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Anthony A. Faranda World War II maps, photographs, and papers collection

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ITEM 1 Japanese topographic map of Odawara area, 194-?
Annotated by collector: "Given to me by downed Japanese pilot."
Transliterated Japanese title: Hatano oyobi Matsuda Odawara fukinzu by Rikugun Shikan Gakko.
ITEM 2 Japanese photo-map of New Guinea, 1944
Annotated by collector: "This is a Jap[anese] map, but I can't, for the life of me, figure out what area it covers."
"New Guinnea (sic) 1944 from Japanese Pilot."
ITEM 3 Photocopied map of Japan showing Odarwara, n.d.
ITEM 4 Photograph of Anthony A. Faranda mixing chemical in photo lab USAAF Lowry Field, n.d.
ITEM 5 Darkroom Trailer set up for 9x18 and 9x9 contact prints, n.d.
ITEM 6 An ex-C.O. of the outfit, 1944
Textual Documents
ITEM 7 "Some Shooting is Done with Cameras...," 1943
1 photocopied page
Photo-duplicate of newspaper article
Chicago Daily News
ITEM 8 Job Sheet Operate the Type A-1 Dry Mounting Press, 1943
2 typed pages
2 typed pages (duplicate)
Job Sheet 37 (4/29/43)
ITEM 9 Use of Gum Arabic in Mosaic Assembly, 1943
1 typed page
IF #52-19 (10/21/43)
ITEM 10 Mathematics in Aerial Mission Planning, 1943
5 typed pages
IF #52-4 (6/25/43)
ITEM 11 Contour Problem, 1943
11 typed pages
IF #70-0.2 (9/12/43)
ITEM 12 Letter from Anthony Faranda to Ralph E. Ehrenberg, 1998
1 typed page
Discussion of the donation.

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