune, February 1950.”
FOLDER 181 N.A. Looks to Eurasia, Fortune
FOLDER 182 Yale, Endpapers
FOLDER 183 Chile, General Drafting
FOLDER 184 Layout (Lowenstein), Life, February 1950
FOLDER 185 Globes, General Drafting, March 1950
FOLDER 186 Europe, General Drafting, March 1950
FOLDER 187 Oilways Series (6 maps), General Drafting, 1950
FOLDER 188 Cookie House, Mcalls, April 1950
FOLDER 189 Medal design, First Geographic Congress, May 1950
FOLDER 190 John Fischer
FOLDER 191 Photo History World, Life, War II October 1950
SEE ALSO: Part I. 96.
FOLDER 192 Australia, Fortune, September 1950
“Australia, almost totally neglected in Look at the World, at last gets noticed. It is by far the flattest of the continents and not much of interest to a depicter of mountains. Notice the contrast of New Guinea with its 16,000 foot mountains.” SEE ASLO: Part II. [16].
FOLDER 193 Korea, Life, July 1950
FOLDER 194 St. Lawrence, Fortune, August 1950
FOLDER 195 U.S. Foreign Aid, Fortune, January 1951
FOLDER 196 Mexico, General Drafting, January 1951
FOLDER 197 Setback in Iran, (Reprint of S.E. to Armageddon), Fortune, January 1951
SEE ALSO: Part I. 82.
FOLDER 198 Soviet Transport, Fortune, March 1951
FOLDER 199 Sketch for Mural, American Airlines, May 1951
FOLDER 200 Middle East, Fortune, August 1951
FOLDER 201 Hachures U.S., General Drafting, July 1951
FOLDER 202 One World One War, Revision 83, Time, July 1951
FOLDER 203 Asia, Life, December 28, 1951
FOLDER 204 Spain, Fortune, November 1951
FOLDER 204a Center of Soviet Aspirations, Fortune, November 1951
FOLDER 205 U.S. Commitment (IWIW rev), Fortune, January 1952
FOLDER 206 Soviet Transportation (Rev. 198), Life, December 1951
FOLDER 207 Carribean Inserts, General Drafting, January 1952
FOLDER 208 Colombia Lamp, General Drafting, February 1952
FOLDER 209 Sketch for London Mural, Time, February 1952
FOLDER 210 Finland Forever, Harcourt Brace, March 1952
FOLDER 211 S.E. Asia, Mut. Sec. Agency, February - May 1952
FOLDER 212 Missouri, Life, April 1952
FOLDER 213 Europe, Ginn, May 1952
FOLDER 214 Asia, Ginn, May 1952
FOLDER 215 Canada, Fortune, July 1952
“The last of the Fortune perspectives and one my favorites.”
FOLDER 216 Rev. 56, Keogh, September 1952
FOLDER [217] (empty)
FOLDER 218 Oceans, Life, December 1952
“The Atlantic Ocean Bottom. A Northeast View from Panama Life. February 9, 1953. This a very early (perhaps first) attempt to render the ocean bottom in perspective. Note that the latitude and longitude lines are white on the ocean surface and they are projected in blue onto the bottom thus giving a profile of the topography. This was a first.” SEE ALSO: Part IV. [10]
FOLDER 219 Southern Lands, Ginn, June 1953
FOLDER 220 Saturday Review of Literature, January 1953
FOLDER [221] (empty)
FOLDER 222 Africa, Life, March 1953
SEE ALSO: Part IV. [11]
FOLDER 223 Half Globe Atmosphere Story, Life, April 1953
FOLDER 224 Orthos Atlantic & Pacific, Viking, May 1953
FOLDER 225 Central America, W.P. Colton & Co., May 1953
FOLDER 226 Atmosphere, Life, June 1953
FOLDER 227 Desert, Life, March 1954
FOLDER 228 Globe, Coca Cola Export Co., October 1953
FOLDER 229 Germany, Life, April 1954
FOLDER 230 American Bible Society, April 1954
FOLDER 231 Sketch for Map of USSR, Life, April 1954
FOLDER 232 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 1954
FOLDER 233 Gloucester House, August 1954
FOLDER 234 Red Europe & the U.S., Life, September 1954
FOLDER 235 Northwest Passage, Life, October 1954
FOLDER [236] (empty)
FOLDER [237] (empty)
FOLDER 238 American Bible Society, September 1955
FOLDER 239 Line Drawing, Dubois, February 1956
FOLDER 240 Sketch of New Bedford, J.T. Bradwell, September 1956
FOLDER 241 Here is the Far North, Endpapers, October 1956
FOLDER 242 Twilight Projections, CBS, December 1956
FOLDER 243 Golf Course, Sports Illustrated
FOLDER 244 Book IV, Ginn, December 1956
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