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World War I maps annotated by Richard Schoen
Map collection of American 3rd Division, 18th Field Artillery officer Richard Schoen who served during World War I. Schoen's annotations appear on these cartographic materials that depict combat situations, the American advance towards Germany, and a captured German map.
ITEM 1 Plan of Attack on Third Division
German map: "Anlage 1 zu 10 J.D. Ia Nr. 96 op. geh."
Note: "Showing German plan of attack on the Third Division on the morning of July 15th, 1918."
ITEM 2 "Where I telephoned from" 1918
French base map
French Cops d'Etat Major
Reprinted 29th U.S. Engineers, 1918
Schoen telephoned home(?)from outside Altewisse.
ITEM 3 Luneville 1917
Military grid
Annotated in blue, showing American positions
ITEM 4 "Crossed the Moselle" 1918
French base map revised 1904
Shows were Schoen crossed the Moselle
Shows unit location December 1-2, 1918 near town of Borg
Shows unit location December 2-3, 1918 near town of Nieder Zerf
ITEM 5 Verdun 1918
French base map revised 1913
Reverse side: "18th F.A."
ITEM 6 Captured map of Verdun 1918
In German
Military grid
"Captured Murvoux Nov. 10,1918"
Reverse side: "For Reg. Information Officer 18th F.A. Found in German barracks..."
ITEM 7 Front au 13 Septembre 1918
French base map
Carte Guide Campell No. 7 Vosges
ITEM 8 Ligne avancee des tranchees francaises a la date du 12 Aout 1918 1918
French base map
Military grid
28th edition
Reverse side: "18th F.A."

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