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Ethel M. Fair map collection

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Fair map collection
A collection of 889 pictorial maps organized by EMF number
FOLDER 1 Fred Harvey Food Map. n.d.
Showing characteristic foods of each state and locations of Fred Harvey hotels and restaurants, "Extending from Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City through the Great Southwest to the Pacific Coast."
58, c1
FOLDER 2 Cape Cod map "wherein is shown ye discovery and settlement of same with the tracks of ye "Pilgrims carefully prepared according to Mourts Relations." ca1936?
Coulton Waugh, (cartographer).
Exquisite details & delicately tinted
58, c2
FOLDER 3 Map of Pennsylvania Turnpike showing connecting routes. n.d.
C.T Art-Colortone, reg. U.S. Pat. Off. {PA-127?}
"America's Super Highway." Shows turnpike from Irwin to Middlesex. Description on verso. Mentions Standard Oil Stations and Howard Johnson restaurants.
58, c3, c3a
FOLDER 4 Georgia. n.d.
Duro Decal Co., Inc. Chicago.
58, c4
FOLDER 5 A map showing the location of the Old Road Coffee House, Montclair, NJ. n.d.
[Old Road Coffee House. Montclair, NJ] Eva Rose, Irma Rose {proprietors?}
58, c5
FOLDER 6 Salem, Massachusetts. n.d.
58, c6, c6a
FOLDER 7 CaricaTour of San Francisco. a character tour in caricature. c1936, c1937 on verso
Ruth Taylor. Caricatour Co. [San Francisco]
58, c7
FOLDER 8 Seeing the Cape. n.d.
L.B. Robbins.
From the canal to Provincetown.
58, c8
FOLDER 9 Free Library, 1889. Hempstead, 1644, Long Island. n.d.
[Hempstead] Free Library. Long Island, NY.
Bookplate using picture map of Long Island as a design.
58, c9
FOLDER 10 Boothbay Harbor and vicinity. n.d.
Ethel B. Fowler.
58, c10
FOLDER 11 Coast of Maine. n.d.
58, c11
FOLDER 12 The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. n.d.
The Nelson Studio. Stony Brook, NY.
1 7/16":100 mi.
Used as Christmas Card by Miller Brothers & Co., Harrisburg, PA.
58, c12
FOLDER 13 Greetings from Madison, WI.
58, c13
FOLDER 14 Young America travels abroad. [1928]
Louise Herron Halliburton. Frederick A. Stokes Co. NY.
58, c14
FOLDER 15 Rutgers University. 175th Anniversary Celebration, 1766-1941, New Brunswick, New Jersey. n.d.
William P. Hudson.
Two copies.
58, c15, c15a
FOLDER 16 Pirates of the West Indies and Spanish Main. their bloody deeds, strongholds and haunts, carefully shown according to history. c1927
Stuart Travis (researched and painted).
Conveys character of a notable decoration on board the California, in the early-American smoking-room. Based on one of the best of the earlier charts of the Caribbean.
58, c16, c16a
FOLDER 17 A map of the buildings of Sweet Briar College. n.d.
Line drawing.
59, c17, c17a
FOLDER 18 Jane Rowley Armstrong wishes you a Merry Christmas. 1933
J.R.A. {Jane Rowley Armstrong?}, Williamsburg, VA.
1":25 mi.
58, c18
FOLDER 19 Map of Christmas wishes. 1932?
58, c19
FOLDER 20 Charted course of Ye Goode Shippe. "Yuletide Greetings". 1927
Leslie Moyer. Privately Printed. Cleveland
Personal Christmas card, "drawn for Barbara Anne Moyer by her fond Daddy..."
58, c20
FOLDER 21 Christmas map and a guide to a happy New Year. 1934?
58, c21
FOLDER 22 Christmas map of Merry-ville in the State of Happiness. n.d.
58, c22
FOLDER 23 Merry Christmas. United States map. n.d.
red outline with red and green illustrations.
58. c23
FOLDER 24 Merry Christmas. United States map. [1939?]
Inside of folder shows "The land of a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Ethel Marion Fair".
58, c24, c24a
FOLDER 25 Revised map of the state of Louisiana. n.d.
[Vaughn] Shoemaker.
Portion of cartoon, "Has this occurred to you, Huey?" in The Chicago Daily News, Nov. 15, 1934.
58, c25
FOLDER 26 [State cocktail mapkins.] n.d.
Printed on green background on cotton as cocktail napkins. Set includes: CA, IL, NY, OH, PA, TX, NJ, and MA.
58, c26
FOLDER 27 Douglass College, Rutgers. The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, New Jersey. n.d.
R.G. Bradshaw.
Based on map of "New Jersey College for Women..." by Evelyn Roller '39.
58, c27
FOLDER 28 New Jersey College for Women, campus and surroundings, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 1939
Evelyn Roller.
58, c28, c28a
FOLDER 29 Map of the campus, New Jersey College for Women, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 1939
Evelyn Roller.
Published also in size 10 1/2" x 7 3/8". 29a EMF. [c29g] Also on back cover of Alumnae Bulletin, Nov. 1939. Same general design as her "New Jersey College for Women, campus and surroundings..."
58, c29, c29a, c29b , c29g, c29c
FOLDER 30 Florida. n.d.
58, c30
FOLDER 31 All roads lead to New York. 1939
58, c31
FOLDER 32 A map of Cape Cod. n.d.
58, c32
FOLDER 33 "The Road to the Isles." n.d.
Northwest Scotland and the Isles. red, black and green plaid border of colored map
58, c33
FOLDER 34 The flowering of New England. n.d.
New England authors' homes located.
58, c34
FOLDER 35 [Mosellauf von Trier bis Koblenz mit seitlicher Beschreibung und Hinweisen für Wassersportler.] [c1920]
Karl Rud. Bremer & Co. Köln am Rhein.
Winding river with elevations indicated by shading. Cities and villages depicted with connecting roads. Descriptions of places in margin. In jacket from which title is taken.
58, c35
FOLDER 36 Plan of buildings and grounds, Columbia University. n.d.
George F. Trenholm. [Columbia University. New York.]
Picture of Low Library in corner.
58, c36
FOLDER 37 A map of Portsmouth, NH: an old town by the sea. c1930
Dorothy Vaughan and Harold G. Rundlett.
black and white with light blue ocean.
58, c37
FOLDER 38 A map of Princeton, NJ, showing location of Princeton Municipal Improvement, Inc. development. n.d.
Walter Beach Humphrey?
Development named: "Palmer Square." Copy in blue and peach and second copy on cover of Nassau Tavern menu containing brief history of the Town and 2 insets.
58, c38, c38a
FOLDER 39 Westerly Public Library and extension services. Black on tan, with illustrations of buildings. 1934
From the Annual report of the Westerly Public Library, Westerly, RI, 1934, p. 12-13.
58, c39
FOLDER 40 County library comes home to the people. 1927
Paul M. Paine. American Library Association Committee on Library Extension. Chicago.
Smaller size, 5 3/4" x 7" EMF 40a.
58, c40a
FOLDER 41 El Paso Public Library. n.d.
Map of routes around El Paso with historic dates.
58, c41, c41a, c41b
FOLDER 42 Graphic map of Los Angeles Library System. n.d.
Mrs. Faith Holmes Hyers (publicist) of the Los Angeles Library gave permission to print map. From the 42nd annual report of the Los Angeles Public Library.
In Gaylords' Triangle, v.10, no.6, Feb. 1931. Appears also in the 42d annual report of the Los Angeles Public Library, 1929-30.
58, c42
FOLDER 43 Toronto public library: fifty years as the Mechanics Institute, 1832-92. fifty years as the Public Library, 1883-1933... 1933?
H.G. Kemp. Toronto Public Library. Toronto.
Shows branches in the system. Published in Annual Report.
58, c43
FOLDER 44 Library land, 1887-1937. 1937
Designed College of St. Catherine Library School. College of St. Catherine Library School. St. Paul, MN.
Photographic reproduction of original chart in colors, 59" x 38". Pictorial representation of development in education for librarianship.In commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the first library school at Columbia College in 1887.
58, c44
FOLDER 45 Cape Cod, MA. n.d.
D.W. Gale.
Very dainty and attractive. Hand painted in brown, blue and yellow on cardboard.
?8, c45
FOLDER 46 Mappe of "Redcliffe" on the Raritan at New Brunswick, NJ. 1930
Carlyle Burrows. Privately Printed.
In small folder.
58, c46, c46a
FOLDER 47 Golden Pheasant Coffee House of Somerville is near the centre of NJ. n.d.
Somerville Civic League. Somerville, NJ.
Showing the roads leading to Golden Pheasant Coffee House. Inside of folder.
58, c47
FOLDER 48 Map of Central Philadelphia showing hotels and railroad stations together with transportation lines which serve Convention Hall. c1940
Philadelphia Transportation Co., [Philadelphia].
1 15/16":2000 ft.
58, c48 {marked on map, but no subject card for this number}
FOLDER 49 Map of Central Philadelphia showing hotels and railroad stations together with transportation lines which serve Convention Hall. 1940
Philadelphia Transportation Co., [Philadelphia].
In folder: "Places of interest in Central Philadelphia." On verso: Street map of central part of city with "Places of interest" keyed to map. Also used (8 1/2" x 11 1/2") as inside of folder: "Welcome to Philadelphia."
58, c49
FOLDER 50 Map of Central Philadelphia showing hotels and railroad stations together with transportation lines which serve Convention Hall. 1940
Philadelphia Transportation Co., [Philadelphia].
In folder: "Places of interest in Central Philadelphia." On verso: Street map of central part of city with "Places of interest" keyed to map. Also used (8 1/2" x 11 1/2") as inside of folder: "Welcome to Philadelphia."
58, c50
FOLDER 51 Map of the adventures of Sinbad aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Campbell, 1937-1945. 1945
George Gray. Dodd, Mead & Co., NY.
15/16":2000 mi.
Illustrating Sinbad of the Coast Guard by George F. Foley, Jr.
58, c51
FOLDER 52 Der Inn. n.d.
Maßstab, Maszstab 1:625.000 or 36 cm:50 km (bar), just less than 1 7/16":31.07 mi.
Delicately sketched mountains and valley towns.
58, c52, c52a
FOLDER 53 A map of roads to Hillside farm near Newtown, Bucks County, PA, the residence of Walter Biddle Saul. 1940
J. Riegel, Jr.
2 11/16":5 mi.
Historical scenes.
58, c53
FOLDER 54 Bennington College. 1923?
58, c54
FOLDER 55 Carta Turistica figurata di Napoli e cornice partenopea. 1951
Edo Cigheri. Visto Questura di Genova. Saiga gia B & G. Genova. Genova.
Shows only main points of interest and islands off shore. In illustrated folder: "Daily excursions in the environs of Naples."
58, c55
FOLDER 56 Lebanon:touristic map. [c1947?]
[Marcel Rosellini. Printers: St. Paul-Harissa]
Map in folder: "Land of history and legend."
58, c56
FOLDER 57 The Berry schools and college: Campus Tourguide. n.d.
Boy's high school and the farm school shown on side of sheet bearing title; girls' school and college on verso. Near Rome, Georgia.
58, c57
FOLDER 58 Teachers College, Columbia University, 525 West 120th Street, New York city. n.d.
Maxine Filer (designer); lettering Harriet H. Shoen. [Teachers College Columbia University, New York]
58, c58, c58a
FOLDER 59 The country of Islandia. n.d.
Robert Graves.
Scale : 1 inch = 45 miles
On verso: "You'll be referring to this map often as you read Islandia."
58, c59
FOLDER 60 Picture tea map of the world. c1935?
New York.
58, c60
FOLDER 61 Picture coffee map of the world. c1935?
New York.
58, c61
FOLDER 62 Fairchild tropical garden. n.d.
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