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FOLDER 3 Allotment of Duties between the Groupings
Single map, text and diagram showing target responsibilities for different calibers of artillery.
La Vezouse
Manuscript map showing field artillery

French base map
Chapter II. Allotment of Duties between the Groupings. – J.R. Davis, Maj. F.A.
Index Book of Concentration La Vezouse
Very brittle condition

Matrix of La Vezouse that depicts targets and ranges
FOLDER 4 Map to Accompany Plan of Retaliation
Single map and text to illustrate counter-battery fire.
Map to Accompany Plan of Retaliation
French base map: La Vezouse
FOLDER 5 Balloon Panorama
Diagram and text used to illustrate and explain sighting for artillery from a balloon.
Balloon Panorama
Hand-drawn diagram by First Lt. A.M. Gurney 5th F.A.
What Battery Commanders Should Know to Adjust Their Fire by Balloon Observation
What Battery Commanders Should Know to Adjust Their Fire by Balloon Observation (portion of text): "In the relation between battery and balloon the phone is all important. We can train the best possible men to be the best possible observers, but if the telephone does not work it is merely a waste of time. For the telephone to give no trouble during adjusting several things are necessary... "

I. Adjusting with Shrapnel (portion of text): "A balloon cannot adjust shrapnel since it is impossible to tell from in the air how high up the shot has exploded..."

Fire on a Fugitive Target (portion of text): "There is only one fairly certain way to get results on a fugitive target. As soon as the observer sees something interesting on the move, he must call up the battery and give the coordinates of a point well ahead so that the battery will have time to calculate its data and load its pieces before the target reaches that point..."
FOLDER 6 Maps of France Showing Artillery Tactical Issues/Situations
Five situation maps used to illustrate problems and issues facing artillery units in the field.
"Situation of the Army" 1917
Objectives circled in blue near Aguilcourt

French base map: Rethel S.O.
"Areas in Pink are Invisible from German Observation Stations" 1917
Shows trench lines.

French base map: La Vezouse - Groupe de Canevas de Tir
"Plan of Barrage" 1917
Illustrates direction of fire with blue and red lines

By A. Whiteridge Capt. 5th F.A.
VIII Armee - S.R.A. 1917
Depicts locations of artillery batteries; indicates caliber of guns

Shows German VIII Armee

French base map: La Vezouse - Groupe de Canevas de Tir
"En aucun cas ce panneau ne doit etre emporte dams les tranchees" 1916
French base map: Leintray, France

Shows opposing trench lines

Stamped "Secret"
FOLDER 7 Proposed Lines of Communication
Single map showing communications network.
Proposed Lines of Communication A.E.F. 1917
Depicts railways, headquarters, camps, bases, supply locations of American forces in France

Printed map by Office of Director General of Transportation

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