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Richard Edes Harrison maps and papers collection

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Series III: Miscellaneous Map Projects
The materials in the following list have not been identified with any of the projects named by REH, either in his numbered list or in his card file of works. Although dates are given for a few projects, their intended use could not be determined.
FOLDER (1) Miscellaneous Small Projects
FOLDER (2) Drawings Identified by Latitude and Longitude
FOLDER (3) United States
FOLDER (4) Relief Studies of North America and Asia
FOLDER (5) Topography, New York and Chesapeake Bay Areas
FOLDER (6) United States Perspective View
FOLDER (7) Turkey, April 1972
“Work Sheet – Turkey” with note: “Apr. 29 1972, this was a map for Fortune to accompany a piece by Peter Drucker. The color final was almost finished when the whole story was cancelled. Reason, Drucker’s story met with a storm of protest from the dozen or so who read the draft. His only defender was Prof. Edw. M. Earle of Princeton who finally admitted he hadn’t read the draft very carefully.”
FOLDER (8) Lyke's Hinterland
FOLDER (9) English-Spanish Letter Plate
FOLDER (10) Europe
FOLDER (11) Asia and the Pacific
FOLDER (12) North and South America
FOLDER (13) Africa and Australia
FOLDER (14) Thematic Maps: U.S. and Oceans
FOLDER (15) Final Drawings and Letter Plate
FOLDER (16) Middle East
FOLDER (17) Small Items
FOLDER (18) Miscellaneous Harrison Paraphernalia
FOLDER (19) 6" Globe
FOLDER (20) U.S. West Coast
FOLDER (21) Atlantic Ocean Ridge
FOLDER (22) n/a
FOLDER (23) Topo Line Drawings
FOLDER (24) Various Unidentified Projects
FOLDER (25) Architectural Sketches
FOLDER (26) Japan Project Paraphernalia
FOLDER (27) British and French Empires
FOLDER (28) Land Profiles
FOLDER (29) Price Pattern
Series IV: Personal Papers
Personal correspondence; family records; real estate records; health records; drawings (typically cartoons); files on architects who interested him; political interests; travel records; various social club memberships, including Trapdoor Spiders.
BOX 1 Biographical/Family
Family and biographical files; phone book
BOX 2-8 Personal Correspondence
BOX 9 Coffee House Club
Records; photos
BOX 10 Trapdoor Spiders Club
Records; photos
BOX 11 Miscellaneous Organizations
BOX 12 Miscellaneous/General
Series V: Professional Papers
Includes professional and college lectures, professional associations, articles published by Harrison, correspondence with other cartographers, client information, drafts of projects for Fortune , Time, Life, Ginn, Nystrom, U.S. government, and others, inlcuding such projects as: "Look at the World: The Fortune Atlas for World Strategy," "Atlas for the U.S. Citizen,"and "New Compass of the World."
BOX 13-23 General Correspondence
BOX 24-26 Additional Correspondence
BOX 27 Fortune and Time Correspondence
BOX 28 Articles and Manuscripts
BOX 29 Atlas Reviews
BOX 30-31 Compass of the World Manuscripts
BOX 32 Criticism of Richard Edes Harrison
BOX 33-36 Ginn Publishing
BOX 37 Lectures
BOX 38 Map Exhibits
BOX 39-40 Professional Organizations
BOX 41 Project Lists
BOX 42 Publishers (Various)
BOX 43 Rand McNally International Conference
BOX 44 Work as a College Professor
Class lectures; instructional materials; exhibits; Syracuse University.
BOX 45-46 Work with the Federal Government
Reports to Army Chief of Staff George Marshall; OSS; State Department; USGS; Loyalty Board.
BOX 47 Africa, Australia, Oceans, Polar, World
Index cards
BOX 48 Asia
Index cards
BOX 49-50 City Plan, Islands, Projections, Aerial Pix, Tables, Charts
Index cards
BOX 51 Europe
Index cards
BOX 52 South, Central and North America
Index cards
BOX 53-60 Ginn Map Reproductions, Others
Slides; photos
Series VI: Birdwatching Papers
Birdwatching Papers.
BOX 61 Contacts
Index cards
Series VII: Central Park, New York Conservation Papers
Central Park, New York Conservation Papers
BOX 62-64 Unprocessed Materials
Series VIII: General Environmental, Conservation, and Park Papers
General Environmental Conservation Papers
BOX 65-67B Unprocessed Materials
Series IX: Yale Alumni Papers
Yale Alumni Papers
BOX 68-69 Unprocessed Materials

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