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Ethel M. Fair map collection

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Fair map collection (continued)
FOLDER 125 Menu by Mary Hartigan. n.d.
Mary Hartigan. Dedham, MA.
Shows routes from surrounding cities of Massachusetts to coffee house.
58, c125
FOLDER 126 Raritan Valley Farms Inc., Somerville, NJ on the traffic circle. n.d.
Shows route and neighboring places of importance. Gingham-check border.
58, c126
FOLDER 127 Colonial Farms, erected 1793, Middlebush, NJ. n.d.
Shows highways and local historical scenes.
58, c127
FOLDER 128 The Churchill. n.d.
The Churchill. Whitefield, NH
Whitefield, showing the location of the Inn.
58, c128, c128a, c128b
FOLDER 129 The Keystone State, Pennsylvania place map. n.d.
Royal Paper Products. Coatesville, PA.
58, c129
FOLDER 130 Baker's Coffee Shop (Baker's Motel). n.d.
Laconda. Springfield, OH.
On routes no. U.S. 22 and U.S. 40.
58, c130
FOLDER 131 The air conditioned Willard Hotel in the Nation's capital: The Rendezvous room... n.d.
Willard Hotel. [Washington, DC.]
Within walking distance of everything worthwhile in Washington, DC.
58, c131
FOLDER 132 Bill Walker's Village restaurant, Cameron Village. n.d.
Raleigh, NC.
58, c132
FOLDER 133 [M's of Hawaii map of Hawaii's Island of Oahu, Honolulu's own.] n.d.
Harvey. Sturgis, MI.
Advertising M's Coffee Tavern.
58, c133
FOLDER 134 Howard Johnson's, landmark for hungry Americans. ice cream shoppes and restaurants. n.d.
Florida surrounded by vacationers.
58, c134, c134a
FOLDER 135 Roger Smith Hotel. [1945]
[Roger Smith Hotel. New Brunswick, NJ.]
Shows Roger Smith hotels from Holyoke, MA to Washington, DC.
58, c135
FOLDER 136 A simple map of Philadelphia, together with a key to the location of many of the city's historical landmarks. n.d.
Sisson, (laurence p.? Sisson was near bottom of map). Charles Ogle(photography). John Wanamaker. Philadelphia.
Inside of cover of John Wanamaker Great Crystal Tea Room menu.
58, c136
FOLDER 137 All roads lead to Drakes. n.d.
Pat. Drakes. Berkeley, CA.
58, c137, 137a,137b,137c
FOLDER 138 America, the beautiful. States illustrated by pictures of children. placemat. n.d.
58, c138, c138a
FOLDER 139 Raritan Valley Farms Inc., Somerville, NJ on the traffic circle. n.d.
Raritan Valley Inn. Somervill, NJ
Shows route to Pennsylvania Turnpike.
58, c139
FOLDER 140 Along the route of the B & O between Washington and New York. n.d.
Shows "First horse change station, B & O 1829."
58, c140
FOLDER 141 [North America.] n.d.
Package Paper Co. Holyoke, MA.
In the form of table mats, printed in red and blue on waterproof paper in typical sampler style with alphabet and numeral border design. Other samplers: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America.
58, c141, c141a
FOLDER 142 [Africa.] n.d.
Package Paper Co. Holyoke, MA.
Table mat on waterproof paper in typical sampler style with alphabet and numeral border design. Other samplers: Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America
58, c142
FOLDER 143 [Asia.] n.d.
Package Paper Co. Holyoke, MA.
In the form of waterproof paper table mat. Printed in red and blue in typical sampler style with alphabet and numeral border design. Other samplers: Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, South America.
58, c143
FOLDER 144 [South America.] n.d.
Package Paper Co. Holyoke, MA.
Tablemat of waterproof paper with typical sampler style with alphabet and numerical border design. Other samplers: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America
58, c144
FOLDER 145 [Europe.] n.d.
Package Paper Co. Holyoke, MA.
Sampler style in the form of waterproof paper table mat with alphabet and numeral border design.Other samplers: Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South America.
58, c145
FOLDER 146 [Australia.] n.d.
Package Paper Co. Holyoke, MA.
In typical sampler style with alphabet and numeral border design. Other samplers: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America
58, c146
FOLDER 147 [New England.] n.d.
Nashua Gummed and Coated Paper Co, Nashua, NH [on label, not necessarily publisher.]
From Vermont's maple syrup to Nantucket and Moby Dick. {Original description was "Blue line drawing with border of figures in red." However, it appears that only the style is similar to a blue line sampler rather than diazotype material.}
58, c147, 147a, 147b, 147c
FOLDER 148 The Teahouse. originally built by Hypolite Du Puis in 1854, later known as the Fee Property. 1936
Nadine Evers Semans (cartographer). Daughters of the American Revolution. Minneapolis, MN.
Shows country around Minneapolis, featuring The Sibley House and the Faribault House.
58, c148
FOLDER 149 Frances Toor's guide to Mexico. n.d.
Fanita Lanier.
Book titles located in Mexico and South Central State of the U.S. Published in Saturday Review of Literature, May 16, 1942, p22-23.
58, 149
FOLDER 150 [Japanese Islands and Eastern Coast of Asia]. On verso: "Classical Japanese girl of Kyoto, 150 years ago." "The Noh play is Japan's esoteric dramatic art." n.d.
On verso: "Classical Japanese girl of Kyoto, 150 years ago;" "The Noh play is Japan's esoteric dramatic art." Inset: [World on Mercator Projection] 2" x 42"
58, c150
FOLDER 151 Location map of Rutgers University showing the vicinity of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and routes to the Rutgers stadium. n.d.
C.C.S. {possibly C.C. Stover.}
Inset: Rutgers stadium, 4 1/2" x 4 1/2". Same map in black and white in size 5 1/4" x 7 1/8" by C.C.Stover, in Rutgers Stadium Concert folder.
58, c151
FOLDER 152 ...pictorial key to the view from the roof of the Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera, Oxford, showing the characteristic features of the principal buildings and the landscape as they appear from the 8 divisions formed by the buttresses that support the do 1917
E.H. New. F. Madan & E.H. New. 1917.
The round world of Oxford.
58, c152
FOLDER 153 From punch to Pica. [1940?]
[A.I.G.A. New York.]
A display showing the making of a book from the author's hand written copy to the bound volume.
58, c153
FOLDER 154 A New Yorker's idea of the United States of America. n.d.
Daniel K. Wallingford. 54 Falmouth St., Boston, MA.
Devastatingly clever conception of the United States. Another copy on white paper giving 119 Massachusetts Ave. as the address. 154c Another copy on white paper giving 266 West Newton St., Boston, as the address. 154d.
58, 154a, 154b, 154c, 154d, 154e, 154f
FOLDER 155 Itinerary of Courier Service one day, all expense, city trip. 1934?
New York Courier Service.
In folder: "See New York with Courier Service."
58, c155
FOLDER 156 Short-story trails. n.d.
Clara Molendyk. 10 Cent Books, Inc. Columbus, OH
Cleverly drawn illustrations in color of 105 numbered sections of the U.S. where short stories take place. Gives short riddle question for each number. Key on back to collections of short stories and alphabetical key to titles of stories.
58, c156
FOLDER 157 Texas [Centennial Map]. [1936?]
Embroidered Mary Ellen Crisp. NY. Woman's Home Companion, Service Bureau.
Reproduction of original map. Gaily colored illustrations "of the geographical and historic features and characteristic products in the respective localities." From the Woman's Home Companion for July 1936, p. 77.
58, c157
FOLDER 158 Inn by the sea. Theater by the sea. Brownings beach. Seashore Cabana Club, Matunuck, RI. n.d.
[Inn the sea. Matunuck, RI.]
In folder: "Inn by the sea."
58, c158
FOLDER 159 Welcome to New Jersey Library Association from all the libraries in Morristown. n.d.
"...from all libraries in Morristown."
58, c159, c159a
FOLDER 160 [Where we can go from here.] n.d.
DeLo's. Town Hall Club. New York.
Shows at a glance the central location of the Town Hall Club in Uptown NY, as a point of departure for theaters, shops, and office buildings in the vicinity.
58, c160
FOLDER 161 Hotel Baker, St. Charles, IL n.d.
Louis W. Thompson. Hotel Baker. St. Charles, IL
...presents a pictorial map of most of Kane County, IL, representing a century of progress from woods and prairies to one of IL's most prosperous farming and manufacturing counties. On verso: Menu for Nov. 8, 1949
58, c161
FOLDER 162 A.L.A. [American Library Association] hotel and convention area guide. [1956]
F.S. Eden. [Miami Public Library? Miami.]
58, c162
FOLDER 163 Being a map of diverse highways leading to Campus Inn, 70 Townsend Street, New Brunswick, NJ 1930?
Campus Inn. New Brunswick, NJ.
In folder: "The Campus Inn".
58, c163, 163a
FOLDER 164 Weekly the book movers meet through The Publishers' Weekly. n.d.
Medium scale? Map of US with cities
Depicting the larger book center cities of the United States. Advertisement in the folder: Blue Ribbon takes steps for national recovery in bookstores; pub. by blue Ribbon Books, 448 Fourth Ave, NY
58, c164
FOLDER 165 Breezy Oak Farm...Post Office and Freight address, Gardiner, Ulster Co., NY. n.d.
Ulster Co. Gardiner, NY.
Line drawing showing directions to Evalina King's house.
58, c165
FOLDER 166 Hotel Congressional...minutes away from all points of interest. n.d.
Hotel Congressional. Washington.
Shows principal streets, buildings and points of interest.
58, c166a
FOLDER 167 Some of the Special Libraries in the Twin Cities area. [1951]
[Minnesota Chapter, Special Libraries Assn. St. Paul.
58, c167
FOLDER 168 Alumnae House. n.d.
Smiley. Vassar College, Associate Alumnae.
Shows routes leading to Alumnae House. In folder: Alumnae House.
58, c168, 168a, 168b
FOLDER 169 Alumnae House: a guide to happy motoring! n.d.
Smiley. [Vassar College Associate Alumnae. Poughkeepsie.]
Reduced summer rates - tell your friends.Title partially outside of map area. On inside of cover of Alumnae Magazine, June 1941.
58, c169
FOLDER 170 200 miles of laboratories. [1938]
[New Jersey College for Women. New Brunswick, NJ.]
New Jersey as studied by N.J.C. students. Announcement for Alumnae High School programs. Title outside of map area.
58, c170
FOLDER 171 Recreational chart of the White Mountains. n.d.
Garnet W. Jex. Flume Reservation. Franconia Notch, NH.
yellow brown with touches of red and blue.
58, c171
FOLDER 172 Map showing location of USO Clubs in the vicinity of New Brunswick, NJ... 1943
Charles C. Stover. [United Services Organization] New Brunswick.
1 7/16":1 mi
Inset: Center of New Brunswick, 2 3/4" x 2" In folder: "Program, week of Sept. 6th to Sept. 12th USO, Camp Kilmer area, New Brunswick, NJ."
58, c172a, c172b, c172c
FOLDER 173 Looking Into a City Illustrating "Looking into a city: Pittsburgh" n.d.
Joseph Johnson. Illustrating "Looking into a city: Pittsburgh:, in Fortune, Dec. 1930, p.51.
in Fortune, Dec. 1930, p. 51.
58. c173
FOLDER 174 A cartograph of Monterey Bay Region, California's greatest and most accessible scenic playground! n.d.
Ruth Taylor (limned). Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce. Santa Cruz, CA.
Delightfully humorous and brightly colored illustrations of things to do. Printed on reverse side of Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce Stationery.
58, c174
FOLDER 175 Map showing the relative speed and cost of transportation of books from New York city to various western points. n.d.
Kathleen Voute, In The Publisher's Weekly, April 18, 1931, v.119, p.1998-1999.
In The Publisher's Weekly, Apr.18, 1931, v.119, p-1998-9.
58, c175
FOLDER 176 East side, West side. n.d.
LeRoy H. Appleton (inv. & del.) Harcourt, Brace & Co.
End-papers in book of above name by Felix Riesenberg; pub. by Harcourt, 1927. Reproduced in The Saturday Review of Literature
58, c176
FOLDER 177 Its friends may now find The Press of the Woolly Whale at a new address: 415 Lexington Ave. n.d.
[Press of the Woolly Whale.]
Humorous presentation of fish transporting Press from 228 E. 45th St. to 415 Lexington Ave., New York City.
58, c177
FOLDER 178 Scenic spots within 5 minutes of The Gardens Store. n.d.
The Gardens Store. Chipley, GA.
Shows location of Ida Cason Gardens and route to The Little White House, Warm Springs, GA.
58, c178
FOLDER 179 Story map of France. c1936
A. H. Walker, W. E. Volgelbal. Colortext Publications, Inc. Chicago.
Border design and decorations from 17th century Louis Quinze tapestries and 18th century Robert deCotte ornaments. Illustrations picture famous persons and events.
58, c179
FOLDER 180 A map of the history of Pennsylvania. c1931
Paul M. Paine (cartographer). Paul M. Paine. [Syracuse, NY]
2 5/16":50 mi?
Outside the boundary are chronological tables of the Forks of the Ohio and of the City of Brotherly Love.
58, c180a
FOLDER 181 Canterbury. 1930
G? Spencer Hoffman. George Philip and Son. London.
No. 3 in a series of Philips' "Wayabout" maps by Spencer Hoffman; the other two being Oxford and Cambridge. Cover title: Pictorial map of Canterbury.
58, c181
FOLDER 182 [Roma.] 1950
[CIT. Rome.]
Propriete artistica riservata della ditto A. Marendino. In folder: "Roma: CIT, how to visit Rome and its environs."
58, c182
FOLDER 183 Scotland lakes & inns in soft colors. [1901?]
R.S. Shearer & Son, Stirling.
In folder: Trossach's Hotel.
58, c183
FOLDER 184 Le vieux carré de la Nouvelle Orleans, over a span of many years. a map done in the year, 1928. 1928, c1929
Lucille Gillican and Louis Andrews.
Available also in size 26" x 28"
58, c184
FOLDER 185 A map of Pemaquid, including Long Cove, New Harbor, Pemaquid Beach and Pemaquid Point. n.d.
(compiled and drawn) Walker Gilbert and Luther S. Phillips.
2 13/16":7/10 mi. and 13/16":2/10 mi. with compass above and ticked subdivisions, location map has another scale 5":45 ?mi. also with ticked subdivisions.
Locates individual properties, including island owned by Mrs. Lauder and by Gene Tunney.
58, c185
FOLDER 186 Historical map of Somerset County, NJ, made at the time of its 250th anniversary...for the Somerset County Library, 1938. 1938
Robert Simon Cortelyou. Somerset County Library. [Somerville, NJ]
List of library stations on verso.
58, c186, c186a
FOLDER 187 Story map of Ireland. c1935
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