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BOX 1-12 Gray Literature 1963-2001
Papers are filed alphabetically by author. Listed below is information on title, year of creation or publication, author, and the institution or group affiliated with the author.
Papers are filed in folders that are labeled using a three-letter naming convention, such as Aaa or Bbb. This system of arrangement was created by Professor Morrison.
FOLDER Aaa Everything in its Place: GPS, GIS, and Geography in the 1990s 1992
Ronald F. Abler
Penn State University
FOLDER Aaa Cartography - Que Vadis?
Major General G. C. Agarwal
Surveyor General of India
FOLDER Aaa Transformations and Geographic Theory 1971
Shlomo Angel and Geoffrey M. Hyman
London Centre for Environmental Studies
FOLDER Aaa From Local GIS to Global Address Quality 1995
Antonio Morais Arnaud
New University of Lisbon
FOLDER Aaa The WWW Protoype of the Alexandria Digital Library 1995
D. Andresen, et al
University of California at Santa Barbara
FOLDER Aaa The National Atlas of the United States: Planning for a Second Edition 1985
James R. Anderson and Charles W. Beetschen
U.S. Geological Survey
FOLDER Aaa Data Uncertainty in GIS...
Nils G. Andersson
City of Copenhagen
FOLDER Aaa Duality in the Quality of Notion for GIS-Data 1995
Oystein Andersen
Agricultural University of Norway Department of Mapping Services
FOLDER Aaa What Would the Theory of Reflection Have Brought for Cartography 1994
E. P. Arzhanov
FOLDER Aaa Map Design for the User 1973
Chris Arvetis
Rand McNally
FOLDER Aaa Metacartography 1974
A. F. Aslanikashuili
FOLDER Bbb The Minnesota Geography Exhibit: Making the "Latent Geographer" in Visitors Active 1979
Thomas J. Baerwald and Rob Britton
Science Museum of Minnesota Geography Department
FOLDER Bbb Characteristics of Cartographic Communication 1976
M. Balodis
Western Australian Institute of Technology Department of Surveying
FOLDER Bbb Communicating through Statisical Maps
Olayinka Y. Balgon
University of Lagos Department of Geography
FOLDER Bbb Standards for Digital Cartographic Data...
MacDonald Barr
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
FOLDER Bbb Large Administrative Boundary Data Sets...
Robert Barr
University of Manchester School of Geography
FOLDER Bbb Perceptually Relevant Environmental Quality Measures... 1972
Patrick J. Bartlein and Mark D. Menchik
University of Wisconsin Geography Department
FOLDER Bbb The FY-1997 National Spatial Data Infrastructure... 1996
G. Barton
FOLDER Bbb An In-depth Study of Automated Name Placement Systems
Umit Basoglu
FOLDER Bbb Basic Requirements of an Automated Mapping System 1973
Carol Bateman
Oxford Polytechnic
FOLDER Bbb Results of Black for High Vrs. White for High Test
John Beets
FOLDER Bbb Obtention de Cartes au 1:100,000... 1984
Francisco Gonzalez Bermejo
Servicio Geografico del Ejercito
FOLDER Bbb Mapping for Urban Studies
Peter F. Bermel
U.S. Geological Survey
FOLDER Bbb The Federal-State Interface: A History of Joint Mapping Efforts
Peter F. Bermel
U.S. Geological Survey
FOLDER Bbb Theory of Communication & Theory of the Graphic
Jacques Bertin
FOLDER Bbb ICA Commission on Base Maps for International Thematic Mapping 1980
R. J. Bertrand
FOLDER Bbb An Automatic System of Cartography 1964
D. P. Brickmore and A. R. Boyle
FOLDER Bbb Cartographic Data Banking
D. P. Brickmore
FOLDER Bbb Computer Assisted Cartography in Europe
David P. Brickmore
David Brickmore Associates
FOLDER Bbb Autocartography: Not so much a Program, more a way of Life
Stein W. Bie
Norwegian Computing Center
FOLDER Bbb Digital Library Use and Social Practice 1998
Ann P. Bishop, et al
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
FOLDER Bbb Designing and Using a Cartographic Extract...
Amy Brishton
U.S. Bureau of Census
FOLDER Bbb UK Research and Development in GIS...
Michael Blakemore
University of Durham Mountjoy Research Centre
FOLDER Bbb Map Reading Tasks... 1975
Christopher Board
London School of Economics
FOLDER Bbb ICA Commission IV, the Future 1978
Christopher Board
London School of Economics
FOLDER Bbb The Geographer's Contribution to Evaluating Maps as Vehicles for Communicating Information
Christopher Board
London School of Economics
FOLDER Bbb How can Theories of Cartographic Communication be Used to Make Maps More Effective 1977
Christopher Board
London School of Economics
FOLDER Bbb Progress in Experimental Research on Perception and Cognition for the Improvement of Cartographic Communication
Christopher Board
London School of Economics
FOLDER Bbb The Need to Integrate Map Use...
Christopher Board
London School of Economics
FOLDER Bbb Cartographic Communication 1980
Christopher Board
London School of Economics
FOLDER Bbb Toward a Definition of Cartography Appropriate in the Year 1987 1987
Christopher Board
London School of Economics
FOLDER Bbb The Development of Concepts of Cartographic Communication... 1982
Christopher Board
London School of Economics
FOLDER Bbb A Verbal Approach to Map Design and Map Evaluation 1972
Barbara S. Bartz
FOLDER Bbb Military Map Design: What Does the User Need? 1973
Barbara Bartz Petchenik
FOLDER Bbb From Place to Space... 1978
Barbara Bartz Petchenik
R.R. Donelley & Sons Co.
FOLDER Bbb The Futures of Cartography 1982
Barbara Bartz Petchenik
R.R. Donelley & Sons Co.
FOLDER Bbb What Does Research Tell Us About Children's Map-Reading Abilities? 1966
Barbara S. Bartz
National Council for Geographic Education
FOLDER Bbb Some Aspects of Dot Map Perception 1963
Barbara S. Bartz
FOLDER Bbb The Figure-Ground Relationship: Its Role in Cartogrpahic Design
Barbara S. Bartz
FOLDER Bbb Geographical Map in the Alexander World Atlas... 1977
Helmut Schulze
FOLDER Bbb2 Das Engagement der Internationalen Kartographischen...
Rolf Boehme
FOLDER Bbb2 An Integrated System of Processing Geographic Names 1972
Rolf Boehme
Institut fuer Angewandte Geodaese
FOLDER Bbb2 Automated Method for Developing the Cartographic Projections of the Small-scale Maps 1967
V. M. Bohinsky
FOLDER Bbb2 Computer-Assisted Map Compilation, Editing, and Finishing
L.H. Borgerding, et al
U.S. Geological Survey
FOLDER Bbb2 Information Technology and the Development of a Market Economy 1993
Sandor Bottka
National Committee for Technological Development in Hungary
FOLDER Bbb2 Decisive Criteria for GIS Comparative Study and Evaluation
Francois Bouille
FOLDER Bbb2 General Methodology of Maps Digitization and some Improvements Based upon Pattern Recoginition
Francois Bouille
Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
FOLDER Bbb2 Spatial Data Capture and Representation 1981
A. R. Boyle
University of Saskatchewan
FOLDER Bbb2 7.5 Arc-Minute Quad Map Revision... 1988
Earl Brabb
U.S. Geological Survey
FOLDER Bbb2 The Extent of Landsliding in Northern New Mexico... 1987
Earl Brabb
U.S. Geological Survey
FOLDER Bbb2 Geospatial Data: The Need to Get Our Act Together 1997
Michael J. D. Brand
FOLDER Bbb2 Manipulation Process in Computer Cartography 1978
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