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Ethel M. Fair map collection

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Fair map collection (continued)
Fairchild tropical garden. n.d. (continued)
[Miami, FL.]
In folder: "Fairchild tropical garden."
58, c62, c62a (set of 2)
FOLDER 63 Nova Scotia offers diversified recreation... n.d.
[Nova Scotia Hotel Association. Halifax.]
In folder: "This year visit Nova Scotia..."
58, 63
FOLDER 64 A view of the campus, Denison University, and a portion of the village of Granville, Ohio. 1944?
Horace King. Granville. Denison University.
On verso: History of and information about the university.
58, c64
FOLDER 65 Native life, Union of South Africa. n.d.
Union of South Africa. Printed Art Maps, Johannesburg.
58, c65
FOLDER 66 Milestones in the history of South Africa. n.d.
{Leslie Thomas Burrage.?}
Scenes of named events against a native background.
58, c66
FOLDER 67 Princeton University: n.d.
[The Campus]. [Princeton University].
1 1/4":400 ft.
In folder: "A guide to the Campus."
58, c67 (annotated)
FOLDER 68 Introducing the Lehigh Campus. n.d.
[Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.]
In pamphlet: "Souvenir greetings, Lehigh University." Marks memorial to founder of Tau Beta Pi.
58, c68 p1 & p2
FOLDER 69 Map of the city of Charlottesville, VA and vicinity. n.d.
Includes Monticello and Ash Lawn.
58, c69
FOLDER 70 Calgarian's map of North America through the eyes of Carl O. Nickle, M.P. n.d.
J. Bowen.
mostly white, some red, green and black
58, c70
FOLDER 71 New Jersey. n.d.
The Nelson Studio, Stony Brook, NY
15/16":20 mi.
Artistically shows towns and local game animals and East Coast line.
58, c71
FOLDER 72 Let's keep these life-lines flowing. Give now to the Red Cross War Fund. [1945]
Nonnast. Hawaiian Pineapple Co.
Red Cross centered in oriental countries. Advertisement in Better Homes and Gardens, March 1945.
58, c72
FOLDER 73 The Reiff Farm, Oley, Berks County, PA. n.d.
John and Rosamond Moxon.
Christmas Greeting with notice of new address.
c73, '58
FOLDER 74 Pictorial map of Hershey, Pennsylvania, "The Chocolate Town". 1934
Bernard Lorenzini.
In a folder: What to see in Hershey.
58, c74
FOLDER 75 Albany, the historic city: educational, recreational and governmental center of the Empire State. n.d.
Herbert Writer, Albany Chamber of Commerce (comp.) Albany Chamber of Commerce. Albany, NY.
Cover of a Chamber of Commerce folder.
58, c75
FOLDER 76 Central part of Boston, MA, showing transportation lines of the Boston Elevated Railway. c1930
Richard F. Lufkin. Boston Elevated Railway. Boston.
not drawn to scale
In the folder, This week in Boston, Boston's official weekly guide.
58, c76
FOLDER 77 Sovereign state of WV, showing intimate scenes from the romantic pages of her history and fascinating glimpses of her varied and interesting industrial life. n.d.
Dept. of Agriculture, WV.
Bright coloring, Yellow predominating. In booklet: "West Virginia."
58, c77
FOLDER 78 Map of Hillside School, Norwalk, Connecticut. 1933?
K.M.L. {possibly K.M. Leuschner} Hillside School, Inc. Norwalk, CT.
58, c78
FOLDER 79 Rivers of the United States - "They add romance and wealth to the American scene". n.d.
W.F. White.
Illustrating "Treasures and amenities of our rivers", by R.L. Duffus in The New York Times Magazine, Je 21, 1931, p.12-13.
58, c79
FOLDER 80 Meadow Lark's view of the Berkshire Summer School of Art at Monterey, MA. n.d.
William Longyear.
58, c80
FOLDER 81 Map of Connecticut for librarians. [1931]
Mae A. Conklin (designed and drawn). [Connecticut Library Association].
Pen and ink drawing made as a guide to Connecticut libraries for visiting librarians at the 1931 American Library Association conference. In bulletin of the Connecticut Library Association, v.1, no.4, Je.1931, p.4-5.
58, c81(2 pages)
FOLDER 82 New Orleans: the South's greatest industrial city - with romance and history. n.d.
Chamber of Commerce. New Orleans.
Reproduced in the American Library Association Conference folder, April 25-30, 1932.
58, c82
FOLDER 83 Pitcairn's Island. where the mutineers of the "Bounty" came in the year 1790. n.d.
D.&G. Hauman;
Lining paper for volume of the "Bounty" trilogy; pub. by Little, Brown. 1934.
58, c83
FOLDER 84 Berea College, Berea, Kentucky, pictorial map. [1939]
Harvey Meyer. [Berea College. Berea, MN.]
In folder: Boone Tavern.
58, c84
FOLDER 85 County of Cape May, New Jersey, America's historical vacation land. n.d.
15/16":3 mi.
58, c85
FOLDER 86 England today and yesterday. c1934
Austin Jewell. Old Curiosity Shop. Chicago.
Including references to both literary and historical spots. Includes Wales.
58, c86
FOLDER 87 Map of NY state showing the locations of some of the tales, legends and ballads in Body, Boots, and Britches. 1939
Margaret van Doren.
1 3/4":40 mi.
58, c87
FOLDER 88 Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut. points of interest. c1941
St. Lawrence Ferlazzo, Jr.
Double page picture map on A.L.A. Bulletin, April 1941, for Boston conference.
58, c88
FOLDER 89 Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore's Public Library. 1927
Edwin Tunis. Enoch Pratt Free Library. [Baltimore]
Showing branches in the system.
58, c89
FOLDER 90 How to find me at Wellesley. c1933, 1939.
G.K.D. Revised 1939.
58, c90
FOLDER 91 Rutgers Winter Sports Week-end, The Inn, Buck Hill Falls, PA. [1940]
C.C. Stover. [Rutgers University Glee Club. New Brunswick.]
In folder: "Rutgers Sports Weekend."
58, c91
FOLDER 92 [The ancient Mappa Mundi in Hereford Cathedral.] n.d.
Richard de Haldingham and de Lafford (Haldingham and Sleaford in Lincolnshire); published C.C. Brumwell (Bookseller), Hereford
Key {Map} to the Phograph of the Ancient Map of the World, preserved in Hereford Cathedral. Copyright photo by Bustin, Hereford, of original, drawn about 1314 A.D.
58, c92a, c92c
FOLDER 93 Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. [1936]
Erwin Raisz (Inst. of Geogr. Exploration). [Harvard University Tercentenary Celebration, Cambridge, MA]
1 7/10":1000'
Map shows location of buildings on campus. List of available tours during the Tercentenary Celebration, beginning June 15, 1936, on reverse side. Also on back of folder: "Harvard University. Harvard on view, June 16 to September 21, 1941.
58, c93, c93a, c93b
FOLDER 94 Map of the State of Rhode Island showing recreation facilities. 1935
[Rhode Island] State Planning Board.
9/16":3 mi.
Inset: Sword and tuna fishing, Block Island.
58, c94
FOLDER 95 Martha's Vineyard map in the form of old schoolroom map with decorative and historical features. n.d.
M. Davis.
58, c95, c95a
FOLDER 96 Interesting places within easy reach of The Clark House, Coronado Beach, FL. n.d.
Map Studio. Map Studio. New Hope, PA
58, c96
FOLDER 97 Educational radio stations. 1936?
National Committee on Education Radio. Washington, D.C.
White with black around boundary of United States.
58, c97
FOLDER 98 This map shows the principal golf courses and places of interest which can be reached within 60 minutes by car from the Hotel. [1931]
Alfred E. Taylor. [Savoy Hotel. London.]
Inset: "Places of interest within easy motoring distances of the Savoy Hotel."
58, c98
FOLDER 99 Map of the history and romance of Onondaga County. c1929
Paul M. Paine. Paul M. Paine. [Syracuse, NY.]
15/16":5 mi.
58, c99
FOLDER 100 Where to live well, dine well. 1931?
Betty Fisher, University of Chicago. Chicago.
In folder of information for University of Chicago students.
58, c100, c100a
FOLDER 101 [Map of the section of New York State within easy reach of the Syracuse University summer session, July 6th - August 14th...] 1931?
H.R. Francis. Syracuse University. NY.
approx. 1":10 mi.
Supplement to Bulletin of Syracuse University, v.1, no.16, Feb.1931.
58, c101
FOLDER 102 Greetings from Kentucky, "The Blue Grass State." n.d.
[Adams Specialty Co. Nashville, TN.] Plastichrome Colourpicture Publishers, Boston, MA.
Picture map.
58, c102
FOLDER 103 "The Buckeye State": Ohio. n.d.
["Colour-picture". Boston.] Sk7375. Shinicolor Colourpicture, Boston, MA.
Picture map surrounded by scenes in the State.
58, c103
FOLDER 104 North Carolina n.d.
Curt-Teich Co., Inc. [Chicago] ["C.T. Art-colortone, post card, reg. U.S. pat. Off.]
Picture map surrounded by scenes in the State on a postcard.
58, c104, c104a
FOLDER 105 Historic sites and events of New Jersey. [c1936?]
Norwood S. Skinner (compiled and drawn). New Jersey State Planning Board. Trenton.
"Additional interesting information" in corner. Seal of State of New Jersey on cartouche dated 1936. Map identical with one of same title, 29 3/8" x 15 7/8", EMF 307.
58, c105
FOLDER 106 The ingredients that make Mentholatum come from many ports of the world and Mentholatum is used all over the world... n.d.
The Mentholatum Co. Wilmington, DE.
58, c102
FOLDER 107 [The President's House at Rutgers: Natalie and Robert C. Clothier.] [1939?]
On back of Christmas card folder, showing location of house in relation to Rutgers University, and the routes leading to it.
58, c107
FOLDER 108 Being a map of the highways and byways to Dentree, home of Nancy and Tyler Claiborne at Buckingham Valley, Bucks County, PA. 1938
J.T. Engeman, Jr.
1 13/16":3 mi? (miles on similar Bucks Co. map)
Black on white, red on white, and black on blue.
58, c108, c108a, c108b, c108c
FOLDER 109 "Hayne Hall," home of Cleo and John Hayne, Lahaska, Bucks County, PA. 1938
J.T. Engeman, Jr.
1 7/8:3 mi (not specified, but creator uses this measure in similar maps)
58, c109
FOLDER 110 The highways and byways to Woodmont Farm, Stoopville Road, Newtown, R.F.D., Bucks County, PA.
Jack Engeman.
2 7/8":3 mi.
58, c110
FOLDER 111 A map showing the most convenient roads to The Brothers House, above Carversville, Bucks county, PA. 1938
J.T. Engeman, Jr.
1 15/16":4 mi.
58, c111
FOLDER 112 Beautiful country acreage for sale in Tinicum's residential and recreational section...within 5 to 10 miles of U.S. Routes 611, 29, 32. Grover C. Clark, owner. 1938
J.T. Engeman, Jr. (designer) Map Studio. New Hope, PA.
no scale
58, c112, c112a
FOLDER 113 Being a map of the highways and byways to The Clef, summer studio of Mae Mackie, Dark Hollow Road, Pipersville, R.F.D., Bucks County, PA. 1938
J.T. Engeman, Jr.
1 5/16:2 mi.
blue on cream, blue on white, brown on gray
58, c113c, c113a, c113b
FOLDER 114 A map of Greenwich Village showing some of its historical, artistic, literary, educational, and religious places of interest. c1934
E.L. Harper. The Villager. [New York]
1 1/2":1000 ft.
Black on buff, attractively trimmed with red, yellow, and blue.
58, c114, c114a, 114b
FOLDER 115 Mackinac Island. [1936]
[Arnold Transit Co., Mackinac Island.]
In folder: Mackinac, The island of romance. Airplanes, but no autos.
58, c115
FOLDER 116 Good earth. n.d.
Bernard Corvinus.
Food products and industries of the United States illustrated. In The New York Times Magazine, Jl. 30, 1933, p.2.
58, c116
FOLDER 117 A pictorial map of places of interest in VA of which The Jefferson is the center. n.d.
[The Jefferson. Richmond, VA]
58, c117
FOLDER 118 County of Cape May, New Jersey. n.d.
The Hub Restaurant. Avalon, NJ.
58, c118
FOLDER 119 Gabe's of Owensboro, KY, where the hospitality of the South begins. ca1958
KY, a paradise for tourists and vacationists. Identifies numbered highways. In folder: "Gabe's, the Steakhouse of the South," a menu card, dated May 18 [1958]
58, c119
FOLDER 120 ...The Blacksmith Shop, Millbrook, NY. n.d.
The Blacksmith Shop. Millbrook, NY.
Shows principal highways to Millbrook.
58, c120
FOLDER 121 Highways to Huyler's. n.d.
Entertaining sketch of eastern US, showing location of Huyler stores and cargoes of supplies coming to the cities.
58, c121
FOLDER 122 Hotel Baker, St. Charles, IL n.d.
Louis Thompson. Hotel Baker. St. Charles, IL
The beauty spot of the Fox River Valley, E.J.Baker, owner, presents an historical map of St. Charles.
c58, c122
FOLDER 123 Locations of Hot Shoppes: Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore. n.d.
58, c123
FOLDER 124 Cannon Ball Inn. n.d.
[Cannon Ball Inn] Springfield, NJ.
58, c124
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