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Hauslab-Liechtenstein map collection

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Series B/E
Plates removed from atlases and other bound volumes, sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.
FOLDER 49 Folio B/E
103 records
Maps taken from the atlases of Homann, Visscher, and DeWit for all parts of the world, but especially from the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Russia. There are also 16 maps of Muenster taken from his Cosmographia of the sixteenth century and Martin Hellwig's map of the Herzogtum of Silesia dated 1776.
Series B/F
Maps of Austria, Bohemia, and Tyrol from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries.
FOLDER 50 Folio B/F
6 records
Depictions of the Tyrol region of Austria. These are sixteenth or seventeenth century maps or facsimiles of them. They include maps by Joseph de Sperges dated 1762; Peter Anich dated 1774 along with Blasius Huber's Atlas Tyrolensis on 20 sheets; and two facsimiles.
Series B/G
Reproduction of Gerard Mercator's 1540 map of Flanders published in 1880 in 9 sheets and 14 pages of text. Kunstmann, Spruener, and Thomas' 13-sheet atlas on the Discovery History of America published in 1859.
FOLDER 51 Folio B/G
2 records
Facsimile of Gerard Mercator's 1540 map of Flanders and a facsimile atlas of maps of the Americas dated 1859.
Series B/9 and Roman numerals
Two folios. Includes sheets of the 1:25,000 topographic survey of Prussia 1875 to 1880.
FOLDER 52 Folio B/9-I
1 record
Six copies of the Royal Prussian Major Army Staff's Karte der Rohenollernschen Lande dated 1863.
FOLDER 53 Folio B/9-II
379 records
The 1876-1880 map of parts of Germany produced by the Royal Prussian Land Survey Office on 379 sheets.
Series B and Arabic numerals
Twenty-four folios numbered from B/97 to B/128 with some numbers lacking and others doubled. Includes multi-sheet topographic maps and thematic maps, such as of volcanoes and ethnography. Folio B/123 includes maps created by Hauslab.
FOLDER 54 Folio B/97
26 records
Nine cartoon maps of various parts of the world, showing geography in the form of a woman, a man, a horse, a bear, etc. There are also several maps of Switzerland or the Tyrol region of Austria including a facsimile of the 1641 map of the Tyrol by Burgklehner. There are also a 61-sheet set map of Central Europe in the 1830s by Herder.
FOLDER 55 Folio B/98
60 records
A historical atlas of the world published by the Landes Industrie Comptoirs in 1820 that contains 14 maps; a 12-sheet map of Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Herzegovina dated 1876 by the K.u.K. Militairgeographisches Institut; a 7-sheet map of the Kingdom of Hungary dated 1830-1840 by de Szendro; and a 6-sheet map of Central Europe dated 1846 by Heinrich Delius.
FOLDER 56 Folio B/99
1 record
Topographischer Atlas der Schweiz published between 1870 and 1882 by the Eidgenossischen Stabsbureau of Switzerland.
FOLDER 57 Folio B/101
N/A records
Seventy manuscript maps in one drawer, consisting of volcanic islands drawn by Jean Pierre Houel or Bory St. Vincent; many of the volcanic maps are of Mount Vesuvius or Mount Aetna La Reunion, the Canary Islands, especially Tenerifa and La Palma. There are about a dozen manuscript maps by Joseph Peschke including the town of Gibraltar dated 1795. There is also a map by Carl Ritter of Santorin (Island) Greece dated 1840 and two maps referring to Hauslab and Humboldt.
FOLDER 58 Folio B/102
62 records
Geological, geognostic, or mining maps of different parts of Europe. There is an 1845 geognostic map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire on 9 sheets; a 8-sheet geognostic map of the Rhine River Valley near the Laacher See in Germany dated 1847; Jules Marcou's geological map of the world on 8 sheets dated 1875; an 11-sheet geological map of the environs of Dresden, Germany dated in the 1840s; a 10-sheet geognostic map of the Tyrol region of Austria dated 1849; and a 12-sheet geological map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire by Alfred Holder dated 1867-1871.
FOLDER 59 Folio B/105
50 records
Maps of Switzerland or of its various cantons or regions make up this folio. There is also a 23-sheet set map of Switzerland dated 1817 by the Geographisches Institut, Weimar, Germany; a 32-sheet set map of Zurich Canton dated 1852 to 1865 by the Swiss Topographic Bureau; the 17-sheet Atlas Suisse dated 1800-1801 by J.H. Weiss; a 25-sheet set map of Switzerland by G.H.Dufour; and several maps of the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps.
FOLDER 60 Folio B/106-107
24 records
Fourteen-sheet map of European Russia dated 1837 by the K.u.K. General-Quartiermeister-Stab of Austria; a 10-sheet map of the French Alps published by the Depot de la guerre; a 9-sheet set map of France; a 9-sheet map of Toul, France (and environs)by Lemercier; a 9-sheet map of Orleans, France and environs; a 6-sheet map of France dated 1872 by the Depot de la guerre; a 9-sheet map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire by Floder; a 12-sheet map of the Vosges Mountain Range in France by Collet; and a 4-sheet map of La Seine Department in France by military engineers.
FOLDER 61 Folio B/108
61 records
Two dozen maps of the world, or globe gores, or distance and time charts, maps of individual hemispheres, etc. There is Aaron Arrowsmith' s 1827 map of the world and miscellaneous maps of different countries of Central Europe.
FOLDER 62 Folio B/110-111
79 records
Maps for teaching different kinds of cartographic printing techniques; a 60-sheet map of the Kingdom of Galicia dated mid-nineteenth century; 15-sheet set map of the Darmstadt region of Germany dated 1807 by the Geographisches Institut, Weimar, Germany.
FOLDER 63 Folio B/112
3 records
1838 map of Bavaria, Baden, and Wuerttemberg; 6 maps of correcturblatt; and 34/102 topographic set map of the Kingdom of Bavaria dated 1818.
FOLDER 64 Folio B/113
41 records
J.B. Roost' wall map of Asia on 4 sheets dated 1842; several maps of Northern Italy between the Mincio and the Adige Rivers; about a half dozen maps of the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia)or specific islands such as Java or Sumatra; the Duchy of Parma on 9 sheets in 1828; the Duchy of Moden on 8 sheets in 1842; a 42-sheet set map of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Veneto by the Istituto Geografico Militare in 1833; and about a half dozen maps taken from Heinrich Berghaus' Atlas von Asia.
FOLDER 65 Folio B/115
20 records
Six maps (some topographic sets) of Russia in Europe and 7 maps of the Caucasus, Turkestan, or Siberian regions of Russia.
FOLDER 66 Folio B/116
86 records
Depictions of Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and parts thereof; and European Russia. There are 14 maps of various parts of the world by Ruhle von Lilienstern and 43 maps of various parts of the world by the Geographisches Institut, Weimar, Germany.
FOLDER 67 Folio B/117
19 records
A second copy of the atlas of the Austro-Hungarian Empire published the Geographisches Institut, Weimar, Germany, (or rather the Kunst und Industrie Comptoir in Vienna, Austria)in 1805; a 20-sheet set map of the Empire by the Royal and Military Geographic Institut under Joseph Scheda; and the 111-sheet set map of Lower Austria published by Artaria and Company in Vienna in 1881-1882. There are also several multi-sheet maps of portions of the Empire such as the Vorarlberg, the Tyrol, Carinthia, Bohemia, Galicia, and Carniola.
FOLDER 68 Folio B/118
13 records
Three maps of Iceland; a map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire by Hauslab; 39/49 sheet set map of Wuerttemberg, Baden and the Hohenzollern lands by Herder; a 22/25-sheet set map of France by Herder and a 4-sheet map of Europe by Justus Perthes dated 1861.
FOLDER 69 Folio B/119
6 records
Three maps of Baden or Baden-Wuerttemberg including a 5/6-sheet map by Chr. Fr. Muller dated in the 1860s; a 55/56-sheet set map dated in the 1830s and 1840s and a 8/57-sheet set map of Wuerttemberg dated 1832 by J.G. Cotta. There is also a 20-sheet set map of Greece by the French Depot de la guerre dated 1852.
FOLDER 70 Folio B/121
5 records
Six-sheet map of the environs of Copenhagen by the Generalstabens in the 1850s; 28/80-sheet set map of the Kingdom of Denmark by the Generalstabens in the 1860s and 1870s; and a 55/249-sheet set map of Denmark by the Generalstabens in the 1870s. One interesting map is a 7-map collection of Danish ecclesiastical parish maps in the Ringkjobing Amt, Denmark by the General Staff dated 1847-1848.
FOLDER 71 Folio B/122b
10 records
Four index maps of European set maps; a 38-sheet set map of The Netherlands dated 1818 by the Geographisches Institut at Weimar, Germany; a 29/62-sheet set map of Swabia by J.G. Cotta; a 61/63-set map of Austria dated 1837-1838; and a 45/128-sheet set map of Belgium and Germany dated 1814 by the Geographisches Institut, Weimar, Germany.
FOLDER 72 Folio B/122a
1 record
Two-hundred-four-sheet set map of Germany published between 1807 and 1814 by the Geographisches Institut, Weimar, Germany.
FOLDER 73 Folio B/123
36 records
Seven maps of portions of the provinces of Spain (historical provinces)by Tomas Lopez de Vargas Machuca; a set map in 22 sheets of Saxony dated mid-nineteenth century by Oberst Lieutenant Oberreit; a 4-sheet map of the Kingdom of Bohemia dated 1851 by Johan David; an 1876 map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire by Hauslab; and some mineral, geological, and mountain range maps of portions of Central Europe.
FOLDER 74 Folio B/124-125
29 records
Maps of Central Europe and/or the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy which show language and nationality breakdowns for parts of the Empire. There are also 13 lieferungen of the Geological Map of Prussia published between 1870 and 1880.
FOLDER 75 Folio B/126
8 records
Sheet set map of Sicily published by the Ufficio Tecnico di Stato Maggiore at 1:50,000; a 47-sheet map of Sicily published at 1:100,000; a 9-sheet map of the environs of Florence dated 1876 and the same for Rome published in 1876; and a 6-sheet map of the environs of Mount Vesuvius highlighting topographic relief and dated 1875-1876.
FOLDER 76 Folio B/127
54 records
Battle plans for battles between Austria and Prussia in 1866; the remainder of the maps are of topographic relief surveys of portions of areas around some fairly large towns in Europe.
FOLDER 77 Folio b/127
5 records
Portions of topographic set maps produced by the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain. These include parts of Co. Donegal and the environs of Dublin in Ireland; the environs of Durham, England, and various parts of Scotland; there is a 52-sheet set map of portions of England, Wales, and Scotland dated between 1805 and 1834.

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