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BOX D-100 to D-151 Series II: Data and reports
Data and information gathered on scientific missions, publications by Heezen and Tharp, and third-party publications.
BOX D-100 Bruce Heezen Notes
3 folders
BOX D-101 Deep Freeze Cruises O102S and 3614 Records
BOX D-102 Cruises 1401N and 3918N, Cruise Deep Freeze
BOX D-103 Physiographic Diagrams (North Atlantic Ocean), Cable Failures, Repeater Frequency, 1956 to 1957
BOX D-104 Cable Repairs and Soundings
4 books
BOX D-105 Ship Repairs: Vigo to Gibraltar, Gibraltar to Madiera, Las Palmas, Lisbon, 1898 to 1936
4 books
BOX D-106 Cable Route Survey: Spain to Rhode Island
4 packages
BOX D-107 Challenger Records, 1876 to 1949
4 books
BOX D-108 Sounding Records, 1950 to 1954
BOX D-109A Muscatine, IA 'Auroran', University of Iowa 'Hawkeye,' 1942 to 1944, 1946
BOX D-109B University of Iowa 'Hawkeye,' 1947 to 1948
BOX D-110 Cable Route Survey: Spain to Rhode Island, 1968
BOX D-111 Gravity and Ocean Depth Data, Antarctica 1962 to 1963
5 books
BOX D-112 Books: Standard Frequency, Cable Power, Crystal Frequencies
BOX D-113 Topographic Profiles, Lomonosov Cruises 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11
7 books
BOX D-114 Master Profile Book, Binder with Acetate Inserts
BOX D-115 Woods Hole R/V Chain Cruises 7, 41, 42, 43, 60, 63, 67, 70, and 73
BOX D-116 Kane 9 Cruise (Published Version)
BOX D-117 Vityaz Cruises 25, 35
BOX D-118 Survey Ship Umitaka-Maru, 1962 to 1964
3 books
BOX D-119 Porthcurno to Gibraltar Repairs: 1898 to 1962,
3 books
BOX D-120 Geophysical Data (Parts A, C, D): North Atlantic Ocean, 1901 to 1971
BOX D-121 Atlantis Cruises 152, 157, 167, and 180
BOX D-122 West Coast Cable Repairs: 1916 to 1935, 1928 to 1960
BOX D-123 Duke University Reports: Indian Ocean Expedition (1964), Anton Bruun Cruises 11 - 16, 1964
BOX D-124 Woods Hole Atlantis and Chain Cruises
BOX D-125 Magnetic Data of Umitaka-Maru, 1964 to 1965
BOX D-126 Kane Cruises 09C, 09D, and 09E
BOX D-127 Vityaz 26 (1958) and Vityaz 29 (1959) Cruises, 1958 to 1959
BOX D-128 Cable Schedule of Repairs (A-N)
BOX D-129 Woods Hole Chain Cruises 47, 61, 70, 73, 75, and 82, 1965-1969
BOX D-130 Atlantis II Cruises 1, 6, 11, 13, 14, 16, 242, 1963-1968
2 Index Books
BOX D-131 Woods Hole Chain Cruises 1-5, 28, 29-31, 36, 39, 51-53, and and 57. Bear Cruise 280
BOX D-132 Woods Hole Chain Cruises 11, 13, 19, 21
BOX D-133 Cruises Dawson, Endeavour, Discovery, and Hudson
BOX D-134 Cruises Chain 17, Jean Charcot, R.U. Trident 21 (1964)
BOX D-135 Examples of Data Listing, Military Geology of the Miyako Archipelago (Ryukyu-Retto) 1960
BOX D-136 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-137 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-138 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-139 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-140 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-141 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-142 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-143 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-144 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-145 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-146 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-147 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-148 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-149 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-150 Publications (miscellany)
BOX D-151 Publications (miscellany)
BOX U1-U37 Series III: Unprocessed materials
Unprocessed materials in the Heezen-Tharp Collection consist mainly of non-cartographic material including: index cards, microfilm, 35mm slides, lantern slides, photographs, and raw data.
BOX U1-U3 Motion Picture and Sound
BOX U4-U7 Index Cards
BOX U8-U10 Lantern Slides
BOX U11-U13 Microfilm
BOX U14-U20 Microfilm
BOX U21-U37 35mm Slides

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