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Gray Literature, Periodical Papers, and Others
BOX 1-2 Harvard library of computer graphics, mapping collection, Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, Vol. 1-18. with bookmarks. 1979-1981
BOX 1-2 Gray literature papers and periodical publications 1969 – 1980
Interstate 57, Corridor selection study. University of Wisconsin, 1969
BOX 1-2 Gray literature papers and periodical publications 1969 – 1980
Interstate 57, Corridor selection study. University of Wisconsin, 1969
Computer atlas of Bangla Desh. Department of geography, Oneonta, New-York, 1972. (LoC property)
Computer cartography, Association of American Geographers, Washington, D.C., 1972
An automated fuzzy reasoning algorithm. University of Bristol. 1980
BOX 1-2 Dossier John Snyder: contain originals maps graphic slides, folded maps, satellite imagery 1976-1982
BOX 3 Gray literature papers and periodical publications 1974 –1991
Geological survey, research 1974, U.S. Dept. of the Interior
Remote sensing of the electro magnetic spectrum. 4. 1977
USGS papers 1982-1990
Letter from PR David Rhind and Ordnance survey annual report 1990/1991. Southampton. U.K
BOX 3 François Bouillé papers n/a
Computer and Geosciences. Vol. 2.
Structure des phénomènes géologiques et archivage en banque de données
Geological simulation using SIMULA. 1976.
Thesis: Un modèle universel de banque de données, simultanément partageable, portable et répartie. Université Pierre et Marie Curie. Paris. 1977. Abstracts in English
BOX 4 Gray literature papers and periodical publications , U.S., Canada and France 1972 –1997
Geocoding ’72, papers of the Geographic base file SIG sessions, 1972. Annual URISA Conference, San Francisco, USA.
François Bouillé papers and periodical publications: 1974-1978
auto-carto II, proceedings of the international symposium on computer assisted cartography, 1975
BOX 5 Gray literature papers, periodical publications, maps 1972-1990
1st International Hypergraph-Based Data Structure, Lisbon, Portugal, 1979, with manuscripts comments in English and French from François Bouillé
USGS periodical publications 1972-1990 and 2 maps: Index of digital line graphs, 1988, and Status of digital mapping, 1990
Proceedings of the International conference on automation in cartography 1974, Vancouver, Canada.
BOX 6 Gray literature papers, conferences and files 1972-1990
Files 1967-1987 :
Bruce G. Cook, early Australian article 1967
N. Chrisman, undergraduate Honor Thesis, Community identification in Northampton, 1972
Census publications 1979
N. Chrisman, PhD Original graphics.
N. Chrisman, original PhD, Methods of spatial analysis based on error in categorical maps, University of Bristol, 1982
Correspondence with PR W. Tobler, 1987.
Waldo Tobler’s PhD copy, Map transformations of geographic space, University of Washington. 1961.
2nd symposium on geographical information systems, Ottawa, Canada. 1972, a synopsis, D. David Moyer, University of Wisconsin
Papers from the 1984 annual conference URISA, Urban and regional information systems association, Seattle, Washington
The computer image, Donald Greenberg and al. 1982. ISBN 0-201-06192-9
BOX 7 Gray literature papers and files 1966-1987
Waldo Tobler’s papers 1966-1977
Harvard papers 1978-1986
KNRIS user guide to the data and capabilities of the Kentucky, Dept. for surface mining reclamation and enforcement, 1982
Spatial algorithms for processing land data with a microcomputer, colloquium, Lincoln institute of land policy, Cambridge, MA, 1983
A survey of G.I.S., The American farmland trust, 1985
Polygon overlay in prolog, Peter Y.F. Yu, Image processing lab., Troy, NY, 1987. Attached manuscript letter to Dr. White
BOX 7 Files 1970-1978
Wichita falls consortium, G.I.S., 1970.
Harvard laboratory for computer graphics analysis, 1978
Article about PR Edgar M. Horwood, 1985.
BOX 8 Gray literature papers 1956, 1977-1998
Statistical symbols for maps, Map laboratory, Yale, 1956
Geomap final RFP 1983. (Reserve, U. of Washington libraries property)
Denis White, Carl Steinitz, Alternative future for minute man National historical park, Cambridge MA, 1985.
Point in polygon algorithms, Helaman Rolfe Pratt Ferguson, University of Washington, 1986?
BOX 9 Gray literature papers, correspondence, periodical publications and book 1972-1992
Standard FORTRAN programming manual, National computing centre, 1972
Letter from PR P.A. Burrough, cooperation with Utrecht University.
BOX 10 Gray literature papers, correspondence, memo, periodical publications and book 1969-1992
Gray literature papers, correspondence, memo, periodical publications and book 1969-1992
Letter to N.C. from University of Wisconsin, 1987
Manuscript memo N.C. Auto-Carto 7, 1985.
BOX 11 Gray literature papers, correspondence, periodical publication 1962-1992
Letter to N. Chrisman from Polaroid Corp., 1982. Enclosed document Graphic Harmony not found
Document from Prime computer, Inc., Orpheus project enclosed, a geoprocessing technology integration, 1988
USGS letter 1992, with comments on Kottman’s booklet Some questions and answers about digital geographic information exchange standards, 1991
U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Interactive expert editing subsystem, 2 vol., 1987
Thomas M. Lillesand, A proposal for the National center for geographic information analysis to the National Science Foundation, U. of Wisconsin-Madison, 1988
BOX 11 N. Chrisman correspondence and manuscripts: 1978-1982
Sidewalks / computation, draft article on National need for improved geographic information handling and Harvard lab. 1978-1980
Clifford A. Kottman, comments from N. Chrisman on Some questions and answers about digital geographic information exchange standards. 1982
Digitization calibration, letters from IOM-Towill, an automated digitizing service, 1982
BOX 12 Publications 1966-1989
The Lab book, Harvard, 1966-1973. With comments on Post-Its. Ring binder
Harvard booklet for the staff, 1976.
BOX 13 Files and Harvard papers 1972-1990
John Cloud, 1986-87
ACSM – ASPRS American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, awards, 1987
Hrvoje Lakatela original graphics, U. of Zagreb, 1987. Draft article for Dr. Dobbs journal, 1992
Kenneth J. Duecker, Land resource information system, Iowa Planning Land Use System, 1974
Thomas K. Peucker, article Geographic Data Structures with N. Chrisman, The American Cartographer, 1975. Digital representation of 3D surfaces, Office of naval research, 1976
BOX 14 Software and records 1989-2006
Odyssey note 1989 with sessions listings printed, 1991
Digital chart of the World 1.0 and VPFView, 3,5” and 5,25” disks, ESRI, 1992
MapLink software, 3,5” disks, 1996.
CDROMS Video interviews Charting the unknown, 2004-2006
BOX 15 Software and records 1986-2004
OSU MAP V2.0, PC 5,25” disk, Ohio State U., 1987
VORONOI Demo, 5,25” disk
MAP II, Map Processor, Apple MAC 3,5” disks, Wiley, 1989
MAP II, ThinkSpace Inc., 3,5” disk, 1992.
GISTutor, GIS World Inc., 3,5” disk, 1988.
Hrvoje Lukatela, letter with Auto-Carto 8 questionnaire, 5,25” disk, 1986
MICROCAM Demo, Mapping program, MicroConsultants’, 5,25” disk, 1989
QTM Demonstration 3,5” disk, 1989.
Miscellaneous software copy on CDROM.
Harvard Lab interviews, 3 VHS tapes, ESRI, 2004
BOX 16 Files and Harvard papers n/a
Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis Internal reports, 1974-1977
G. Dutton and J. Cohen, The Laboratory: an historical overview 1965-81, Harvard
G. Dutton, Current research at the Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis
BOX 17 Gray literature papers 1972-81
Harvard Computer Graphics Week papers, 1981
Choosing and using charts, Gene Zelazny, 1972
Image understanding, proceedings of a workshop, Palo Alto, 1979
Engineering the 80’s, computer graphics in transportation, 1981
Course notes, Brian J.L. Berry, 1980.
BOX 18 Gray literature papers 2/2 1972-81
An overview and output examples, A. Babin and al., U. of Montreal, 1981
Why space is important, Rockwell International, 1981
BOX 19-20 Harvard Computer Graphics Week 1982
BOX 19-20 ODYSSEY 1976-1988
User’s manual, vol. I-II, Harvard, 1982.
User’s manual, vol. 1-3, Harvard, 1982.
Installation and testing guide, 1983.
Topological polygon cycling, 1978, rev. 1983
Files: Odyssey papers, index and notes, 1976-1980
Paul B. Wilson, H.E. Wilkinson, Getting started with Odyssey, U. of Montana, 1988
Denis White, The ODYSSEY system for display and analysis of geographic information, Harvard computer graphics week, 1979
Cyclops Odyssey topological polygon cycling program, user’s reference manual, 1983
BOX 21 Set of microfiches 1981-83
BOX 21 Gray literature papers and manuals 1975-86
Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, Harvard Graduate School of Design :
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