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Series I: Map Projects Identified by Richard Edes Harrison, 1934-1956 (continued)
FOLDER 238 American Bible Society, September 1955
FOLDER 239 Line Drawing, Dubois, February 1956
FOLDER 240 Sketch of New Bedford, J.T. Bradwell, September 1956
FOLDER 241 Here is the Far North, Endpapers, October 1956
FOLDER 242 Twilight Projections, CBS, December 1956
FOLDER 243 Golf Course, Sports Illustrated
FOLDER 244 Book IV, Ginn, December 1956
Series II: Map Projects not Listed by Richard Edes Harrison, 1932-1980
The following 75 projects were not included by R.E. Harrison in his numbered list of projects, although many of them appeared in his card file of works. The projects are arranged in chronological order, followed by a group of undated materials. The undated materials represent work that extended over a long period of Time, Such as Ginn Geographies and Nystrom maps.
Items are listed in the following manner: unit title, publication title and date of publication
FOLDER [1] The U.S. Election Prediction, Time, October 1932
FOLDER [2] An Aerial View of New York City, Herald Square Hotel, 1932
“This rather doubtful contribution to cartography is important because it was my first perspective and the progenitor many global views. Copies were distributed to out-of-state motorists at the entrance to tunnels and bridges. Note the hand lettering throughout.”
FOLDER [3] Technical and Other Illustrations, Fortune, 1932-1936
FOLDER [4] Sketches, Time, 1933-1940
FOLDER [5] Original Mounted Drawing, Time, 1933-1940
FOLDER [6] Bottle-Making Machine, Fortune, July 1933
FOLDER [7] Thompson Machine Gun, Fortune, August 1934
FOLDER [8] Technicolor Camera, Fortune, October 1934
FOLDER [9] Peter II's Yugoslavia, Time, October 1934
FOLDER [10] Fish, Fortune, April 1935
FOLDER [11] Kimberly Mine, Fortune, April 1935
FOLDER [12] March of Time, Late 1930s
FOLDER [13] Autogiro, Fortune, May 1935
FOLDER [14] Traffic Cloverleaf, Fortune, August 1936
FOLDER [15] Minicam Mechanics, Fortune, October 1936
FOLDER [16] Wire Photo, Dayton Daily News, May 1937
FOLDER [17] Wall St., Fortune, June 1937
FOLDER [18] Foundrinier Paper Machine, Fortune, October 1937
FOLDER [19] Paris Exposition 1937
FOLDER [20] Consumer Cooperatives, Fortune, 1937
FOLDER [21] Westinghouse Air Brake, Fortune, 1937
FOLDER [22] Original Mounted Drawings, Time, 1933-1940
FOLDER [23] BBC Broadcast, September 1943
FOLDER [24] Nomograph as an Instrument for Map Making,Geographical Review, October 1943
FOLDER [25] Ginn Geographies, 1943-1970
FOLDER [26] U.S. Perspective Atlas, Fortune, 1949
“Sketches + other material for an Atlas to follow and supplement ‘Look at the World’ which was a wartime effort. This would cover the US thoroughly as well as the previously neglected areas like South America, Africa and Australia. Alas, the Fortune editors (new) had no interest in maps and the project the died after two maps; ‘Pacific Watershed’ and ‘New England’ Peccato! 2-12-91 REH”
FOLDER [27] Map Experiment 1950
FOLDER [28] North Atlantic Base, Life, February 1950
FOLDER [29] Gray Background Experiment, 1952-1953
“These materials were originally grouped together by Mr. Harrison in a small envelope labeled, Gray Background,Experiment with Gray Background and Gray board Experiment.”
FOLDER [30] The World We Live In, Life, 1953
FOLDER [31] The GPE Producing Companies, General Precision Equipment Corporation, 1954
FOLDER [32] Africa and South America, 1955
FOLDER [33] Bradley, World Geography, 1956-1963
SEE ALSO: Part I. 203.
FOLDER [34] Indonesia and Eastern Hemisphere, July 1957
FOLDER [35] Battle for the Atlantic, Random House, 1958
FOLDER [36] Newly Discovered World Beneath the Waves, Fortune, November 1959
SEE ALSO: Part II. [24]
FOLDER [37] Cornelius Ryan The Longest Day, Endpapers, 1959
FOLDER [38] Book IV, Ginn Geographies, 1960
FOLDER [39] Nystrom, 1960-1976
FOLDER [40] Floor of the World Ocean, Annals, AAG, 1961
SEE ALSO: Part II. [21]
FOLDER [41] Reviews of Atlases, Saturday Review, March 1962
FOLDER [42] U.S. National Atlas, U.S. Geological Survey, 1963-1967
SEE ALSO: Part IV [12].
FOLDER [43] Progressive Proofs, United States Geological Survey January 1964
FOLDER [44] John Bill's Birds of New York, July 1964
FOLDER [45] Book 4: At Home Around the World, Ginn Geographies, June-July 1964
FOLDER [46] Redo of Floor of the World Ocean - Solving the Riddle of the Shuddering Earth, Fortune, February 1965
FOLDER [47] Birdwatching Maps, Linnaen Society, 1965
FOLDER [48] Odyssey World Atlas, General Drafting Co., 1965
FOLDER [49] Altitudes of Interest in Central Park, February 1967
FOLDER [50] Daily News Globe, April 1967
FOLDER [51] Central Park, Greensward Foundation, 1967
FOLDER [52] Maps for the "Green", January 1968
FOLDER [53] Staten Island Greenbelt: Parkway? or Trailway?, April 1968
FOLDER [54] Jamaica Bay, Park Association, October 1968
FOLDER [55] Bikeway Maps, 1968
FOLDER [56] Richmond Parkway and Alternates, March 1969
FOLDER [57] Everglades 1870-1970, Sierra Club, May 1970
FOLDER [58] Africa, December 1970
FOLDER [59] Kennedy Assassination, Clarkson Potter, 1970
Note: These materials were formerly stored in an envelope labeled by REH: Kennedy assassination maps for book by Clarkson.
FOLDER [60] Subways, 1970
FOLDER [61] Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1970
FOLDER [62] Brooklyn Bridge, Parks Council, April 1971
FOLDER [63] Park Maps, 1972
FOLDER [64] Grand Central or Third Avenue, January 1973
FOLDER [65] Waterfront Park, September 1973
FOLDER [66] Plate Tectonics, Smithsonian Magazine, December 1974 - January 1976
SEE ALSO: Part IV. [13] Folder
FOLDER [67] Likaglobe, August 1975
FOLDER [68] Passage to Ararat, Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, August 1975
FOLDER [69] Scientific American, 1975
FOLDER [70] Rochambeau's March, 1976
FOLDER [71] The View from Great Gull, Great Gull Island, 1976
FOLDER [72] Oregon Trail, Random House, 1978
FOLDER [73] Westchester County, 1978
FOLDER [74] A.J.
FOLDER [75] Palawan, Endpapers, 1980
Series III: Miscellaneous Map Projects
The materials in the following list have not been identified with any of the projects named by REH, either in his numbered list or in his card file of works. Although dates are given for a few projects, their intended use could not be determined.
FOLDER (1) Miscellaneous Small Projects
FOLDER (2) Drawings Identified by Latitude and Longitude
FOLDER (3) United States
FOLDER (4) Relief Studies of North America and Asia
FOLDER (5) Topography, New York and Chesapeake Bay Areas
FOLDER (6) United States Perspective View
FOLDER (7) Turkey, April 1972
“Work Sheet – Turkey” with note: “Apr. 29 1972, this was a map for Fortune to accompany a piece by Peter Drucker. The color final was almost finished when the whole story was cancelled. Reason, Drucker’s story met with a storm of protest from the dozen or so who read the draft. His only defender was Prof. Edw. M. Earle of Princeton who finally admitted he hadn’t read the draft very carefully.”
FOLDER (8) Lyke's Hinterland
FOLDER (9) English-Spanish Letter Plate
FOLDER (10) Europe
FOLDER (11) Asia and the Pacific
FOLDER (12) North and South America
FOLDER (13) Africa and Australia
FOLDER (14) Thematic Maps: U.S. and Oceans
FOLDER (15) Final Drawings and Letter Plate
FOLDER (16) Middle East
FOLDER (17) Small Items
FOLDER (18) Miscellaneous Harrison Paraphernalia
FOLDER (19) 6" Globe
FOLDER (20) U.S. West Coast
FOLDER (21) Atlantic Ocean Ridge
FOLDER (22) n/a
FOLDER (23) Topo Line Drawings
FOLDER (24) Various Unidentified Projects
FOLDER (25) Architectural Sketches
FOLDER (26) Japan Project Paraphernalia
FOLDER (27) British and French Empires
FOLDER (28) Land Profiles
FOLDER (29) Price Pattern
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