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Hauslab-Liechtenstein map collection

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B and Roman numeral series
Four folios. Consists principally of city plans, battle and campaign maps and plans.
FOLDER 16 Folio B/I
175 records
City maps and plans, primarily of Europe, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, arranged alphabetically from A-1 with some exceptions. Many of these are sheets taken from bound atlases such as Braun and Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum. Includes a plan of Longwood on Saint Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, home of the exiled French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte from 1815 until his death in 1821.
FOLDER 17 Folio B/II
183 records
Maps and plans of battles, campaigns, and fortifications arranged chronologically. They date to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. As with Folio B/I many of the maps are battle plans for the Thirty Years Wars 1618-1648 and wars with Prince Eugene of Savoy in the early eighteenth century.
327 records
Thirty Years Wars battle plans; maps of fortresses which are undated but of this period (89 maps); maps of battle plans and/or fortresses dated between 1650 and 1720 (126 maps). Primarily covers Germany, the Lowlands, parts of France, Italy, and Austria and some of Eastern Europe.
FOLDER 19 Folio B/IV
155 records
Battle plans, or fortified cities in Germany, mostly seventeenth century but some much later. There are Napoleonic battle plans of Portugal and Spain in the early nineteenth century, battle plans in Bohemia, northern Italy, the Lowlands, and numerous maps of battles in the Crimean Peninsula around Sevastopol in the mid-1850s.
Roman numeral series
Twenty-six folios with brief titles by the United States Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory Library. The numbering sequence runs to XXVII but Folios II, XXIII are lacking. Majority of maps date from the last half of the eighteenth century to the first half of the nineteenth century. The most distinctive title is a hand-colored set of the Cassini survey of France with 181 sheets, which are printed on heavy rag paper.
FOLDER 20 Folio I
36 records
Frederik de Hahn's 1801 Uranographia dated 1801 in 20 sheets; there are also several other celestial maps, numerous mappemondes dated in the late eighteenth century; J.D. DeBouge's 13-sheet map of Europe dated 1797; Aaron Arrowsmith's 1794 map of the world; the Kunst und Industrie Comptoir's atlas of the continents and major countries in Europe; Franz Raffelsperger's General-Karte von Europa in 25 sheets dated 1843 and two time line charts.
14 records
Maps of the Scandinavian countries, mostly in the eighteenth century but some in the early nineteenth century; includes copy of parts of Samuel Gustaf Hermelin's Geografiske Kartor ofver Swerige dated 1805.
FOLDER 22 Folio IIIa
34 records
Maps of Russia, primarily European Russia, and the Crimean area in the late eighteenth century; it includes some maps of the Baltic States, and Finland. The maps of the Crimean Peninsula mostly involve the war between Russia and the Ottoman Empire.
FOLDER 23 Folio IIIb
17 records
Eight maps of Poland dated in the late eighteenth century including J.J.Kanter's 8-sheet map dated 1770 and Rizzi Zannoni's 8-sheet map dated 1772. There are also at least five maps of Galicia including D.G. Reymann's 6-sheet map dated 1797 and Liechtenstern's 49-sheet atlas dated 1790.
FOLDER 24 Folio IV
36 records
Maps of England and Wales including Inigo Jones' 1724 Atlas Anglois of the counties of England and Wales; Faden's road map of Great Britain dated 1795; and Faden's maps of Norfolk County and Sussex County dated 1797 and 1795. There is a map of Dublin, Ireland dated 1797 by Allen and Archer, and D.A. Beaufort's map of Ireland dated 1797. The set also includes about half a dozen maps of Gibraltar, and several good maps of the Channel Islands.
FOLDER 25 Folio V
51 records
Maps of Germany, or historical regions within Germany and Prussia. There is LeCoq's 20-sheet map of Westphalia dated 1805; D.F. Sotzmann's 1789 map of Hinter Pornrnern in 6 sheets; Gilly's 1803 map of South Prussia dated 1803; Schroetter's 1802 map of Prussia in 25 sheets; 3 large set maps of Saxony and two maps of Lusatia (Lausitz).
FOLDER 26 Folio VI
38 records
Incomplete set maps of Swabia, Wuerttemberg, the Rhineland Palatinate, Bavaria, and several administrative or ecclesiastical subdivisions of these areas such as Hesse Cassel, Franconia, Baden Wuerttemberg, and Saxony, mostly dated in the eighteenth century.
63 records
Maps in single sheets and several multi-sheet set maps of the Austrian Empire, including Gradisca, Gorizia, Silesia, Bohemia, Moravia, Austria proper and the environs of Vienna. Several set maps include Liechtenstern's 12-sheet map of the Empire dated 1809; Castro' s map of Inner Austria dated 1812 in 6 sheets; Kunst und Industrie Comptoir's 40-page atlas of the Empire dated 1805; Ludwig Schmidt's map of the Empire in 6 sheets dated 1812; Carl Schutz's 1786 map of Austria "ob der Enns" in 12 sheets; Jacobus Hoffman's 20-sheet map of Austriae Inferioris dated 1697; the Depot de la guerre's 6-sheet map of the Tyrol dated 1801; Julien's 16-sheet map of Bohemia dated 1758; J.C. Muller's 12-sheet map of Bohemia dated 1720; J.E. Mansfeld's map of the Tyrol on 20 sheets dated 1774; the Austrian General-Quartiermeister-Stab's 24-sheet map of the Tyrol and Vorarlberg dated 1824; Heinrich Wilhelm Blum van Kempen's 13 colored maps of Austria dated 1796; and Christoph van Passy's 1810 map of Moravia in 4 sheets.
5 records
Maps show areas of Germany and parts of France where the war with Great Britain was waged from 1757-1762; maps of Westphalia; and a 24-sheet set map of Hesse which is undated.
FOLDER 29 Folio IX
65 records
Maps of Hungary, including Kipszky's 1810 map of Hungary in 12 sheets; and individual county maps of Hungary. There are several good "river" maps including the Sau in Slavonia and the Danube along with rivers in Croatia, Poland, Russia and the straits of the Bosporus in Asia Minor. There are maps specializing in Croatia, Slavonia, Transylvania, Dalmatia, Rumelia, Illyria, the Istrian Peninsula, Bosnia, Montenegro and Herzegovina and the Balkans in general.
FOLDER 30 Folios XI and XII
2 records
Cassini's Carte de France and a map by Cassini and Maraldi showing the triangulation of France.
68 records
Maps of France dated in the late seventeenth century and early eighteenth century numbering about 40 maps; 13 sheets from the Atlas National De France, second copies of which are filed in B.a. There is a 24-sheet map of Paris dated 1790, Charles Picquet's 16-sheet map of Paris dated 1800; and a 20-sheet map of Paris by Turgot-Bretez dated 1739. Franz J.J. van Reilly's 32-sheet atlas of France dated 1803 is included as well as several maps of the English Channel and Channel Islands, city plan of Lyon and the Gulf of Lyon as well as Toulouse, France.
49 records
The first half includes maps of Switzerland, late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, especially J.H. Weiss' Carte Generale de l'Atlas Suisse on 16 sheets dated 1802; maps of the King of Sardinia that are mostly northern Italy and maps of the Kingdoms of Portugal and Spain or the former historical provinces of those two kingdoms.
FOLDER 33 Folio XV
31 records
A 1777 map of Holland in 25 sheets by Count Josef Ferraris; a 12-sheet map of the Lowlands dated 1709 by Fricx; a 4-sheet map of the Austrian Lowlands dated 1794 by DeBouge; and the remaining maps are single sheet maps of the Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and border areas of France and Germany.
6 records
Maps of the Lowlands including the Austrian Lowlands, i.e. Belgium and Luxembourg in addition to the Netherlands.
25 records
The maps deal exclusively with maps of southern Italy and northern Italian city-states. These include Chanlaire's map of Italy and southern France at the time of the French Revolution and Alvise Milanovich's 1786 map of the Rovigo Delta, Italy in 10 sheets.
30 records
A 1597 map of the Territory of Brescia, Italy; a 1625 map of the environs of Verona, Italy; a 1685 map of Liguria by Chafrion; a series of 15 maps by Antonio Zatta dated in the late eighteenth century showing northern Italian city-states. There is also the 1783 Faden-Dury map of the Republic of Genoa, a 20-sheet map of Padua dated 1784; and maps of Milan dated 1777 and Lucca and Vicenza.
28 records
Two maps of the Papal States; one dated 1805 in 15 sheets and one by Matthaeus Seutter. Four sheet maps of Venice dated 1801 by Liechtenstern; several maps of the Po River Valley in Northern Italy, several maps of Istria, Dalmatia, Venice and the Balkan coasts. Most maps are single sheet maps of individual northern Italian city-states.
FOLDER 38 Folio XX
18 records
Maps deal with Southern Italy; the Two Sicilies, or the Kingdom of Naples. A few maps are of northern Italian city-states and the Venice-Balkan areas.
18 records
A map of the Po River Valley in Italy dated 1702 by Scolari.
9 records
Maps show areas of Italy, mostly northern Italy conquered by the French (Napoleon) in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
45 records
Melchior Kusell' s 1670 map of Austria in 16 sheets; maps of several German city-states published by Seutter and Conrad Lotter; Johan Christoph Muller's 1709 map of the Kingdom of Hungary and several maps of northern Italian regions and parts of Austria.
2 records
Map of Triest by Cholnhuber and a map showing the fire at the Abbey of Gottweig in Austria on June 17, 1718.
34 records
Maps of Germany, Austria, and Prussia or historical regions within those countries. There is very good 4-sheet map of Germany by Nordmann dated 1783 that lists the German variants for many place names in Europe outside of Germany proper; there is a 64-sheet set map of Central Europe dated 1807-09; 40/177 sheet set map of Prussia dated 1814; an undated set map of New East Prussia; and Raffaelspurger's atlas of Austria dated 1843.
124 records
Depictions of German duchies or principalities published by Johann Baptist Homann, Homann Heirs, Tobias Conrad Lotter, and Matthaeus Seutter, his father-in-law, dated mostly in the eighteenth century. There are also numerous examples of European city plans.
Series BA and BB
Two folios. Historical maps, originals and facsimiles. Some items may have been removed and sold by H.P. Kraus.
FOLDER 45 Folio B/A 1-5
29 records
World maps of all time periods, several of them facsimile reproductions and two which are manuscripts.
FOLDER 46 Folio B/B
165 records
Maps of Europe (and some other parts of the world) taken from Sebastian Munster's Cosmographia; some facsimile maps by Conrad Celtes and about 25 celestial maps which focus on various comet sightings in the seventeenth century.
Series B/C-D
Two folios. Series may be a continuation of Series BA and BB.
FOLDER 47 Folio B/C
78 records
Maps taken from books such as Martin Zeiller's Topographia Gallia or Germania or Alsatia… or from Arnoldus Montanus' De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld, both dated in the seventeenth century. All the maps cover South America and Europe with Europe predominating.
FOLDER 48 Folio B/D
1 record
Edme Francois Jomard's Les Monuments de la Geographie.
Series B/E
Plates removed from atlases and other bound volumes, sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.
FOLDER 49 Folio B/E
103 records
Maps taken from the atlases of Homann, Visscher, and DeWit for all parts of the world, but especially from the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Russia. There are also 16 maps of Muenster taken from his Cosmographia of the sixteenth century and Martin Hellwig's map of the Herzogtum of Silesia dated 1776.
Series B/F
Maps of Austria, Bohemia, and Tyrol from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries.
FOLDER 50 Folio B/F
6 records
Depictions of the Tyrol region of Austria. These are sixteenth or seventeenth century maps or facsimiles of them. They include maps by Joseph de Sperges dated 1762; Peter Anich dated 1774 along with Blasius Huber's Atlas Tyrolensis on 20 sheets; and two facsimiles.
Series B/G
Reproduction of Gerard Mercator's 1540 map of Flanders published in 1880 in 9 sheets and 14 pages of text. Kunstmann, Spruener, and Thomas' 13-sheet atlas on the Discovery History of America published in 1859.
FOLDER 51 Folio B/G
2 records
Facsimile of Gerard Mercator's 1540 map of Flanders and a facsimile atlas of maps of the Americas dated 1859.
Series B/9 and Roman numerals
Two folios. Includes sheets of the 1:25,000 topographic survey of Prussia 1875 to 1880.
FOLDER 52 Folio B/9-I
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