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Gray Literature, Periodical Papers, and Others (continued)
A report on the conversion of twelve urban atlas files, 1975
Cartographic data structures, 1976.
DOT.MAP, user’s reference manual, 1978.
Ted Driscoll, SOLARE, a computer program for automated modeling, 1978
Proceedings, vol. I-II, 1983
Dana Tomlin, An IBM PC-version of map analysis package, 1983
Denis White, Issues in map digitizing, 1985
Geographic information systems on microcomputers, 1986
BOX 22 Gray literature papers, files and manual 1969-78
Donald S. Shepard, Thesis, A load-shifting model to reduce exposure to air pollution caused by electric power generation, Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis, 1969. Article: A two-dimensional interpolation function for computer mapping of irregularly spaced data, 1969
Computer mapping as an aid in air pollution studies, 1970
SYMAP manual, 1973, with two plastic rulers
SYMAP reference manual, fifth ed. 1975, rev. 1977
Files: SYMAP/SYMVU test data
BOX 23 LARS Graphics, Landsat converted to Odyssey chain file format. n/a
Harvard Laboratory for computer graphics and spatial analysis, Calform manual, V.2.0, 1978
BOX 23 Charting the unknown, files, articles and notes n/a
Charting the unknown, files, articles and notes
Topology 1859-1967
Topological data structures, 1977.
Map analysis package data structure, 1986-87
Topological information systems, 1974.
Dot Map experiments, 1976-78
Networks analysis and software, 1979.
Geometric computation, 1989
Topology / algebraic, 1989
BOX 24 Charting the world files n/a
LCGSA contract ESRI, 2004-2006
ESRI contract, 2004
Film and video conversions, 2004.
Video transcripts
Blad drafts
Front matter
Permission paper work
11 chapters
Files: letters, articles and notes collection
BOX 25 Files: letters, articles and notes 1972-1978
ARPA Network 1975-76
LUDA Geographic Information Retrieval and Analysis System, 1974-78
CV Computer Vision 1974
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1974-77.
BZIS, GGIS Generalized Geographic Information System, IBM 1974
GRDSR Geographically Referenced Data Storage and Retrieval System 1972
ESRI Environmental Research Institute, DIMECNV, sketchbook 1976
PILLAR, Canada 197?
Thomas C. Waugh, GIMMS Geographic Information Manipulation and Mapping System, 1973?
Topo USGS, 1977-78
WDB II, 1972-74
BOX 26 Files : letters, articles and notes 1970-1975
CODES 1970-72
DIME DOC Dual Independent Map Encoding 1971-75
CGIS Canada GIS 1975
NASA 1977-79
ASPO American Society of Planning Official, 1976-77
Wolf D. Rase, Subroutines for plotting graduated symbol maps, EDV Report 1980. Copy
LBL Mapedit Fortran program users guide, 1974
IMGRID Information Manipulation System for Grid cell data structures, 1976
CSIRO Australia 1971-73
MLIS Minnesota Land Management Information System, 1978-82
David RHIND, Computer-aided cartography, 1976
Kansas, 1977?
EROS Data Center USGS, 1975
SMSA Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas, 1971-74
BOX 27 Files : letters, articles and notes 1972-1981
William Warntz, Distance in the man-made environment, unpublished 1972
W.R. Tobler, 1975
Articles, 1975-81
NRIS Natural Resource Information System, 1973
BOX 28 Files : letters, articles and notes 1963-1981
Graphics 1977-80
Howard Fisher 1965-73
Landscape planning 1963-67
History of LCG Laboratory for Computer Graphics, 1978-81
Eric D. Teicholz
Dennis Preher
Denis White
BOX 29 Files : letters, articles and notes 1975-1984
Turmoil GSD LCG 1982-84
Odyssey 1978-79
BOX 30 Files : letters, articles and notes 1975-2004
Stray programs 1981-2004
Foreign contracts events Philippines – Iran, 1976
Various proposals 1975-82
Flaky: Odyssey 1981-82
Endicott House: Seminars 1977-80.
Graphic weeks 1979-82
GE Time sharing access
BOX 31 Files : letters, articles and notes 1976-1987
Vu Great Originals Odyssey
DMA – TASC Odyssey 1977-78
Odyssey – DMA
CIRCE 1977-81
SORSA International Segment-Oriented Referencing System Association 1976-77
ODYSSEY documentation 1978
Historical code 1976-77
Denis White, Odyssey Computer Graphic Week 1979
WRR 1977-78
Scott MADRY 1983-87
BOX 32 Files : letters, articles and notes 1969-1980
Workshop Graphic Week 1979
Cyclops 1979
NUBS memory management module 1978.
Russel Seitz, Siberian fire as ‘nuclear winter guide’, Nature vol.323, 1986
Voronoi polygons subroutine, 1977.
GBF program conversion DIME to ODYSSEY, 1980
Iran DIME, 1976
Urban Atlas development, 1974-75.
FLECS user’s manual, conversion program 1974-76
William A. Gates, 1977
Boston SMSA census (1939-1970) housing maps.
MacDonald Barr, 1984-86
NCGIA National Center for Geographic Information Analysis, 1988
Rubber-sheet map transformation 1985-87.
G. Dutton, GG513 cartography 1984
Harvard Computer Graphics Week, 1979-83.
NSF Grant sponsorship, 1976
DIMEX 1977
Odyssey maps -1986
GIS 1975
University of Wisconsin, Senator Kasten proposal, 1986
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