Cold War
FOLDER 169 Greece and Her Governments - Map Review, 1946
McKerrow and Popper
Communists and nationalists engage in a civil war in Greece.
FOLDER 170 Mem-O-Map of Europe, 1946
John G. Drury
A light-hearted, commemorative map for U.S. military personnel who served in Europe.
FOLDER 171 Map of the Occupation Areas, 1946
E. Holterdorf
English, French, German, and Russian text
Map shows the Allied zones of occupation in Germany.
FOLDER 172 Atlanta Verkehrskarte von Deutschland, 1946
E. Holterdorf
English, French, German, and Russian text
Map shows the Allied zones of occupation in Germany.
FOLDER 173 United Nations Map of the World, 1948
Leslie George Bullock
The United Nations is established. The map is ringed with coats of arms of its founding countries.
FOLDER 174 [Holy Land], 1947
Tel Aviv
The State of Israel is founded.
FOLDER 175 A Factual and Pictorial Map of World Freedom, 1950
Ernest Dudley Chase
Winchester, Massachusetts
Wartime allies transform into implacable Cold War adversaries.
FOLDER 176 [Russian Civil War Map], 1950
Russian text
Red and White armies manoeuver and fight for power in this educational map of the Russian Civil War.
FOLDER 177 Europe Zwischen West und Ost, c.1950
Following the U.S. explosion of an hydrogen bomb on the Bikini Atoll, the Cold War heats up in Europe, which is caught "between West and East."
FOLDER 178 "Lower Slobovia", 1950
Al Kapp
Al Kapp created a fictional frostbitten and poverty stricken country called Lower Slobovia, as a means to satire Eastern Bloc nations.
FOLDER 179 United Nations Day, October 24, c.1948
The signing of the U.N. charter is celebrated.
FOLDER 153.5 [Europe] - H.M.E. Pendleton, Colonel, Cav. Commanding, European Civil Affairs Division, 1945
Larry Furman
A celebration of the works of the Army's Civilian Affairs Division in the rebuilding of postwar Europe.
Note: This item was moved from the World War II series to the Cold War series based on its content.
FOLDER 180 n/a
No folder 180
Book - War map
FOLDER 181 War map: pictorial conflict maps 1900-1950, 2016
Philip Curtis and Jakob Sondergard Pedersen
Book proof by Map House
Describes many of the collection items.

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